The ART of LOOKiNG at LiFE through  

T   R   A   V   E   L

f r o m  A U S T R A L i A   to   T h e  W h o l e  W O R L D   &   i n  t o  S P A C E

Welcome to this new inspirational travel place for photography, illustrations, information, reviews and stories about travelling AUSTRALiA, the WORLD, and SPACE, to appreciate our PLANET EARTH. This is just the beginning of a trip of a lifetime, a work in progress. Please join me on this virtual journey of adventure to amazing, remote and popular places on our precious planet. ~ Anton K. Kressnig

See the snow fall over the World month by month over the whole year…

Blue Marble monthlies animation gif World Earth
The Blue Marble monthlies animation gif
The Blue Marble Planet Earth World space Apollo 17 view from space moon trip Antarctica south pole Africa 1972 Nasa
View of Planet Earth as seen by the Apollo 17 crew traveling toward the moon on the 7th December 1972. This translunar coast photograph includes the Mediterranean Sea, Antarctica south polar ice cap, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Madagascar and Asian mainland on the northeast horizon. (NASA Photo)

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Travel around the globe with Sonia Gil… from Milan to Miami, Sonia cracks the secret codes of the world’s coolest cities in this award-winning series of YouTube videos. Learn new travel tips and tricks, and share your own, in Sonia’s vlog. New shows every Thursday! Visit… | YouTube video: About Sonia’s Travels…

YouTube video: Travel Miami: Bikinis and Sunscreen, a guide to South BeachSonia Gil gives the ultimate tour of her personal beach right around her home in Miami Beach. South Beach never looked better, and now everyone can have the ideal map to navigate the world’s number one urban beach.

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"Peace and happiness is all in the art of looking at life" ~ Anton K

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