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Kochie’s Business Builders features the latest news and opinions from David Koch on how to set up and maintain your small business dream. David Koch, better known as Kochie, the co-host of Australia’s number 1 breakfast show Sunrise, is a self confessed finance nerd, who started his career as a cadet business journalist at The Australian newspaper, before joining BRW (formerly Business Review Weekly) in the early 1980s. Kochie is regarded as the pioneer of personal finance journalism in Australia, and has created several finance publications:

  • Personal Investment magazine
  • Money Management newspaper
  • My Business magazine

For over 25 years Kochie has also been involved in a family business, which he sees as his insurance policy against getting fired from his regular job in the media. Learn more about Kochie at Sunrise, Yahoo Finance & Visit Kochie’s Business Builders website for information about your small business  

Kochie's Business Builders website 2012 small business advice tips ideas marketing sales David Koch Channel 7 TV show
Visit Kochie’s Business Builders website for information about your small business (2012)

Kochie talks about how Google research shows you must be online! on this video:

Kochie discusses Search Engine Marketing for Small Business with Yellow pages:

Kochie talks about Turning retail slump into opportunity on this YouTube video:

Planning For Disaster In Your Business: No matter what sort of business you are, crisis can strike at any time. It’s absolutely vital that you’re prepared for the worst. KBB recently teamed up with GiO for a live webcast discussing the ins and outs of disaster planning and recovery. Here are the highlights from the panel of experts and business owners…

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