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Friends of Animal Aid Open Afternoon 2012 cute pet dogs cats puppies kittens rescue animal shelter adopt a pet Coldstream
Friends of Animal Aid Open Afternoon on Sunday 18th November 2012 ~

ANiMAL AiD is having an OPEN DAY on the afternoon of Sunday the 18th November 2012, from 1pm – 4pm at the Coldstream facility, at 35 Killara Road in Coldstream, Victoria (Australia). Meet the Animal Aid team and some beautiful companion animals available for adoption, for a fun afternoon with many activities:

  • Cat and Dog Q&A sessions
  • BBQ & Live music
  • Face painting & rides for the kids
  • Guided tours of Animal Aid
…also meet Sampson; the weight loss wonder dog who has lost 45kg!.. Spend some time with the fabulous felines in the Cattery, and walk the Animal Rehabilitation Trail to learn about the work with shelter dogs. Take your family and animal loving friends to see what’s happening at the shelter. ANiMAL HEALiNG SANCTUARY

GUNYAH ANiMAL HEALiNG SANCTUARY has become known and loved by those following the adventures of the special need animals on the website and the Gunyah Facebook Page, but they still need more help. Please become a friend of Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary today on Facebook, and share with your animal loving friends. website Animal Healing Sanctuary home adopt animals Australia cats horses pigs alpacas help donate charity
Visit the website, the home of Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary


SUNDAY HERALD SUN: Moving to a greener sanctuary ~ 10th February 2013 

Gunyah Animals Healing Sanctuary moving Sunday Herald Sun newspaper little white dog miniature horse blue suitcase 10th February 2013
Jemelda & Liem at Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary in the Sunday Herald Sun newspaper ~ 10th February 2013

HERALD SUN LEADER: Hoddles Creek animal shelter moving to the Otways, help needed to move

HERALD SUN: Alpaca Zeus in seventh heaven on path to recovery

HERALD SUN: Animals at santuary need a healing hand

WEEKLY TiMES: Future bleak for Gunyah Animal Sanctuary

3AW NiGHTLiNE ~ Kathy Munslow (Gunyah) & Nigel Williamson (Nigel’s Animal Rescue) on 3AW Nightline with Bruce & Phil ~ Thursday 13th October 2012

3AW NiGHTLiNE ~ Bruce & Phil: Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary 1st winner in the Colonial First State Compition

ANiMALS The Voice For Animals

Animals Australia was founded in 1980, and is known as Australia’s largest national animal protection organisation, that actively exposes cruelty and promotes a cruelty free lifestyle. Animals Australia believes that they can create a better world for all through promoting kindness to animals. Their goal is to significantly and permanently improve the welfare of all animals in Australia.

Animals official website The voice for animlas flying pig make it possible green frog stop cruelty
The Animals official website ~ “The voice for animals” (October 2012)

Show your support and share your like of Animals Australia on Facebook with your friends on

Animals Australia is a very dynamic national animal protection organisation, representing some 40 member societies and 1000’s of individual supporters throughout Australia.

MAKE iT is Animals Australia’s new campaign for the voice for animals

Make it Possible from Animals Australia on Vimeo.

Make it flying pig Animals Australia pink pigs fly blue sky no factory farming voice graphic logo
Make it “imagine a world without factory farming” Animals Australia “The voice of the animals”