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TANSEL ALi The Australian Memory Champion

TANSEL ALi had a bad memory like most of us think we do, until he learnt there were memory techniques to improve it, and now he’s an Australian memory champion. Tansel Ali was dubbed ‘The Human Yellow Pages’ after he memorised the Sydney Yellow Pages phone directory, in only 24 days. He is the Australian Memory Champion, with several memory records. Tansel competed in the World Memory Championships where he was crowned ‘Grandmaster of Memory’ for remembering a random shuffled deck of cards in under 3 minutes. At the World Memory Championships he also broke 5 national memory records.

Tansel Ali Australian memory champion Human Yellow Pages Grandmaster of Memory improve Your website coach is the official website of Tansel Ali the Australian memory champion known as The Human Yellow Pages

The Memory Champion Tansel Ali on the Hungry Beast TV show:

Tansel Ali Australian Memory Champion on Today Tonight:

Tansel Ali & Mark Dobson (TEDxDubbo) Live Like a Freak video:

Channel 7 Sunrise – Tansel Ali Memory Expert Puts His Skills To The Test:


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