The Story of Television ~ 1956 RCA Educational Documentary TV show (video)…

Television aka TV (from the French word télévision, originally from the Ancient Greek word: τῆλε ~ tèle = far, plus the Latin word: visio = sight) is a telecommunication medium for transmitting and receiving moving images, in monochrome (black-and-white) or colour, with or without accompanying sound.  Television has been commercially available since the late 1920s. See the History of Television. 

History of Television, the window to the World (video)…


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At The Movies (

AUSTRALiAN TV SHOWS (Shows on Australian TV in 2014)

AUSTRALiAN TV | Bendigo (Vic) | | | | FreeView  | | |  | App | | Lismore (Nsw) |  | | | | | | Sunshine Coast (Qld) | | | Yahoo TV-Guide | |

Austrian TV Channels

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Biographical films (see list)

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Classic TV Guides (

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DCMP: Described & Captioned Media Program originally known as Captioned Films for the Deaf, Inc. in 1950 : (official website)DCMP YouTube Channel videos | | | YouTube video: For A Deaf Son – Full Documentary – Captioned…


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__________ F __________ Television Guide


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Highest Rated Documentary TV Series (1,000+votes)

Historical drama films (list)

History of Australian Television (

History of television

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John Logie Baird (inventor of the world’s first television)

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Most Popular Films by Genre ~

Most Popular TV Series/Feature Films ~


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__________ P __________ TV

Public Domain Movies

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Soap operas

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Technicolor (Austria) TV Guide

Television antennas

Television channels

Television content rating systems

Television films

Television inventors

Television pilot

Television programs

Television stations

Television networks

Television sets

Television transmission :  Classic TV Guides | Flashbacks (photos) |  Obituaries  | Timeline (1950 to today) | The website was launched in 2000 to document Australia’s television history. |

Television Timeline

Timeline of Australian television

TheFullMovies2013 (YouTube user)

Top 250 Films ~ (Germany) (New Zealand) (Austria)

TV SHOWS on AUSTRALiAN TELEViSiON (Austria) (Austria) (Germany)

3D Television

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YouTube Free Films movies videos Pool Party Soccer Mum Kissing Cousins look@me Air Panic Makeover Life in a Day
YouTube Free Films

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__________  A  __________


Adbc Australian television TV comedy history quiz show SBS One website old typewriter scroll gentleman top hat brain game
ADbc on the SBS website ~

ADBC (SBS) An Australian television comedy history quiz show hosted by Sam Pang, with regular panellists such as Meshel LaurieTony Martin, Alice Pung, plus guests such as Matt PrestonKate LangbroekJudith LucyGraeme Blundell, Angus SampsonSanto CilauroMerrick Watts and more | Website: | YouTube video: Tony Martin on ADbc…


A DREAM HOME ABROAD (Gem) British families buy a run-down property in a foreign country and spend a year doing renovations and restoration work to make it their perfect home.  Presented by George Clarke | Episodes: The Rolfs (Spain) | [UK | Lifestyle]


A Current Affair official website channel Nine 9 TV show Tracy Grimshaw blonde hair presenter television red banner

A Current Affair official website ~
A Current Affair official Facebook page channel Nine 9 TV show Tracy Grimshaw blonde hair presenter television
WOW A World of Wonders official website TV series globe travel people cultures civilizations Cari cute girl orange tshirt
Cari goes WOW on A World of Wonders official website ~

A WORLD OF WONDERS (ABC3) A World of Wonders is a TV series that allows viewers to become armchair travellers and criss-cross the globe, delighting in its wonders, people, cultures, colours, sounds and flavours. Join intern Cari and the crew as they give viewers a personal passport to the many awesome sights, sounds and civilizations that make our planet unique. Official website: www.aWorldOfWonders.TV & play Globe Quest Game | YouTube video: Koryvantes in a World of Wonders, about the original historic Olympics in Greece…

  • The Adventures of Abney & Teal (ABC)
  • Adventures in Rainbow Country (Gem)
  • Air Crash Investigation (7Two)
  • Al Jazeera News Hour (ABC24 & SBS)
  • The Alki Stevens Show (C31)
  • All 4 ADVENTURE 
  • The Allan Border Medal
  • Almost Naked Animals (ABC3)
  • The Amazing Race (7)
  • America’s Court with Judge Ross (7Two)
  • America’s Game (ONE)
  • America’s Hardest Prisons (7Mate)
  • America’s Stoned Kids (SBS2)
  • America in Primetime (SBS1) [USA |doco]
  • AMERiCAN DAD! (7Mate)
  • American Digger (One)
  • American Horror Story (11)
  • AMERiCAN iDOL (11)
  • American Ninja Warrior (SBS2)
  • American Restoration (7Mate)
  • American Stuffers (7Mate)
  • An Idiot Abroad (One)
  • Anime Hour (C31)
  • Annie Leibovitz In Conversation (ABC1)
  • A.N.T. Farm (7Mate)(2011) [USA children]
  • Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway (11)
  • Anthology of Interest (C31)
  • Antiques Roadshow (Gem)
  • APP CENTRAL (7Mate) 
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force (SBS2) [USA cartoon]
  • The Aquabats! Super Show! (ABC)
  • Arabic News (SBS)
  • Around The Campfire (NiTV)
  • Around the World in 80 Trades (7Two)
  • Arrested Development (ABC2) (2003) [USA sitcom]
  • Art At The Interface (NiTV)
  • Art in Residence (C31)
  • Art Race (ABC2) [UK | reality]
  • ART STUDiO (C31) [Australia | arts & culture]
  • Arthur (ABC)
  • As Time Goes By (ABC1) Cast: Judi Dench [UK | sitcom]
  • The Ashes: Fifth Test – Australia v England (9)
  • ASYLUM (C31) [Australia | music]
  • At Home with the Baccalas (C31)
  • Auction Hunters (Go) [USA lifestyle | renovation]
  • Australia’s Best Houses (7TWO)
  • Australia’s Funniest Home Videos (Nine)
  • Australian Fishing Network (C31)
  • AUSTRALiAN OPEN ( 7 ) [Australia | 2014 | sport | tennis]
  • Away From Country (NiTV) 

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__________|  B  |__________

  • B-Daman Crossfire (11)
  • Babar and the Adventures of Badou (ABC)
  • The Bachelor (Go)
  • Bachelor Pad (Go) [USA reality]
  • The Bachelorette (GO)
  • Backyard Shorts (NiTV)
  • BAD EDUCATiON (ABC2) Sex Education (2012) 
  • Bad Guys Dead Ahead (ABC2)
  • Bananas in Pyjamas (ABC)
  • Bang Goes the Theory (SBS2)
  • BARGAiN HUNT (7Two) London 8 | Swinderby 4 | Wetherby | Lincoln 23 | Derby 1 [UK game show]
  • The Baron ( 9 ) (1966) [UK adventure]
  • Bananas in Pyjamas (ABC)
  • Bare-Faced Cheek (SBS2)
  • Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Go)
  • BBC World News (ABC24)
  • BECKER (11) 
  • Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare (ABC1) 
  • Ben and Kate (11)
  • Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom (ABC)
  • Benidorm Bastards (SBS2)
  • Bent TV (C31)
  • Berett’s Tour de Cure ( 7Two )
  • Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures  (ABC)
  • Best Ed (ABC1)
  • The Best of Landline (ABC24)
  • Better Homes and Gardens ( 7 )
  • Better Homes and Gardens Summer ( 7 )
  • Between the Lines (7Two) [UK | crime]
  • BEVERLY HiLLS 90210 (11) 
  • Beyblade Metal Fury (11)
  • Beywheelz (11)
  • BiG iDEAS (ABC24) 
  • The BiG BANG THEORY (Go) 
  • The Big C (Gem)
  • The Biggest Loser (One) (2006) [Australian reality]
  • The Bill (7Two) [UK drama]
  • Bill Cunningham New York (ABC1) (2011) Documentary
  • Bindi’s Bootcamp (ABC3)
  • Bite Me with Dr. Mike Leahy (SBS1) Australia – Outback
  • Bizou (NiTV) [animation]
  • The Black Olive (NiTV)
  • Blackfellas, Bulls And Bucking (NiTV) [Australia]
  • Blekbala (NiTV) [Aus]
  • Blinky Bill (ABC)
  • Blood, Sweat and Luxuries (ABC2) [UK | doco]
  • Blue Bloods [USA drama]
  • Blue Mountains Wonderland (7Two)
  • Blue Water High (ABC) [Australia | drama]
  • Bob the Builder (ABC) Ready, Steady, Build!
  • Body of Proof (7) Cold Blooded
  • The Bold and the Beautiful (Ten)
  • Bomb Patrol: Afghanistan (7Mate)
  • Bones (7) [USA crime]
  • Boomtown (ABC1)
  • The Border (7TWO) The Human Stash
  • The Bottom Line (Gem) General Peter Cosgrove [Australian talk show]
  • The Border ( 7Two )
  • Border Security – Australia’s Front Line ( 7 )
  • The BRADY BUNCH (11) Lost Locket, Found Locket |
  • The Bridge (SBS1) Denmark drama
  • Bring It On: In It To Win It (2007) Comedy.
  • Broke (C31)
  • Bubble Guppies (9)
  • BUNK (SBS2) 
  • Bushwhacked (NiTV)
  • By Any Means (ABC1) [doco]
  • By The Rapids (NiTV) (2008) [animation]

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__________|  C  |__________

CALiFORNiCATiON (11) Hank Moody is a novelist whose obsession with honesty and his self-destructive behaviour – drinks, drugs and sex – are simultaneously destroying and enriching his career |Mad Dogs and Englishmen [USA | comedy]

Casper’s Scare School (ABC1)

Camp Lakebottom (ABC3)

Can Eating Insects Save The World? (SBS) Presenter Stefan Gates investigates whether eating insects could offer a solution to the global food crisis, and meets people in Thailand and Cambodia who sell and consume bugs for a living. Stefan then participates in insect farming, from stalking grasshoppers at night to catching fiercely biting ants, and hunting one of the most notorious spiders in the world, the tarantula. Stefan asks if the solution is for everyone else to start eating insects too.

Canberra Confidential (ABC24)

Canine Angels (10) [Aus | lifestyle]

Cash Cowboys (7Mate) [Canada | 2012 | reality]

CATALYST (ABC) The Chemistry Of Attraction ~ The Chemistry of Attraction ~ do we select our perfect partner by their odour? Catalyst invited 100 young people to a Pheromone Party. But will pheromones trump looks and personality?..  |  Custom Universe ~ Special on the universe, examining some of the ‘Big Questions’, including answers from several of the world’s top astrophysicists. | Tagging great white sharks /  Manufacturing the out-of-body experience / finding the fun in science fundamentals | Derek & Simon at Warrnambool with a team of researchers mapping and revealing for the first time the stunning natural features of Victoria’s sea floor | Graham Phillips looks at what ancient teeth reveal about our dental health and Ruben Meerman sounds out who is really doing the composing – musician or machine. [science & technology]

The Catalina (Go) Bikinis And Break-Ups [USA reality]

CBS This Morning (10) [USA variety]

Charmed (11) [USA drama]

Charlie and Lola (ABC)

The Chase (7) [UK game show]

The Chaser’s War on Everything (7Mate)

Cheating Death (7Mate) Rescue Choppers | Race Car Drivers | Tuna Cowboys | [doco]
The Checkout (ABC2) All the nutritious goodness of an episode of The Checkout jam-packed into a handy snack-sized package. Buy Now Pay Forever [variety]

CHEERS (11) Rebecca Redux | Where Nobody Knows Your Name | Ma Always Liked You Best | 200th Anniversary Special | Bad Neighbor Sam | Norm and Cliff’s Excellent Adventure | Woody Interruptus [USA sitcom]

Chinese News (SBS)

Cities of the Underworld (7Two)Washington DC: Seat of Power |[USA | historical]


The Choice (11)

Chubby Chasers (SBS2)

Creek to Coast (7Two)

Criss Angel Mindfreak (Go) [USA entertainment]

The Crust  (ABC3) Pizza Punishment

Classic Restos (C31)

Coastal Kitchen (7Two)

Coastwatch (7Two)

The Code (SBS2) Prediction Final

COLLECTORS (ABC1) Geelong ~ Heidi Wane knows no bounds when collecting red glass objects; Johann Mayer collects mannequins, dress shop dummies and wire busts; and Felix the Cat devotees find their collection just keeps on growing [Australia | lifestlyle | leisure]

Colour In Your Life (4ME)

Colour Theory (NiTV) Jake Nash | Warwick Thornton

Come Date With Me (10) [Australia | reality]

Conspiracy 365 (ABC3)

Contrary Warrior (NiTV))

The Comic Box (C31)

Compass (ABC24) Whatever Happened To The Orange People? |  Life’s Big Questions: Cheryl Kernot
Confessions of a Wedding Planner (ABC2) Sikh / Ukraine [UK doco]
Community (Go) (2009) [USA comedy]
COMPASS (ABC1 & ABC24) Life’s Big Questions: Warwick Thornton [Australia]
Coppers (SBS1) Territorial Support Group
COPS (One) [USA reality] Take to the streets to witness real police in action as they confront the crime gripping America’s cities and comfort the victims of violence.

Coronation Street (7Two)

Court Up North (ABC24)

Crack House USA (ABC)

The Cricket Show (9)

Criminal Minds ( 7 )

Croatian News (SBS2)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ( 9 ) 
Cult (Go) [USA drama]
CYBERSHACK ( 9 ) Showcases all the latest gadgets and gaming technology. Join hosts Jessica Smith, Anthony Slater and Charlie Brown as Australia’s longest running tech show brings you the latest technology, special guests, competitions and more. [Australia | science | technology]

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__________|  D  |__________

~Dakar Rally Daily Highlights (SBS1) (2014)


Dance Academy (ABC3) [Australia | drama]

Dancing on Ice (11)

Daniel Tiger’s Neighbourhood (ABC)

Danger Man (Gem) [UK B&W thriller]
Dangerous Drives (One) A series that puts viewers in the passenger seat, riding shotgun with drivers who have the most dangerous jobs in the world [USA | reality]

Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men (7Mate)

David Jeremiah (7TWO)

David Starkey’s Music and Monarchy (SBS1) Crown And Choir | Revolutions [UK doco series]

Deadliest Warrior (7Mate)

Death in Paradise (ABC1) [UK crime]

Deadly 60 (ABC) Australia 1 | Alaska | Aligator Gar | Cottonmouth | Snapping Turtle | Deadly 60 is about Steve Backshall’s hunt for the 60 most deadly creatures. [UK | doco]
Deal Or No Deal (7)
Defining Moments (NiTV)
Deltora Quest (ABC3)
Derren Brown: Enigma (SBS2)
Departures (SBS2) Canada – Ocean To Ocean
Desert Seas (9)
Desperate Measures (NiTV)
Detentionaire (ABC3)
Destination Flavour Bitesize (SBS)
Destination Melbourne (C31)

Dirtgirlworld (ABC)

Dive Olly Dive! (7Two) [Australia | animation]

Doc McStuffins (7) [USA | children]
Doc Martin (7Two)
The DOCTORS (10) [USA talk show]
Dollars with Sense (C31)
The Dolphins of Shark Bay (ABC1) New insights into the lives of wild dolphins living in the shark-infested waters of Western Australia’s spectacular Shark Bay [Australia | nature]
DOMESTiC BLiTZ (Gem) [Australian lifestyle | renovation] A feel good lifestyle renovation series combining house and garden makeovers, in only 48 hours, with personal style overhauls for deserving Australian heroes.
Don’t Tell My Mother (SBS2) With its history of gang violence and political instability, the Democratic Republic of Congo is a risky place to travel. In the capital city of Kinshasa, Diego Bunuel visits a nuclear power plant, where a single guard and a padlock are all that separate him from the nuclear reactor. While visiting the stadium where boxer Muhammad Ali famously fought, Diego meets female Congolese boxers who are hoping to fight their way out of poverty [travel]
Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (11)
Doomsday (2008) They called it “the war to end all wars”. But WWI turned out to be only the beginning of the most murderous 30 years in living history. On the battlefields of Flanders and northern France, the seed was sown for the murderous excesses of WWII [UK | documentary]

Dorothy the Dinosaur (ABC)

Dora the Explorer (9)

Downton Abbey (7Two) [UK | 2012 | drama]

Downsize Me (7Two) [UK | doco]

The DR. OZ SHOW ( 7 ) The Controversial Healer |  Supercharge Your Body! | The Top Cancer Fighting Foods Dr. Oz Wants On Your Grocery List | Could Your Marriage Survive: How Likely Is Your Spouse To Cheat | Burn Fat Faster: 5 Fastest Fat Burners | Quick Fixes To Prevent The Diseases You Fear Most [USA]

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

DRAGONS’ DEN (ABC) 2009 episode: Opportunities facing the fearsome Dragons include; a theatre production show, a shower hear, baby clothes for the carer, ready-to-go-meals and much more [UK reality / real-life]. 

Dream Car Garage (7Mate) This motoring series showcases the latest exotic cars, performs test drives and shows vintage collectables from museums and the rich and famous. [Canada | doco]

DR. PHiL (10) My Husband, My Boyfriend, My Big Decision | Dad’s Wife is Ruining Our Life New Episode | Abandoned By Their Mother: Reunion After Math |Baby Veronica Returns | My Mother Chose Her Catfish Over Her Family | Love Scams: Why Did My Online Girlfriend Fake Her Death and Send Me Human Ashes? [USA talk show] Self-help, interpersonal communication skills and relationship problem solving with Dr Phil.

Driven to Extremes (One) This program is the ultimate driving challenge, pitting Hollywood actors, Adrien Brody, Tom Hardy and Henry Cavill with motorsport racers, Mika Salo and Neil Hodgson against some of the most hostile places on the planet | Jungle Road [UK]

Driving Wars (One)

Drugs Live: The Ecstasy Trial (SBS2)

The Drum (ABC3) [Australia | current affairs]

DUMB, DRUNK and RACiST (ABC2)Journalist Joe Hildebrand takes four Indians on an Australian road trip to examine our most negative stereotypes. In this episode they dive head first into Australia’s multicultural melting pot. [Australia |2011 |doco]

Dutch News (SBS2)

Dynamo: Magician Impossible (7)

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__________|  E  |__________

Eames: The Architect And The Painter (SBS)

Economy Gastronomy (7TWO) The Melrose Raes

Edgar & Ellen (ABC1)

The Edible Garden ( 7Two ) Salad ~ Alys weaves salad crops through the flower borders of her small urban garden. While it grows, she forages in ‘the wild larder’ to create lime-leaf salad and home brewed nettle beer. {LIFESTYLE/COOKING/FOOD/WINE | ENGLISH | 2010]

Eggheads (ABC1) Challengers must pit their skills against the Eggheads – a panel comprised of former TV quiz show winners – in this general knowledge game show [UK]

Eliot Kid (ABC1)

The ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW ( 9 ) Emmy Award-winning comedian, writer, author, actor and television pioneer Ellen DeGeneres delivers her unique brand of humour to daytime talk, fresh from the satellite. See a dazzling array of celebrity interviews, eclectic mix of musical performances, and ordinary people with extraordinary stories and talents. Ellen’s show creates a fun and unpredictable alternative in daytime television, with a fresh look at the world according to Ellen. Guests: Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Kym Whitley |  Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban & Harry Connick Jr. | Joel Mchale and Ellie Kemper [USA talk show] 

Elmo’s World (ABC)

Embarrassing Bodies ( 9 )

Embarrassing Bodies: Kids (Gem) [UK reality / real-life]

Enemy, My Friend (SBS1) [UK | doco]

Engineering Connections (7Mate)Taipei Tower | Deep Space Observer | Wembley Stadium |

Entertainment Tonight (11)

Erky Perky (ABC3)

Escape From Scorpion Island

ESCAPE TO THE COUNTRY (7TWO) Nottinghamshire | North Wales | Cotswolds | Devon | Chilterns | Hampshire [UK]

EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND (11) The Mentor | The Home | Not So Fast | Not So Fast | Angry Sex |  P.T. & A | Ally’s F | Boys’ Therapy | A Date for Peter | Favors | The Faux Pas | Tasteless Frank | Sister-In-Law | The Power of No | Sister-In-Law | Pat’s Secret | Pilot [USA sitcom]

Everyday Gourmet with Justine Schofield (10)

Explore Canada (Gem)

EXPLORE JAPAN (Nine) Kim and Trevor explore fascinating Japan. From the hustle and bustle of Tokyo to the picturesque country side of Wakayama and Okinawa, come on a journey through world heritage sites, delicious cuisine and some of the best diving in the world. [travel]


Extreme Engineering (7Mate) Container Ships | iceland Tunnel | Oakland Bay Bridge

Extreme ER (SBS1)

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__________|  F  |__________

The Fabric of the Cosmos (SBS2) The Illusion Of Time ~ In this series, renowned physicist Brian Greene reveals a mind-boggling reality beneath the surface of our everyday world. Brian is going to let you in on a secret: We’ve all been deceived. Our perceptions of time and space have led us astray. Much of what we thought we knew about our universe – that the past has already happened and the future is yet to be, that space is just an empty void, that our universe is the only universe that exists – just might be wrong. [UK | doco]

Falcon (SBS) (2012) [UK drama]

FAMiLY GUY (7Mate) Jungle Love | PTV | Brian Goes Back To College | Patriot Games | I Take Thee Quagmire [comedy | cartoon]
Fast Forward Funniest Send-Ups (One)
Father Brown (ABC1) [UK drama]
The Feed (SBS2) Join Marc Fennell, Patrick Abboud, Jeannette Francis and Andy Park as they look back on the best stories of 2013, combining news, topical commentary, pop culture and in-depth features [Australia | news]
Festival of Ideas 2013 (C31) The University of Melbourne presents the wider community on issues of local, national and international importance. 5 key topics: Environments, Food + Nutrition, Families, Brains + Mind and Democracy.
FIFA Futbol Mundial (SBS)
Fifi and the Flowertots (ABC)
Filipino News (SBS)
Filthy Cities (ABC2) Industrial New York [doco]
Fire Talker: The Life & Times of Charlie Perkins (ABC1) Traces the life of Charlie Perkins from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most influential Indigenous figures in Australia’s modern history. [doco]
Fireman Sam (ABC)
Fish Hooks (7Mate) (2010)[children]
Flash and Dash (Go)
Fleabag Monkeyface (ABC3)
Foodie Planet (SBS2) Destination Morocco ~ Globetrotting French gourmet Julie Andrieu takes a culinary tour to discover the history, culture, food production, and eating habits of some of the most scenic and interesting places on Earth. In this episode, Julie travels to Morocco, home of tagines, spit-roast lamb, savoury pancakes, grilled vegetables, chickpeas, and couscous. Without a doubt, Moroccan cuisine is one of the very best this world has to offer. [France | lifestyle | cooking | food | wine]
Food 4 Life (4ME)
Food Safari Italy (SBS)
Football Asia (SBS)
Football Freestyler (SBS2)
Foyle’s War (ABC1) The Eternity Ring

FRASiER (11) Roe to Perdition | Some Assembly Required | Farewell, Nervosa | Analyzed Kiss | A New Position for Ros | No Sex Please, We’re Skittish | A Man, a Plan and a Gal: Julia |  The Doctor is Out [USA sitcom]

Freedom Riders [NiTV] The 2011 Young Freedom Ride retraced the steps of Charles Perkins who instigated the 1965 Freedom Ride which was a major event in the struggle for equality. [USA | doco]

Freemasons: The Inside Story (C31)

French News (SBS)

Fresh Meat (11)

FRiENDS (Gem) The One: ..with the Secret Closet | ..with the Birthing Video | ..where Joey Tells Rachel | ..with the Tea Leaves | Massapequa | ..with Joey’s Interview | with the Baby Shower | ..with the Cooking Class | ..where Rachel is Late | ..with the Pediatrician | ..with the Sharks | ..with Rachel’s Other Sister | ..with Ross’s Inappropriate Song | ..with Phoebe’s Birthday Dinner | ..with the Male Nanny | ..with Rachel’s Other Sister | ..with Rachel’s Phone Number | ..with Christmas in Tulsa  [USA sitcom] Six close friends deal with life, love and sexual tension while living and working in New York.
Fringe (Go) Black Blotter | Anomaly XB-6783746
Frozen Planet (Gem) The Last Frontier
Full Force Nature
FUNNY AS (ABC2) Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow (2010) Birmingham ~ Guests including Shappi Khorsandi, Tom Stade, Steve Hughes and Paul Tonkinson | Belfast ~ Guests including Patrick Kielty, Jeff Green, Neil Delamere and Kerry Godliman.[UK comedy].
FUTURAMA (11) The 30% Iron Chef  | Where No Fan Has Gone Before [USA animation]
4WD TV (C31 & 4ME)
48 Hours (One)
The 43rd Annual Koori Knockout (NiTV)
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__________|  G  |__________
G * Wars (SBS2)
Gasp! (ABC3)
Gator Boys (7Mate) [USA reality / real-life]
GCB (7) Turn The Other Cheek
The Gees (ABC3)
Generator Rex (GO)
Generation War (SBS1) [Germany | war]
The Genie from Down Under (ABC3)
GENiUS (ABC1) Hairy Bikers And Jane Moore ~ TV food gurus the Hairy Bikers join Dave Gorman to decide which ideas would improve humankind and qualify for ‘Genius’ status. Vanessa Feltz & Richard Herring ~ Dave Gorman is joined by comedian Richard Herring and broadcaster Vanessa Feltz to decide if wild ideas pitched by members of the audience are genius or insane. Chris Addison & Mel Giedroyc ~ Comedians Chris Addison and Mel Giedroyc join Dave Gorman in his relentless pursuit of the genius in our midst. [UK]
German News (SBS)
Getaway ( 9 ) [AUS travel]
Get Ace (11)
Get Smart (One)
Gideon’s Way (Gem)
Girls in Love (ABC3)
GLEE (11) Choke [USA comedy]
GLOBAL ViLLAGE (SBS) In El Morro, on the north East Coast of Venezuela, people have made a living for thousands of years by fishing sardines. “If the fish stay away, we are ruined, we hardly any other work oppportunities,” says Luisa Vargas. The 78 year old woman raised seven children on sardines and the families of her 52 grandchildren are also making a living from the sea. But in recent years, the number of fish in their nets has declined sharply and survival conditions have become harsher. For the past eight months, no sardines have appeared anywhere near El Morro, and for every day that goes by without a big catch, the situation gets worse. With Silvio Rivier. [France | doco]
GLOBE GUiDES (7Two) Wine Trails: France, Italy, Iberia | Iconic Hotels ~ Visit some of the world’s leading and most intriguing iconic hotels | [travel]
Go Girls (NiTV) Do The Right Thing
Go Lingo (NiTV) [AUS game show]
GOiNG BUSH (7Two) Nick Duigan and Andrew Hart look at ways the timber industry in the bush, support thousands of jobs in the city. Plus, take a step back in the time and look at a life spent in the bush. [Australia | doco]
Going Postal (ABC1)
Golf Getaway (One)
Good Chef Bad Chef (10)
Good Evening Melbourne (C31)
Good Luck Charlie (7Two)
Good Morning America ( 9 )
Gourmet Farmer (SBS)
The GRAHAM NORTON SHOW (11)  Christmas Show ~ Julie Walters, Miranda Hart, Len Goodman & Tinie Tempah [UK talk show]
GRAND DESiGNS (ABC1) presented by Kevin McCloud |The House of Straw ~ Lower Holloway, Islington | The Regency Villa: Farnham, Surrey  ~  Perfectionist Helen Saunders and Mark Eisenstadt set out to build their dream Georgian mansion on a plot bought in Farnham, Surrey.  |  The New England Gable House: Sussex Downs ~ Construction of a New England-style kit house bought and designed entirely on the internet. | The Self-Build, Birmingham ~ Through training and specialising in different skills, a multicultural group of people on low or assisted incomes build 11 houses | The Derelict Barns: Devon ~ ecologically-minded couple, Martin Whitlock & Sue Charman, are building an eco technology home with soul out of 2 old barns while living on site in a mobile home. | The Wooden Box: Peterborough | The Water-Works: Whaley, DerbyshireThe Woodsman’s Cottage, Sussex ~ After 10 years living in tents and caravans in a forest in West Sussex, a woodsman has invited volunteers to help him build a sustainable house by hand, from the materials growing around him. | The Victorian Threshing Barn: Surrey ~ Chart the in-depth process of ambitious design projects, from the initial blueprints through the long and arduous task of completion. This episode sees a couple convert a 150-year-old barn into a highly modern living space. [UK Lifestyle / renovation] 
GRAND TOURS OF SCOTLAND (SBS1) Elemental Beauty | Small Isles: Small Is Beautiful ~ On this Grand Tour Paul sets off from Mallaig to visit a group of islands famed for their unusual names – Rum, Muck and Eigg. Paul meets the real ‘Lord Muck’, visits the dramatic Kinloch Castle on Rum and joins the Eigg’s islanders in a very special celebration of the island’s community buyout. | Lismore And Colonsay: Island Pilgrimage |  The True Spirit Of Scotland ~ Presenter Paul Murton explores the parts of Scotland that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years. Following a network of now forgotten steamer routes, Paul goes in search of the true spirit of Scotland, travelling from loch to loch in Argyll and then out to Islay. As the steamers left the Scottish lochs years ago, Paul has to literally paddle his own canoe to follow the route. |Islands Of The Forth: Fortress Islands Of The Forth ~ Paul Murton explores the islands scattered in the Firth of Forth and discovers their dramatic history of war. | Skye: Against The Odds | Mind Body And Spirit ~ Presenter Paul Murton explores the parts of Scotland that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years. In this episode, Paul goes in search of the stunning landscape of the Highlands. Travelling from the shores of Loch Tay in Perthshire, across the great wilderness of Rannoch Moor, Paul climbs the iconic mountain of Buachaille Etive Mor, before ending his journey in the quaint spa town of Strathpeffer. | Wish You Were Here Final ~ Presenter Paul Murton explores the parts of Scotland that have charmed visitors for more than 200 years. In this episode, Paul traces the rise of the seaside as a workers’ playground. In Victorian times, most tourists came from a tiny social elite. When working people won the right to some free time, most of them went to the seaside. Paul begins his journey in the historic town of St Andrews, hops across the Firth of Forth to North Berwick and ends up in Edinburgh. [UK | travel | doco]
The GREAT AUSTRALiAN DOORSTEP (7Two) Canadian Rockies/Coober Pedy ~ Join Sheree as she heads off on a motor home tagalong tour to Banff, Canada while Spida visits one of Australia’s icons, Coober Pedy. [doco]
The Great Barrier Reef (9)
The Great British Bake Off (Gem) Puddings
Great South East (7Two)
Greek News From Cyprus (SBS)
Green Lantern: The Animated Series (GO)
Greenfingers (7Two)
Grey’s Anatomy ( 7 )
Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids (ABC)
Grounded (NiTV) [AUS]
Guardians of the Wild (7Two)
Guess with Jess (ABC)
A Gurl’s Wurld (ABC3)
Guitar Gods and Masterpieces (C31)
…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  H  |__________

Handy Manny (7)(2006)[USA children] 

HAPPY DAYS (11) Little Case of Revenge | Who Gives a Hootenanny? | Going Steady | Since I Don’t Have You | Hello, Pfisters | I Drink, Therefore I Am | Prisoner of Love | Life is More Important Than Show Business  [USA sitcom]

Hard Time (ABC2) Battle Behind Bars | World Without Men [doco]

Harmony in Diversity (C31)

Harry’s Practice (7Two) [AUS lifestyle | pets]

Hawaii Air Rescue (7Mate) Night Brings Danger

Health – Simply Beautiful (4ME)

Heaven’s Kitchen At Large (7Two)

Hebburn (ABC2) (2012) [UK comedy].

Hell on Wheels (ABC2)
Hell’s Kitchen (One)
Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (7Mate) (1995)[NZ adventure]
Heston’s Mission Impossible (7) 
High Tech Rednecks (7Mate) Mud Truck | Top Drive | Party Barge
The HiGH FRUCTOSE ADVENTURES of ANNOYiNG ORANGE (ABC) The Fast And The Fruitious (2012) [USA animation]
Highway Patrol (7)

Hillsong (10)

Hindi News (SBS)

The Hoarder Next Door (ABC2) Roddy And Sarah

Home and Away ( 7 )

The HOLLOWMEN (ABC) (2008) Focuses on the workings of an internal think tank set up by the prime minister and charged with developing a long-term policy vision [AUS comedy].

Hollywood Treasure (7Mate)

Home Shopping ( 7 )

Homes From Hell (Gem) [UK]

Homes Under the Hammer (7TWO) The real-life drama of an auction and following the planning and building works which could transform buyers’ property into a dream home. [UK lifestyle]

Hong Kong News (SBS)

HORRiBLE HiSTORiES (ABC3) Based on the books by Terry Deary, this series takes a comic look at some of the most fascinating events and characters from history. [UK comedy]

Horsepower TV (7Mate)

Hot Seat ( 9 ) Who will survive the hot seat? Six contestants go head to head to win the cash. A game of strategy, skill and survival hosted by Eddie McGuire [Australia | game show]

Hot Property (Gem) [Australian lifestyle | renovation]

Hour of Power ( 10 )

How Big is the Universe? (SBS) Astronomers and particle physicists have found new ways to probe the cosmos and are creating detailed maps that stretch almost all the way to the birth of time. The observable universe stands revealed as never before, in exquisite plots of size, shape, temperature and composition. This documentary introduces the key scientists who are drawing this new map of the universe. Using an innovative graphic that reveals the scale and wonder of the universe, this program travels from east to west, in to the setting sun and the wheeling cosmos, and all the way to the edge of existence, unlocking some surprising stories. [UK | doco]

HOW EARTH MADE US (ABC) Water ~ Professor Iain Stewart explores our complex relationship with water. Visiting spectacular locations in Iceland, the Middle East and India he looks at how control over water has been central to human existence. | Wind ~ Professor Iain Stewart explores humankind’s turbulent relationship with the wind and details how people have exploited its power through the ages. | Fire ~ The engaging Professor Iain Stewart looks at the paradox of Fire – it’s lethal yet we depend on it completely. It’s been a driving force behind human progress and for all its danger fire is compelling, almost hypnotic. [2009 UK doco]
How I Met Your Mother (7) The Slutty Pumpkin Returns | Disaster Averted [USA comedy]
Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist and Rebel (SBS) [documentary]

Humf (ABC)

Hustle (ABC1) [UK crime]

Hungarian News (SBS2)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  i  |__________

icam (NiTV)

I Got a Rocket! (ABC)

I Shouldn’t Be Alive (7Two) A Family’s Desert Hell | Left for Dead on the Everest

iCarly (11)

Ice Music: The Sound of the North (SBS1) The world’s only Ice Music Festival is held in Geilo, Norway. All the instruments are created from wild, lake ice, the only sort which can resonate and “sing”, the stage and auditorium are also sculpted from ice and snow. Through a combination of patience and technical prowess, instruments are created which make extraordinary, mystical sounds that reflect the natural landscape in which they were created [UK | arts & culture]

Iconicles (ABC)

If You Are the One (SBS2) Perfect Match
iFiSH (One) [Australian sport | fishing]
Impractical Jokers (Go) [USA reality]
In the Flesh (SBS1)

In The Frame (SBS & NiTV)

In the Night Garden (ABC)

In Their Footsteps (Gem)

The Incredible Mr Goodwin (ABC1)

Indonesian News (SBS2)

I.N.K. Invisible Network Of Kids (ABC3)

iNSiDE EDGE (ABC24) Liz Ellis & Catherine Cox | Ian Chappell & Graeme Watson | Carrie Graf & Natalie Hurst | Robert De Castella & Nadine Hunt (2013) [AUS sport / general]
Inside Ireland (7Two) Follow the All Australian AFL side as they tackle the gaelic footballers on their own turf. [doco]
Inside West Coast Customs (7Mate) Alienware – Alien Takeover ~ A Hummer is known for it’s superior off road performance, but after West Coast Customs is done with it, it will be known as the ultimate PC gamers vehicle at Comic Con [doco]
iNSPECTOR REX (SBS) Wunderkammer [Austria | drama]
inuk (NiTV)
Invizimals – Hero of the Alliance (11)
Iron Chef (SBS2)
IRT: Deadliest Roads (7Mate) Freefall Freeway | Facing Fear | Death is a Blind Corner Away [USA | reality]
Is Seeing Believing? (SBS1)
It is Written (7) Things That Matter Most: Which Resurrection? | Mayan Prophecy – The End of Time Surprise [religious]
It’s Academic (7Two) [AUS children game show]
Italian News (SBS)
iTunes International Highlights (Go)
iQ (ABC1) Stephen Fry is joined by guest panellists Alan Davies, Jeremy Clarkson, Sandi Toksvig and Jason Manford | Just the Job | [UK | game show]

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  J  |__________

James Martin Digs Deep (7Two) James Martin grows his own produce to provide the freshest and most seasonal ingredients. [lifestyle | gardening]

James Martin’s Brittany (7Two) Pont-Aven ~ It is the Hairy Bikers’ last day with James in Brittany, and the lads prepare a delicious vegetarian risotto and a dish of poached chicken with goat’s cheese salad. [LIFESTYLE/COOKING/FOOD/WINE | UK]

James Spader’s The Blacklist ( 7 )

Japanese News (ABC)

Jeopardy (ABC)

Jerry Hall In Conversation with Virginia Trioli (ABC) [UK 2011)

Jersey Shore (7Mate) [USA | reality]

Jetpack Nation (7Mate)[sport | extreme]

Jibber Jabber (ABC3)

Jonathan Creek (7Two)

The JONATHON ROSS SHOW (ABC1) Jonathan Ross presents an entertaining show featuring comedy, celebrity chat and the latest music. Guests: Jack Dee, Dynamo, Emma Watson & No Doubt [UK | talk show]

Jono: Love Me, Love My Face (ABC2) An inspiring and heart-warming documentary on 25-year-old Jono Lancaster who was born with Treacher Collins, a rare genetic syndrome which has affected the bone structure of his face. [UK]

Joseph Prince: New Creation Church (10)

Joyce Meyer, Enjoy Everyday Life (Gem)[USA religion]

Judge Judy (10)

The Jungle Book (ABC3)
The Jump-Up Land ( 7Two ) Retraces the 1883 William O’Donnell expedition across some of the most rugged territory in Australia. [Australia | doco]


…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  K  |__________

Kaeloo (ABC)

Kai Time on the Road (NiTV) [NZ lifestyle]

Kangaroo Dundee (ABC1)

Karlu Karlu: Devils Marbles (ABC1)

Katia Kabanova (SBS1) [France | arts & culture]

Keepers of the Flame (One) [lifestyle | cooking | food | wine]

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman Series ( 9 ) With a new format designed to really push the Ironmen to their limits, the 2014 series will feature six rounds, all held over three gruelling weekends. Join the world top athletes as they paddle, run and swim for over $400,00 in prize money. [Australia | sport]

KEViN McCLOUD’S MAN MADE HOME (ABC) Off To The Beach (2013 episode) Kevin McCloud returns for a brand new Man Made challenge in the innovative hit series Man Made Home. And this time he’s opting for a sea view, uprooting his cabin in the woods and hitting the beach | Kevin McCloud plans to take his off-grid beach home to a new level with an observation tower three times higher than a double-decker bus | McCloud builds a glass conservatory using old windscreens and airplane windows | A scissor lift is repurposed as a retractable observation tower [UK | doco | 2012 – 2013]

KFC T20 Big Bash League (Ten)

Kid vs Kat (ABC1)

Kids To Coast (NiTV) Kids from the Uluru community visit the coast line to see the ocean for the first time. [doco]

Kill Arman (SBS2)

The Killian Curse (ABC3) [NZ | fantasy]

Kings of Construction (7Mate) Hong Kong Cable Car | Woodrow Wilson Bridge | Gotthard Tunnel
The KiNG OF QUEENS (11) Baker’s Doesn’t | Fresh Brood | Knee Jerk | Present Tense | Sold-Y Locks | Emotional Rollercoaster | Four Play [USA sitcom]

Kioka (ABC)

Klown (SBS1) [Denmark | comedy]

The Koala Brothers (ABC)

Kochie’s Business Builders (7)

Korean News (SBS)

Korraiyn (NiTV)

Kung Fu Changed My Life (SBS2)


…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  L  |__________

 LAND GiRLS (ABC1) Drama following the lives and loves of four girls away from home, doing their bit for Britain in the Women’s Land Army [UK | drama]



The LATE LATE SHOW WiTH CRAiG FERGUSON (11) See American-Scotsman, Craig Ferguson, as he takes late-night comedy to strange new heights! Guests: Patton Oswalt & Hannah New | [USA talk show] 

Latin American News (SBS2)

Laura Festival 2013 (NiTV) Hopevale – Lockhart ~ Every 2 years thousands of people are drawn to far north Qld to see traditional Aboriginal Dancing. This episode features the Yimbaala Dance Group from Hopevale and the Lockhart River Dancers.

LAVERNE & SHiRLEY (11) The Robbery | The Quiz Show | Chorus Line | Dinner For Four | It’s a Dog’s Life  [USA sitcom]

LazyTown (ABC)

LEYLAND BROTHERS’ WORLD (7Two) Mike and Mal Leyland bring you some of their greatest adventures | Mike and Mal visit a typical Japanese family and see the spectacular Shinto Rice Festival |  Mike and Mal take a trip to the most southerly coral reef in Australia, Lord Howe Island. [Australia | travel]

LiFE (ABC) Reptiles And Amphibians | Insects | Hunters And Hunted [UK | nature]
Life is Beautiful (SBS2)
Lights Out (One)

Little Charley Bear (ABC)

The Little Prince (ABC) The Planet Of Coppelius

Little Princess (ABC)

LiViNG WiTH The AMiSH (SBS1) In this six-part series, the notoriously private Amish community opens its doors to a group of British teenagers. Leaving their mobile phones, Facebook accounts, and partying behind, the six teens head to Ohio and Pennsylvania to see what they can learn from six weeks of hard work and simple living. No Amish community has ever opened up in this way before, and the Amish families taking part in the series hope that it will reveal the advantages of a pure, uncluttered way of life. [UK | documentary]

Leading the Way (7TWO)

The League of Super Evil (ABC)

Legends of the South Pacific (7Two) Ben Cropp travels through the scattered and remote islands of Vanuatu and the Solomons, in search of Mitchener’s tales and other legends. [Australia | travel]

Leigh Hart’s Mysterious Planet (ABC2) The Roswell Incident | Bermuda Triangle Final | Loch Ness monster

Leyland Brothers’ World (7TWO) Mike and Mal Leyland share more of their great adventures. [AUS | travel]

Life (ABC1) Birds ~ From the Equator to the Poles, birds have found the most ingenious ways to overcome the many challenges of life. Everything revolves around their unique attribute – feathers. [UK | 2009 |doco]

Life Today with James Robison (10) [USA religion]

Life With Boys (ABC3) [Canada | comedy]

Like a Version (ABC2) [Australia | music]

Live at the Electric (SBS2) Russell Kane hosts TV’s hottest late-night comedy series, featuring an ensemble of the best new acts on the comedy scene. Expect quick-fire sketches, musical comedy and short films from the likes of Two Episodes of Mash, WitTank and Lucy Beaumont. Lothario Antonio tells us how to stimulate a woman’s mind, Film Fizz’s Chris Kendall goes head to head with Colin Firth and snooty Frenchman Marcel Lucont shares his views on religion [UK | comedy]

The Looney Tunes Show (Go)

The Loop (11)

The Lost Sword of the Samurai (SBS1) The Honjo Masamune is perhaps the greatest Japanese sword ever made. A Japanese National Treasure, it is certainly the most famous, because no-one knows where it is. Forged in the 13th century by the great sword smith Masamune it became the ceremonial sword of the ruling Tokugawa shoguns for 250 years. After their fall from power in 1868 the great sword continued to be passed down the generations into the twentieth century, but in the aftermath of the Second World War it disappeared. What could have happened to it? [UK | doco]

LOUiS THEROUX (ABC2) Law and Disorder in Philadelphia ~ Louis Theroux signs up for his most dangerous assignment – patrolling the crime-ridden streets of Philadelphia with the local law enforcement to find out why the crime and violence in the city is so bad.  A Place for Paedophiles ~ Louis Theroux meets patients and therapists at California’s Coalinga Mental Hospital which houses more than 500 convicted paedophiles [UK | doco]

Lumberjacks (One)

Lurujarri Dreaming (NiTV)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  M  |__________

Macedonian News (SBS2)

MAD (Go) S’up | Mouse M.D.  | Kitchen Nightmare Before Christmas | How I Met Your Mummy | Demise of the Planet of the Apes | Celebrity Ape-Prentice | Spy V. Spy Kids | Superhero Millionaire Matchmaker | My Little War Horse |Tonight Show with Jay Lion-O | Real Veal | Celebrity Wife Swamp | Addition: Impossible | New Gill (2010) [USA animation]

The Magaluf Weekender (GO) [UK | reality]

The Magic Roundabout (ABC)

Magic Millions ( 9 ) [Aus | Horse racing]

Mako: Island of Secrets (11) (ABC3)

Maltese News (SBS2)

Mana Mamau (NiTV)

Maori TV’s Native Affairs (NiTV)

Marine Machines (7Mate) Extreme Depth | Stealth
Maritime Mysteries: Martyred Ships (SBS) Two of the worst maritime disasters of World War II; The sinking of the Lancastria in 1940 off the coast of Brittany with the loss of around 5000 lives, & the French steamer Meknes hit by a German torpedo sailing from Southampton in 1940 sinking in 10 minutes, over 400 men died [France | doco]
M*A*S*H (One) [USA sitcom]

Mass for You at Home (11)

MASTER CLASS iN OiLS (C31) Whether it be for educational purposes, relaxation therapy or just for pleasure, Ken Harris has all the right colours on his palette for a picture of success. [Australia | arts & culture]

Matt Hatter Chronicles (11)

Mass for You at Home (10)

Max Steel (GO) [USA animation]

Maya the Bee (ABC)

Media Masterclass (ABC) Laurie Oakes | Rupert Murdoch ~ Thoughts and perspectives on the Australian media – its role, its promise and its future. [doco]
MEGAFACTORiES (One) Swedish Super Car | Learjet | [USA doco]
Meet The Amish (SBS1)

MiCHAEL PALiN’S BRAZiL (ABC1) Into Amazonia ~ In the north Michael meets the Yanomami people of the Amazon rainforest, before visiting Henry Ford’s lost new world in the jungle, and seeing the new World Cup stadium taking shape. The Road To Rio ~ Palin goes to the source of Brazil’s economic miracle, the mineral rich state of Minas Gerais, and heads to buzzing Rio de Janiero, host to the next Olympics and World Cup. | Michael encounters the rich diversity of European and Asian cultures that have created a new melting pot in the Deep South of Brazil. He visits picture perfect towns and buzzing Sao Paulo before journey’s end at Iguazu Falls. [2012 UK doco]

Midday Report (ABC1)

The Middle (Go) Forced Family | Halloween IV: The Ghost Story

Midsomer Murders (ABC1) [UK crime]
M.I. High (ABC3)
Mike the Knight (ABC)
Million Dollar Minute (7)
Mister Maker Comes to Town (ABC)
The MOANiNG OF LiFE (ABC1) Happiness ~ Is happiness something you should actively pursue? Karl meets a Mexican group who get pleasure from pain. Then he gets happy dancing through Los Angeles streets with ‘hip hop clowns’. Kids ~ To try and understand why people have children, Karl attends a traditional fertility festival in Japan and helps out at a natural birthing centre in Bali. Vocation & Money ~ Karl’s never had a career plan, so he meets a genius, get’s a taste of the high life, attempts nude life drawing modelling in Japan, and struts his stuff at a Hollywood fashion show. [UK | comedy | coarse language | sexual references | sex scenes]
Mobbed (11) [Australia]
Modern Family (10)
Mole Sisters (ABC)
Monster Bug Wars (SBS)
Monster Moves (SBS) Huge Hovercraft ~ A team of engineers attempts to build and haul a massive, brand new Search and Rescue Hovercraft 9000 miles from Southampton to Sea Island, Vancouver in Canada. The Sea Island Coast Guard deals with hundreds of emergencies every year because of their dangerous tidal waters. Now they need a new type of all-terrain vehicle to cope with this threat and continue to help save lives. Engineers in Southampton, England have the answer. Griffon Hoverwork are at the forefront of hovercraft design and have struck a million dollar deal with the coast guard to supply them with one of their biggest ever – the AP1-88. Now all they need to do is get it there – which proves to be an epic endeavour. [USA | doco]
Monster Nation (7Mate) Four highly skilled, ingenious artisans are under the pressure of a 12 hour clock, designing, constructing and testing machines that are as mind boggling as they are difficult to build [USA | reality]

Monsuno (GO) Knowledge | Appleseeds

The Morning Show (7)

MORTiFiED (ABC2) Mother In The Nude | The Chosen One | The Talk [Australia | children comedy]
MOTOR MATE (7Mate) French GP | Jaguars At Le Mans: 1954/1955 | Hungary GP | Jaguars At Le Mans: 1956 / 1957 | Best Battles Bikes: Dutch GP | Tour de Corse Rally 1986 | Brazil | 1985 | TT 2008 | 1988 | TT 1995 & Macau 1995 | Champion Sports Racers | Ulster GP 2010 | GP Winners | Cookstown & Ulster 2005 | John Surtees | Ferrari Festival | Juan Manuel Fangio | Planet Max [motorsport]

Mouk (ABC)

Move It Mobstyle (NiTV)

Move It or Lose It (C31)

Mr. Patterns (NiTV)

Muscle Car (7Mate) Blue Collar Buick Bumpers and Door Handles

Muse of Fire (ABC1)

My Big Fat Fetish (ABC)

MY DAUGHTER THE TEENAGE NUDiST (ABC2) 18 year old Mollie and her teenage friends are dipping their toes into nudism for the first time, much to the consternation of their parents, and student Alex and her friends appear nude online in their Naked Vegan cooking blog (2012) [UK | Lifestyle | Coarse language | Nudity | Sexual references | sex scenes] Online: |

My Family (ABC1) [UK | comedy]

My Goldfish Is Evil (ABC1)

MY TATTOO ADDiCTiON (ABC2) This UK documentary gets under the skin of the world of tattoos – meeting the people who do them, the people who have them and discovering what importance they hold in their lives. From silly to shocking, we see it all. (2012) [UK doco: coarse language & nudity]

MYTHBUSTERS (7Mate) MacGyver Special | Sodium Bomb | Makeshift Ultralight | Chicken Gun | Octopus Pregnancy | Killer Washing Machine | Outtakes | Walking Straight | Binary Fender Bender  [USA]
Mystery 360 (7Two) Bigfoot | UFOs

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  N  |__________

Naked City (7Two) [USA | action]

Naturally Sadie (ABC3)

Nature’s Miracle Babies (ABC1)

NBC Today ( 7 )

NED’S HEAD (SBS1) Ned’s Head follows the investigation of a human skull, shrouded in mystery and controversy. It is allegedly the long lost skull of legendary Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, stolen over 30 years ago. The skull was given to a team of Australia’s best forensic scientists at the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine who, using state of the art technology, discover the skull’s true identity. The investigation reopens the mystery of what happened to Ned Kelly’s body after he was hanged, and in solving the mystery of Ned’s Head, the team discover much more than the skull’s identity. [documentary]

NEiGHBOURS (10) [Australia | soap opera]

Neighbours at War (7Two) [NZ reality / real-life]

New Girl (11)

New Tricks (ABC1) [UK | crime]

The New Inventors (ABC1) Featuring new ideas on how to let musicians take the lead, bring trolleys under control and easily wrap pallet loads with plastic film for transportation [science | technology]

The New Reclaimers (7Two) [UK | lifestyle | renovation]

New Tricks (ABC1) Dead Man Talking
New Zealand’s Next Top Model (11)


NCiS (10)

Nikita (Go) [USA | action]

Nine Afternoon News ( 9 )

Nine’s Early Morning News ( 9 )

Nine News ( 9 )

Nine News Now ( 9 )

Ninja Warrior (SBS2)

NITV on the Road: Saltwater Freshwater (NiTV) Sue Ray: Newcomer to the music industry Queensland performer Sue Ray has risen to acclaim with her debut album about heartbreak and self-discovery. Sue Ray shares her stories and performs [Australia | doco]

Nganampa Anwernekenhe (NiTV) Apekathe | Karli Jalangu: Boomerang Today |

Ngurra (NiTV)

Nice Coloured Girls (NiTV)

Nine News Sunday ( 9 )

Ninja Warrior (SBS2)

Nitro Circus Live (Go)

NITV News Week in Review (NiTV)

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (ABC1)

No Kitchen Required (SBS2) Join three top chefs, Michael Psilakis, Madison Cowan and Kayne Raymond, as they prepare dishes from ten very different and remote locations. The three must work with the locals to hunt, forage and collect ingredients for a locally inspired meal. In this episode, the chefs travel to the Caribbean island of Dominica. Equipped with only their knives and secret ingredients of choice, they are warmly welcomed by the Kalinago community. [reality]

No Limits (31)

The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (ABC1) [USA | drama]

NORTH (7Two) Marcus arrives in the Manukau via container ship, and uses a variety of sea vehicles to explore Auckland’s neglected harbour [New Zealand | Travel]

Nowhere Boys (ABC)

NSW Australia Day Address: Ita Buttrose (ABC3)

Nu Country TV (C31)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  O  |__________

Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder (ABC1) [UK | doco]

Ochre and Ink (ABC1) The extraordinary story of Zhou Xiaoping, a Chinese artist in Aboriginal Australia [Australia | arts & culture]

The Octonauts (ABC)

Omnisport (One)

One Born Every Minute USA (SBS)

One Day Series ( 9 ) Australia v England [2014 | sport | cricket]

One Man and His Campervan (SBS) Northumberland ~ Martin’s campervan adventure continues in Northumberland. It’s an early start on Holy Island and he has to beat the tide to join local fishermen Sean and Richard on a quest to pick up fresh lobster for a campervan feast [UK | lifestyle | cooking | food | wine]

One Plus One (ABC24) Each week, Jane Hutcheon and a team of contributors bring you engaging face-to-face conversations with newsmakers, provocative thinkers, personalities, writers and performers from Australia and around the world. Guests: Sally Pearson | Germaine Greer [Australia | current affair]

Operation Repo (7Mate)

Orphan Black (SBS2)

Oscar Pistorius: What Really Happened? (ABC2) A documentary investigating the murder charge faced by champion athlete, Oscar Pistorius. Police say the death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp was premeditated murder. But Oscar Pistorius says it was an innocent accident. [doco]

Our Footprint (NiTV)

Our Queen (ABC1) [doco]

Ouran High School Host Club (ABC3)

Out of the Blue (7Two) San Remo special | [Australia | lifestyle | cooking | food | wine]

Outback Truckers (7Mate)

1000 Ways To Die (7Mate)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  P  |__________

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures (11) [USA | animation]

Pacifica: Tales From The South Seas (NiTV)

Pair of Kings (7Mate)

The Paradise (ABC1)

Paradises of the Pacific (7TWO)

Paris: The Luminous Years (SBS) Paris was the centre of artistic and cultural life from the dawn of the 20th century up to the start of World War II. This series explores how and why emigre artists from around the world flocked to the city to interact and ply their trade. From Picasso and cubism through to surrealism, Hemingway, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, Josephine Baker and the jazz era, the program follows the major trends and modernist movements of the time [UK/USA | doco | art]

Parks and Recreation ( 7 ) [USA | comedy]

Partners ( 9 )[USA comedy]

Pat Callinan’s 4×4 Adventures (10)

Pawn Stars (7Mate) A Shot And A Shave/Hot Air Buffon ~ Rick is offered some of the craziest items ever to enter the store, everything from a pricey patchwork quilt made from celebrity autographs to an 1845 Harpers Ferry musket, one with a vintage surprise. A scientist selling ATM receipts from the South Pole and a barber’s chair straight from Sweeney Todd are also on offer. As the guys find out, nothing’s quite what it seems. [USA | reality]

Pc_tv (C31)

PEEP SHOW (ABC2) Welcome to the private world of two very ordinary weirdos. Peep Show is a narrative comedy series seen through the eyes of the core characters. And in another inventive twist, each character’s inner thoughts can be heard (2003) [UK comedy].

Penelope (ABC)

The Penguin King (10)

Peppa Pig (ABC)

The People’s Cookbook (7Two) Explore the origin of beloved dishes that have shaped the tastebuds of Britain in the 21st century

The People’s Court (Gem)

The People’s Supermarket (ABC1) UK doco

Persons Of Interest (SBS1) [Australia | drama]

Pet Superstars (ABC2)

The Phone (SBS2) In this hectic reality series, two participants are plucked right off the street to take part in a game. The two contestants are the first to answer one of two ringing phones placed in separate locations. Once they answer the phone, they are asked if they would like the chance to win a substantial amount of money. If they accept, they will need to complete five assignments for a chance to win the cash [The Netherlands | reality]

PiMP MY RiDE (7Mate) Dante’s 1976 Ford Econoline Ice Cream Truck | Limo | Celica | Cristi’s 1957 Chevy Penal Truck | Ellyn’s 1996 Ford Contour | 98 Contour |1968 Cougar | Tyler’s 1956 Chevy El Camino | 95 Probe | ’65 El Camino | Thunderbird | Bread Truck | Earth Day Special | Benz | Vegas Van | Mom’s Minivan |  508 Maxima | Ford | Fantastic Four | Ford Econoline | Doggie Van | [USA reality / real-life / motor make-over] A series that takes the makeover concept boldly into the automotive realm!, showing you how to transform your tired old car into a fully-fledged work of customised art.
Pingu (ABC1)

Places We Go With Jennifer Adams (10)

Play School (ABC)

Pocoyo (ABC)

Pokemon (10 & 11) [Japan | cartoon]

Polish News (SBS2)

PopAsia (SBS2) Features back-to-back videos from artists across Asia and all the latest news and interviews from the Korean, Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese pop scenes [music]

Portuguese News (SBS2)

POSTCARDS SUMMER (Nine) Bec goes shopping in High St, Prahran, and visits the city hotel, The Ovolo. [Australia | lifestyle | travel | holiday]

Pound Puppies (11) [cartoon]

Power Rangers Megaforce (Go)

Power Rangers Samurai (Go)

Prank Patrol Road Trip (ABC3)

The PROJECT (10) [Australian news]

Psych (One) [USA comedy]

Psychic TV Live & Interactive (4ME)

Psychoville (ABC1) [UK comedy]

Puberty Blues (Ten & One)

Python Hunters (One) Giants of Puerto Rico

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  Q  |__________

QI (ABC1) Joints | Jobs | Journeys | Jack and Jill | Flotsam and Jetsam [UK | game show]

Queensland Murri Carnival 2013 (NiTV)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  R  |__________


Raiders of the Lost Past (SBS) The Missing Eighth Wonder Of The World
Raising Hope (11)
Rake (ABC1) [Australia | comedy]
Rapid Response (Gem)

Rastamouse (ABC)

Rat B*stards (7Mate)

Rated A for Awesome (ABC3)

RBT (Gem)

Really Me (ABC3)

Reef Wranglers (7Mate) Helicopter Headache
Reservoir Hill (ABC) Everyone Lies
Restless (SBS)
Retrospect (ABC24) Explore the ABC’s vast archive to unearth the interesting, the important and the quirky [Australia | current affair]
Revenge (7TWO) [USA | drama]
Revolution (Go) The Dark Tower
Rez Rides (NiTV)
Rhod Gilbert’s Work Experience (SBS3) Tattoist ~ Stand-up comedian Rhod Gilbert gets a proper job as a tattooist’s apprentice. But this could be the most painful job of all as he’s told if he’s to give a tattoo he has to have a tattoo. [Wales | comedy]
Rick Stein’s India (ABC1)
RiVER MONSTERS (ABC2) Electric Executioner ~ Jeremy Wade travels to Brazil’s ‘wild west’ in search of a river monster that has killed three cowboys. The search for the culprit sends him deep into prospecting and cattle country.  |  Jungle Killer ~ Jeremy Wade sets out to discover the true river monster of South America. Piranhas get all the press, but is there a more fearsome predator lurking in its rivers?  |  Liar of Giants ~ Extreme angler Jeremy explores the unchartered wilderness of the Essequibo River system in South America, for a terrifying ancient monsters still alive in these hostile waters? | Asian Slayer | Mongolian Mauler [USA nature]
River of No Return (NiTV) Documentary
Rob (One) (2012) [USA comedy]

Rob the Robot (ABC)

Robot Chicken (SBS) [USA animation]

Robson’s Extreme Fishing Challenge (One)

Route 66 (7Two)

Rules of Engagement (11)

RuPaul’s Drag Race (SBS2)

Russell Howard’s Good News (SBS2) Filmed in front of a live studio audience, Russell Howard’s Good News combines Russell’s stand-up routines with funny clips from the internet and quick-fire sketches, as he presents a brand new perspective on the big stories dominating news outlets across the world. [UK]

Russian News (SBS2)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  S  |__________

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (11) [USA sitcom]

Sacred Spaces (C31)

Sally Bollywood: Super Detective (ABC)

Saturday Disney (7Two)

Saturday Landline (ABC24)

Savage Seas Adventures (C31)

School of Comedy (ABC2)

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated (GO)

SCU: Serious Crash Unit (7Two)

Sea Snakes of Marion Reef (7Two)

Search and Restore (7Mate) 94 GMC  |

Search4hurt (7Mate)

Seaway (Gem)

Search and Restore (7Mate) ’67 Nova Finale | 94 GMC Part II
Seconds From Disaster ( 7Two ) Pentagon 9/11 | Crash of the Concorde ~ Concorde was the world’s first supersonic airliner a symbol of luxury and high technology. In July 2000, a hundred people in Germany board on a charter flight to New York for the holiday of a lifetime. But Concorde catches fire on take off and crashes into a nearby hotel one mile from the end of the runway, killing all on board and four people in the hotel. Investigators analysed the accident second by second and discover a piece of fallen metal on the runway proved to be fatal. [UK | doco]
Secret Dealers ( 9 ) Two family homes are visited by three antique dealers who are on the lookout for items they can sell [UK | lifestyle]
Secret Life of Dogs ( 7 )
Secret Location (7Two)
Secrets of War (7Two) Korea: Stalin’s Secret Air War | Vietnam: Hidden In Plain Sight [USA | documentary]
SEiNFELD (7Mate) The Parking Garage | The Cafe | The Alternate Side  | The Suicide | The Letter | The Parking Space | The Keys | The Ticket |  The Trip | The Wallet | The Watch [USA sitcom]

Serbian News (SBS2)

Sesame Street (ABC)

Seven Early News (7)

Seven Morning News (7)

Seven News (7)

Seven News at 4 (7)

Seven News at 7 (7)

Sex and the City (11) All or Nothing | Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
The SHAK (GO) After three years of hanging out in a cubbyhouse, Curio, Nitro and Picasso have moved onwards and upwards into their own share house. Curio is the science boffin; Nitro, the energetic sports fanatic and environment advocate; and Picasso, the creative popular-culture vulture. [Aus | 2008 | children]
Shake it Up (7Mate)[USA children]
Shannons Supercar Showdown (7Mate)

Shortland Street

Shorts on Screen (SBS2)

Shred! (One)

Shropshire ( 7Two )

The Shtick (C31)

The SiMPSONS (10) Moe ‘N’ a Lisa | Stop or My Dog Will Shoot |  24 Minutes | You Kent Always Say What You Want [USA animation | cartoon]

Siberia to the Silk Road (7Two) (1991) [AUS doco)

Silent Witness (Gem)

Sister If Only You Knew (NiTV) [doco]

The Sketch Show (One) [UK comedy]

Skippy (9) (1967) [AUS adventure]

Sleeper Cell (One)

The SLEEPOVER CLUB (ABC3) The Haunting  | Blast From The Past |  Outdoor Trip | Walk Like A Boy | Front Page [Australia | family series]

Sleepy Hollow (11)

SlideShow (7)

Slugterra (11) [animation]

Small Teen, Big World (ABC)

Small Time Gangster (SBS1) Vengeance (final episode)  Tony receives bad news about Les from an unlikely source and decides to confront his demons once and for all. But nothing goes as planned and he finds himself facing the biggest decision of his life [Australia | comedy | coarse language | violence]

Songs of Praise (ABC1)

Sons and Daughters (7) [Australia | drama]

The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical (ABC1)

SOUTH PARK (SBS2) Goth Kids 3: Dawn Of The Posers | Here Comes The Neighbourhood | Butters’ Very Own Episode | Ginger Cow | Coon 2: Hindsight | Toilet Paper | I’m A Little Bit Country | Professor Chaos | Simpsons Already Did It [USA comedy]
Southland (Gem) (2009) [USA crime]
Spaced (ABC2) [UK sitcom]

Spanish News (SBS)

Speaker TV (C31)

Speedweek (SBS)

SPiCKS & SPECKS (ABC) Murray Cook, Simon Tedeschi, Denise Scott & Andy Lee |Richard Gill, Cal Wilson, Liam Finn & Greg Fleet [AUS | game show]

Spirit of Life (C31)

Splatalot! (ABC) Twins Vs Twins Splatdown
Spyforce ( 9 )
Star Trek: Deep Space 9 (11) [USA sci-fi]

Star Trek: The Next Generation (11) [USA sci-fi]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (ABC3)

State to State Summer (ABC24)

Steam Punks! (ABC)

Stephen Fry: Out There (ABC1) Stephen discovers what it means to be gay in Uganda, where it may become a capital crime [UK| doco]

STEVE iRWiN: The CROCODiLE HUNTER DiARiES (7Two) Life behind the scenes at Steve and Terri Irwin’s Australia Zoo and features incredible stories unfolding right in front of the camera. | Wild About Harry ~ Harry is bitten by the most venomous snake in the world. [Australia | doco]

Stoked (ABC)

The Straits (ABC1) [Australia | crime]

Studio 10 (10)

Studio 10: Sunday (10)

Studio 10: Sunday Extra (10)

Studio 10 You (10)

Suburgatory (Go) [USA | comedy]

Suits (7)

Sullivan & Son (Go)

Sunday Best: Teenage Paparazzo (2009) Documentary
Sunrise Extra (7) [AUS news]
Sunrise (7)
The Super Dragons (7Two)
The Super Hero Squad Show (ABC3)
Supernanny (Gem) [USA | reality]
Supersize Grime (7Mate)
Surfing Australia (4ME)

SURFiNG The MENU (Gem) Ben and Curtis in the 3rd series of gourmet, food, travel, and adventure, continue the successful recipe of the 1st series with stunning scenery, genuine characters, passionate producers, and unusual produce. Bender and Curtis compete with each other to catch the biggest fish or tallest wave, bake the richest cake, take the longest downhill run, create the tastiest entree, swim with the biggest whale, and more |  Hawkes Bay | Rotorua | Northland | Margaret River | Tasmania | New Norcia | Hunter Valley [Australian lifestyle | cooking | food | wine] 

SURViVORMAN (SBS2) Tiburon | Costa Rica | Georgian Swamp | Mountain | Canyonland | Plane Crash ~ Northern Ontario | [Canada | adventure]
Survivors ( 9 ) [UK | sci-fi]
Swift and Shift Couriers (SBS1) Birthday [Australia | sitcom]
Swords: Life on the Line (7Mate) The Storm of the Century
16 Kids and Counting (Gem) The Freers And The Lewises
60 Minutes (9)
7th Heaven (11)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  T  |__________

 The Tales of Nights (SBS2) [South Korea drama]

Take on the Takeaway ( 7Two ) Paul Rankin takes on the challenge of cooking a Greek meal for Chris and his cousin Mario. Neither of the boys cook and Paul sets out to show them how easy it is to whip up a Sheftalia at home [UK | lifestyle | cooking | food wine]

Tales of Tatonka (NiTV) [NZ arts & culture]
#TalkAboutit (ABC24) Feminism
The Taste (Gem) Auditions | Comfort Food
Tattoo Nightmares (7Mate) [USA reality / real-life]
Te Kaea (NiTV)
The Team That Never Played (ABC24)
Technology Quarter (ABC24)
Teen Mom 2 (Go)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (11)

Tehupo’o – Thunder on the Reef ( 9 )

TEN Eyewitness News Early (10)

TEN Eyewitness News Morning (10)

That ’70s Show ( 7 )

The TRiP (ABC1) L’Enclume (2012) The culinary comedians, Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon survive their first night and move to Cartnel in Cumbria where they sample the starter menu at L’Enclume between a duel of impressions [UK comedy].

The True Story (ABC) Saving Private Ryan

The Truth About Us (ABC) Ita Buttrose, Ainslie Cahill
This is My Australia (10) [doco]
Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends (ABC)

Thunderbirds (GO) The Uninvited

Thundercats (GO)

Thursday FC (SBS) [AUS soccer / football]

Tickety Toc (11)

Tiger Shark: Legendary Thug of the Sea (7Two)

Time of My Life (7Two) Against the Odds ~ Kerri-Anne joins Rosemary Arnold, Bob Brown, Tom Watson and John Bertrand to hear how their stories of taking on big challenges and fighting for the environment, women’s and workers rights. [Australia | entertaiment]

Timmy Time (ABC)

Tinga Tinga Tales (ABC)

Tipi Tales (NiTV) [AUS children]

TMZ (Go) [USA news]

TMZ Live (Go) [USA news]

To the Manor Born (Gem) Tramps and Poachers
To the Top of Down Under (31)

Toasted TV (11)

Toby’s Travelling Circus (ABC)

Today ( 9 )

Today Tonight (7)

Top 5 Eaten Alive (7)

Top Gear Festival Sydney (Go) The boys are in Sydney, Australia with Shane Jacobson and Steve Pizzati for the Top Gear Festival. You’ll see Mark Weber racing a Super Bike and Super Car, there’ll be car football and even Jeremy racing a homemade jet powered speeder. [UK | doco]

Total Drama All Stars (ABC3)

Total Drama World Tour (ABC)

Totally Wild (10) [Australia | doco]

Toughest Place to Be a… (SBS) Bus Driver | Midwife (2011) [UK doco]
TOWN With NiCHOLAS CRANE (SBS) Saffron Walden ~ This attractive market town has some of the best preserved medieval architecture in the country, but its heritage is under threat. Nicholas discovers what gave this town its unique name and how the UK’s housing crisis is affecting its future. | Huddersfield |Enniskillen ~ More intimate than a city, towns are where we first learned to be urban. Harbour towns, market towns, island towns, industrial towns: collectively they bind our land together. The most westerly town in the UK, Enniskillen is surrounded by beautiful lakes, is busy with independent shops, and attracts forward-thinking entrepreneurs. But its serene way of life is under threat – from plans for underground gas exploitation. In the season finale, Geographer and adventurer Nicholas Crane journeys through the past, present, and potential future of this island town on the edge of Northern Ireland. [UK doco] 
Tough Times Never Last (C31)
TOUR The WORLD (Ten) Kakadu & Kimberley Explorer Premiere ~ Tour the World is the new Aussie travel show that joins real tour groups travelling to the world’s most exciting destinations. First stop is the beautiful Kakadu and Kimberley [Australia | doco]
Toy Hunter (Gem) Rise From Ashland
Toybox (7Two) [AUS children]
Tracey McBean (ABC3)
Tracking the Rainbow Serpent (7Two) [AUS doco]
The TRAVEL BUG (7Two) Germany ~ It’s one of Europe’s biggest countries and a nation full of history and culture, and this week Morgan is kicking off his road trip to discover what makes Germany such a popular holiday destination. [Australia | Travel]
Trick My Truck (One) (2006) [USA reality]
Tropfest Snacks (SBS2)
Trucks! (7Mate) Daily Driver C-10 Part 9: Payoff! | Rolling Thunder |
The TRUE STORY (ABC2) Braveheart ~ Discover the real story which inspired Mel Gibson’s 1995 movie, Braveheart. New historical evidence and unique experiments with ancient weapons show a darker side to the real William Wallace’s triumph and tragedy. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind ~ This episode investigates the original cases that inspired the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind – from the Michigan UFO chase to the first and most famous case of alien abduction in the US. [Australia | 2011]
The Truth About Us (ABC3) Kate Miller-Heidke, Megan Washington [Australia | doco]

Turkish News (SBS)

The Twisted Whiskers Show (ABC3) [USA | 2009]

TWO AND A HALF MEN (Go) Alan Harper, Frontier Chiropractor | Camel Filters and Pheremones | A Sympathetic Crotch to Cry On | A Pudding-Filled Cactus | Round One to the Hot Crazy Chick | That Was Saliva, Alan | Big Flappy Bastards (2003) [USA sitcom]
Two Greedy Italians… Still Hungry (SBS) Rome And Machismo [UK Lifestyle | cooking | food | wine ]
2 Broke Girls ( 9 ) [USA | sitcom]
2013 Comedy Festival Debate (10)
2014 Australian Open ( 7 ) [Aus | 2014 | sport | tennis]
21c: Art in the First Decade (ABC1)
30 Rock (7 & SBS2)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  U  |__________

Ultimate Factories (7Mate)

The Ultimate Mars Challenge (SBS)

Undercover Boss Australia (One) Great Southern Rail

UNSAFE SEX iN The CiTY (ABC) A shockingly honest ride into the sex and sexual health of Manchester’s lusty young residents. Featuring life at the STI clinic, this week we meet 17-year-old Courtney and Kervin, 22 [UK | 2012 | doco | adult themes | medical procedures | coarse language | sexual references | sex scenes]

Unsolved Mysteries (7Mate)

Up All Night ( 7 ) [USA | sitcom]

Urdu News (SBS2)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  V  |__________

Van Gogh: Painted with Words (2010) Drama doco. (ABC1)

Vampire Knight (ABC3)

Vasili’s Garden to Kitchen (C31)

Vikings (SBS2)

Volumz Music Program (NiTV)


…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  W  |__________

WAC: World Animal Championships (ABC) Weirdest

Wake Up (10) [Australia | news]

The Wannabes (ABC)

Waybuloo (ABC1 & 2)

WeatherWatch Overnight (SBS)

WeatherWatch & Music (SBS2)

Weeds (9) Five Miles From Yetzer Hara | Saplings New Episode
Weekend Breakfast (ABC1 & 24)
Weekend Sunrise (7)
Weekend Today (9)
Welcome To Wapos Bay (NiTV) They Dance At Night | As The Bannock Browns [children]
Wesley Impact Summer Series (9)
What’s The Big Idea? (ABC2)
What’s Up Down Under (10)
When Teenage Meets Old Age (ABC1) Four young British teens volunteer to work as carers in a retirement village. In the final episode, each young person takes one of their new old friends home with them for the week [UK | doco series]
When Weather Changed History (7Two) Race To Nome | Dunkirk
Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS1) Don Hany [Australia | doco]
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (One) An improvisational comedy game show in which four players act out various comic games and sketches. Hosted by Drew Carey. [USA | comedy]
Wild Racers (One)
WiLFRED (11) Doubt | Sacrifice
Wire in the Blood (7Two) [UK | murder | mystery]
Whitney (7) Faking It | Codependence Day
Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS1) Adam Hills
Whose Line Is It Anyway? (One) [USA comedy]
Wild Amazon (SBS1) Cradle Of Life [doco]
Wild Animal Baby Explorers (ABC2)
Winx Club: Enchantix (GO) Taking Over Cloudtower
Wizards of Waverly Place (7Two)
Women of the Sun: 25 Years Later (NiTV)
The WONDER YEARS (ABC1) The Heart Of Darkness | Steady As She Goes | Hiroshima Mon Frere | Loosiers | Walk Out | Nemesis [USA | comedy]
Wonderland (11)
Wonders of the World (7Mate) Bite Force, Lightning & Bionic Animals | Cobras, Crashes and Giant Bunnies | Orcas, Turtles and Water Balloons ~ From a giant mechanical elephant in France, to wingsuit jumpers, to remote control helicopters that survey volcanoes, explore our bizarre, yet fascinating world. [doco]
Words of Peace (C31)
World B-Boy Championships (SBS2)
World News Australia (SBS)
The World of Jenks (SBS2)
World’s Most Extreme Airports (7)
The World This Week (ABC24)
World’s Worst Tenants (7Mate)
The World This Week (ABC24)
World War II: The Last Heroes (SBS1) [UK doco series]
Would I Lie to You? (ABC) (2010 episode ) Host Rob Brydon and team captains Lee Mack and David Mitchell are joined by Bernard Cribbins, Patrick Kielty, Deborah Meaden and Mark Watson. [UK game show]
Would You Rather? (One) [UK comedy]
Wurrawhy (11)
…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  X  |__________

Xena: Warrior Princess (7Mate) The Bitter Suite

Xtreme 4×4 (7Mate) Loctit


…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  Y  |__________

Yamba’s Playtime (NiTV) [children]

Yarning Up (NiTV)

Yarramundi Kids (NiTV)

Yeyekerte (NiTV)

You’re Skitting Me (ABC3)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (Go)

…for more details on each show visit the full length page in daily progress

__________|  Z  |__________

Zigby (ABC)

Zoo Factor (ABC1)

Please visit the the full version page with daily updates, for more details on each TV show


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