18 Days Off Facebook art illustration by Anton K Kressnig black ink surrealism montage lighthouse ship storm sun birds mountain
“18 Days Off Facebook” art illustration by Anton K. Kressnig (black ink surreal montage) ©2012 Anton K. Kressnig

Looking at Life thru the WORLD OF ART by Anton K. Kressnig

Welcome to The World of ART, a place for looking at life through art. ART has many definitions, as it has been proposed by philosophers, who have characterized art in terms of communication of emotion, expression, mimesis or other values. This page is a work in progress, with many new unique artworks to be added, along with information and history about art. The artwork (shown above) portrays my philosophical look at life, as a therapeutic journey. Everyone should take the time to allow art in their world.  ~ Anton K. Kressnig: The Art of Looking at Life

See 40 hours of Anton Ks drawing and painting of the cover of Fats Wah Wah‘s Surfs Up in Gembrook CD album cover all happen in 2 minutes… 

This page is a work in progress, please return soon to see some wonderful updates. ~ AK

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"Peace and happiness is all in the art of looking at life" ~ Anton K

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