FEBRUARY 28 ~ ON THiS DAY in History (& February 29 on leap years)

FEBRUARY 28 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1959 – Discoverer 1, an American spy satellite that was the first object intended to achieve a polar orbit, was launched on the 28th February in 1959, but It failed to achieve orbit.

1883 – The 1st vaudeville theater opeed in BostonMassachusetts on the 28th February 1883.

1885 – The American Telephone and Telegraph Company was incorporated in New York State on the 28th February 1885, as the subsidiary of American Bell Telephone.

1935 – DuPont scientist Wallace Carothers invented nylon on the 28th February 1935.

1944Storm Thorgerson the English graphic designer was born on the 28th February 1944 (died on the 18th April 2013). Storm Thorgerson was best known for his rock artwork for Led ZeppelinPink FloydPeter GabrielGenesisBlack SabbathScorpionsEuropeDream TheaterThe CranberriesMuse, and many more.

1948Mike Brady (AM) the Australian musician was born on the 28th February 1948. Mike Brady is best known for his association with the Australian rules football anthems Up There Cazaly, and One Day in September. Up There Cazaly topped the Australian singles charts in September 1979, briefly holding the record as best-selling Australian single.

1954 – The 1st color television sets using the NTSC standard are offered for sale on the 28th February in 1954, to the general public.

1957 – Cindy Wilson the American singer-songwriter from The B-52’s was born on the 28th February 1957.

1969 – Patrick Monahan the American singer-songwriter from Train was born on the 28th February 1969.

1959 – Discoverer 1 the American spy satellite that was the 1st object intended to achieve a polar orbit, was launched on the 28th February 1959, but It failed to achieve orbit.

1995Quinn Shephard the American actress was born on the 28th February 1995.

2013 – Pope Benedict XVI resigned as the pope of the Catholic Church on the 28th February 2013, becoming the 1st pope to do so since 1415.


February 29 is also known as the leap day of the Gregorian calendar, that occurs in most years that are divisible by 4, such as 2012, 2016 and 2020. Years containing a leap day are called leap years.

1504 – Christopher Columbus used his knowledge of a lunar eclipse on the night of the 29th February 1504,  to convince Native Americans to provide him with supplies.

1644 – Abel Tasman‘s 2nd Pacific voyage began on the 29th February 1644.

1892 – St. Petersburg, Florida was incorporated on the 29th February 1892.

1932 – Jaguar the Brazilian cartoonist was born on the 29th February 1932.

1940 – For her role as Mammy in Gone with the WindHattie McDaniel became the 1st African American to win an Academy Award on the 29th February 1940.

1952 – The island of Heligoland was restored to German authority on the 29th February 1952.

1956 – Jonathan Coleman the Australian radio host was born on the 29th February 1956.

1960 – An earthquake in Morocco killed over 3,000 people on the 29th February 1960, and nearly destroyed Agadir in the southern part of the country.

1960 – Tony Robbins the American motivational speaker and author was born on the 29th February 1960.

1964 – In Sydney, Australian swimmer Dawn Fraser set a new world record in the 100-meter freestyle swimming competition on the 29th February 1964.

1968 – Frank Woodley the Australian comedian and actor was born on the 29th February 1968.

2012 – Davy Jones the English singer, guitarist and actor from The Monkees died on the 29th February 2012 (born 30th December 1945).

2012 – Tokyo Skytree construction was completed on the 29th February 2012, making it the tallest tower in the world, 634 meters high, and 2nd tallest (man-made) structure on Earth, next to Burj Khalifa.

FEBRUARY 27 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1594 – Henry IV was crowned King of France on the 27th February 1594.

1700 – The island of New Britain was discovered on the 27th February 1700.

1812 – Manuel Belgrano raised the Flag of Argentina for the first time on the 27th February 1812, in the city of Rosario.

1844 – The Dominican Republic gained independence from Haiti on the 27th February 1844.

1863 – Joaquín Sorolla the Spanish painter was born on the 27th February 1863 (d. 1923).

1900 – The British Labour Party was founded on the 27th February 1900.

1902 – John Steinbeck the American author and Nobel Prize laureate was born on the 27th February 1902 (died 1968).

1903 – Ion Irimescu the Romanian sculptor and sketcher was born on the 27th February 1903 (died 2005).

1935 – Uri Shulevitz the American author and illustrator was born on the 27th February 1935.

1936 – Ron Barassi the Australian footballer and coach was born on the 27th February 1936.

1940 – Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered carbon-14 on the 27th February 1940.

1940 – Bill Hunter the Australian actor was born on the 27th February 1940 (died 2011).

1951 – Steve Harley the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Cockney Rebel was born on the 27th February 1951.

1957 – Adrian Smith the English guitarist from Iron Maiden was born on the 27th February 1957.

1957 – Robert de Castella the Australian runner was born on the 27th February 1957.

1958 – Max Crivello the Italian illustrator was born on the 27th February 1958.

1958 – Nancy Spungen the American girlfriend of Sid Vicious was born on the 27th February 1958 (died 1978).

1964 – The government of Italy asked for aid to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling over on the 27th February 1964.

1973 – Peter Andre the Australian singer-songwriter and actor was born on the 27th February 1973.

2007 – The Chinese Correction: the Shanghai Stock Exchange fell 9% on the 27th February 2007, the largest drop in 10 years.

2010 – An earthquake measuring 8.8 on the Richter scale hit central parts of Chile on the 27th February 2010, killing over 500 people. The quake triggered a tsunami which hit Hawaii shortly after.

The Project GETTiNG NAKED in Australia

The Project TV getting naked host Charlie Pickering nudism news nude swimming nudists video 2013
The Project TV “Getting Naked” special news report by Charlie Pickering video about declining nudism in Australia (Channel Ten Friday 22nd February 2013)

Nudism on the nudist beaches, and in the nudist clubs in Australia appears to be a declining trend, especially with Generation Y. Although baring all in the nudism scene might be on the decline, baring all via technology is on the rise, especially since the invention of camera phones, and webcam chat, which is dominated by Generation Y with their sharing of naked selfies and other virtual antics nude online.

On Friday the 22nd February 2013, The Project on Channel Ten did a special news report about baring all becoming a declining trend in Australia, titled Hello CheekyThe Project went searching for the naked truth about nudists, in a discreet way. If you want to catch a glimpse of a lot more nudity than they’re allowed to show on a prime time TV show, you’ll have to visit a legal nudist beach in Australia, for the experience. Read the full news story: The Project TV: The Naked Truth About Nudists & see The Project TV: Getting Naked news story video


See many naked people at this clever wesite wear your mouse removes the clothes of consenting German men & women nude: www.naked-people.de

FEBRUARY 26 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1815 ~ Napoleon Bonaparte escaped from Elba on the 26th February 1815.

1829 ~ Levi Strauss the German-American fashion designer and founder of Levi Strauss & Co. was born on the 26th February 1829 (died 1902).

1846 ~ Buffalo Bill the American soldier and hunter was born on the 26th February 1846 (died 1917).

1852 ~ John Harvey Kellogg the American surgeon and co-creator of Corn flakes was born on the 26th February 1852 (died 1943).

1909 ~ Kinemacolor, the 1st successful color motion picture process was first shown to the general public on the 26th February 1909, at the Palace Theatre in London.

1917 ~ The Original Dixieland Jass Band recorded the 1st jazz record on the 26th February 1917, for the Victor Talking Machine Company in New York. In 1917 the spelling of the band’s name was changed to Original Dixieland Jazz Band.

1919 ~ The Grand Canyon was established as a United States National Park on the 26th February 1919 when President Woodrow Wilson signed an act of the U.S. Congress. It is now known as the Grand Canyon National Park.

1920 ~ The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the 1st German Expressionist film and early horror movie by Robert Wiene premièred in Berlin on the 26th February 1920.

1916 ~ Jackie Gleason the American actor and singer was born on the 26th February 1916 (died 1987). YouTube video: Jackie Gleeson in The Honeymooners: The Really Lost Debut Episodes…

1920Tony Randall the American actor, director, and producer was born on the 26th February 1920 (died 2004). Tony Randall was best known as known as Felix Unger in the 1970s television series The Odd Couple. YouTube video: The Odd Couple TV Show Opening Theme Season Two 1970…

1929 ~ Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming was established as a 96,000 acre national park on the 26th February 1929, when President Calvin Coolidge signed an Executive Order.

1932 ~ Johnny Cash the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Tennessee Three and The Highwaymen was born on the 26th February 1932 (died 12th September 2003 aged 71). YouTube video: Johnny Cash – Live from Austin, Texas 1987…

1935Robert Watson-Watt carried out a demonstration near Daventry on the 26th February 1935, which lead directly to the development of RADAR in the United Kingdom.

1943Bob Hite the American singer-songwriter from Canned Heat was born on the 26th February 1943 (died 1981). YouTube video: “Going up the Country” – Canned Heat at Woodstock 1969…YouTube video: Canned Heat – On The Road Again (1968)

1945 ~ Peter Brock the Australian race car driver was born in Richmond,_Victoria on the 26th February 1945 (died 8th September 2006 aged 61) He grew up in the country town of Hurstbridge, where he continued to live throughout his life. Peter Brock was also known as Brocky, Peter Perfect, The King of the Mountain and one of Australia’s best-known successful motor racing drivers. Peter Brock was associated with Holden for almost 40 years. Peter Brock won the Bathurst 1000 endurance race 9 times, the Sandown 500 touring car race 9 times, the Australian Touring Car Championship 3 times, the Bathurst 24 Hour once and inducted into the V8 Supercar Hall of Fame in 2001. Brock’s business activities also included the Holden Dealer Team (HDT) that produced Brock’s racing machine and modified high-performance road versions of his racing cars. YouTube video: Peter Brock – The Legend…

1950Helen Clark the 37th Prime Minister of New Zealand was born on the 26th February 1950.

1953 ~ Michael Bolton the American singer-songwriter was born Michael Bolotin on the 26th February 1953. Michael Bolton originally performed in hard rock and heavy metal bands from the mid-1970s to the mid-1980s, and recorded as the frontman of the band BlackjackYouTube video: Michael Bolton – How Am I Supposed To Live Without You (1989) This song was originally recorded by Laura Branigan in 1983. It was originally written by Michael Bolton and Doug James in 1989…YouTube video: Blackjack – Love Me Tonight (1979): This is Michael Bolton before becoming the crooner in the mid 1980s. Note: Bruce Kulick on guitar before joining KiSS in 1985…

1966 ~ AS-201 was launched on the 26th February 1966, which was the 1st flight of the Saturn IB rocket.

1968LiONEL ROSE (MBE) the Australian bantamweight boxer made history on the 26th February 1968 by becoming the 1st Indigenous Australian to be a world champion boxer when he defeated Masahiko Harada aka Fighting Harada in Tokyo.On the 26th February 1968 in Tokyo, Lionel Rose made history by becoming the 1st Aboriginal Australian to be a world champion boxer when he defeated Masahiko Harada aka Fighting HaradaYouTube video: Lionel Rose vs Fighting Harada (Colour) 27 Feb 1968 Tokyo, Japan (see the whole fight on video)…

The world title win made Lionel Rose an instant national hero and icon in Australia, with more than 100,000 people coming to see him at a reception at Melbourne Town Hall. In 1969 Elvis Presley requested to see Lionel Rose. (see photo below)…

Lionel Rose & Elvis Presley shape up on the set of The Trouble With Girls, 1969 movie in the making
Lionel Rose & Elvis Presley shape up on the set of The Trouble With Girls, 1969 movie in the making

Lionel Rose was born on the 21st June 1948 (died 8th May 2011 aged 62). Lionel was born and raised in hardship at Jacksons Track and Warragul, where learned to box from his father, Roy. When he was 10 his teacher Ian Hawkins gave Lionel a pair of boxing gloves when he saw him shadow boxing. When he was about 15, he trained under Frank Oakes a Warragul trainer, whose daughter Jenny he later married). Lionel won the Australian amateur flyweight title at 15.

Lionel Rose started a singing career during his time off boxing, and had a nationwide hit in 1970 with I Thank You (1969) (written by Johnny Young). Lionel also recorded Please Remember Me (1970) and Good Old Country Song (1970). YouTube video: Lionel Rose singing I Thank You…

Lionel Rose the bantamweight boxer and first Indigenous Australian to win a world title as celebrity barman at The Rock Pool Hall in Kilsyth ~ 9th August 2000 (newspaper photo by Anton K. Kressnig)
Lionel Rose the bantamweight boxer and first Indigenous Australian to win a world title as celebrity barman at The Rock Pool Hall in Kilsyth ~ 9th August 2000 (newspaper photo by Anton K. Kressnig)

YouTube video: Lionel (2008) Lionel Rose Documentary…

1971 ~ Earth Day was proclaimed on the 26th February 1971, when the U.N. Secretary General U Thant signed United Nations proclamation of the vernal equinox as Earth DayOfficial website: www.EarthDay.org

1979Corinne Bailey Rae the British singer-songwriter and guitarist was born Corinne Jacqueline Bailey on the 26th February 1979.

FEBRUARY 25 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1570 – Pope Pius V excommunicated Queen Elizabeth I of England on the 25th February 1570.

1841 – Pierre-Auguste Renoir the French painter and sculptor was born on the 25th February 1841 (died 1919).

1861 – Rudolf Steiner the Austrian philosopher and educator was born on the 25th February 1862 (died 1925).

1836 – Samuel Colt was granted a United States patent for the Colt revolver on the 25th February 1836.

1938 – Herb Elliott the Australian runner was born on the 25th February 1938.

1943George Harrison (MBE) the English musician, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist of The Beatles was born in Liverpool, England on the 25th February 1943 (died 29th November 2001 aged 58). George Harrison’s official website: www.GeorgeHarrison.com

1962Amanda Keller the Australian journalist, radio and television presenter was born on the 25th February 1962.

1964 – Lee Evans the English comedian and actor was born on the 25th February 1964.

1966 – Téa Leoni the American actress was born on the 25th February 1966.

1973 – Julio Iglesias, Jr. the Spanish model and singer was born on the 25th February 1973.

1982 – Anton Volchenkov the Russian ice hockey player was born on the 25th February 1982.


FEBRUARY 24 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1582 – Pope Gregory XIII announced the Gregorian calendar on the 24th February 1582.

1711 – The London première of Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel was on the 24th February 1711, the 1st Italian opera written for the London stage.

1863 – Arizona was organized as a United States territory on the 24th February 1863.

1875 – The SS Gothenburg hit the Great Barrier Reef and sank off the Australian east coast on the 24th February 1875, killing approximately 100 people, including high profile civil servants and dignitaries.

1920 – The Nazi Party was founded on the 24th February 1920.

1942 – The Battle of Los Angeles was on the 24th February 1942, one of the largest documented UFO sightings in history. The event lasted into the early hours of the 25th February 1942.

1942 – Paul Jones the English singer and harmonica player from Manfred Mann was born on the 24th February 1942.

1947Rupert Holmes the British-born American composer, singer-songwriter, musician and author was born on the 24th February 1947. Rupert Holmes is best known for his number one hit Escape (The Piña Colada Song)  in 1979, and also his Top 10 song Him in 1980. Rupert Holmes is also known for his 1985 Tony Award-winning musical Drood and his 2007 Drama Desk Award-winning book for the Broadway musical Curtains, and his television series Remember WENN. Official website: www.RupertHolmes.com |YouTube video: Rupert Holmes – Escape (The Piña Colada Song – 1980)…YouTube video: Rupert Holmes – Him (1979)…

1948Dennis Waterman the English actor and singer was born on the 24th February 1948. Dennis Waterman is best known for his tough-guy roles on television including The SweeneyMinder and New Tricks. As well as starring in Minder, Dennis Waterman also sang the theme song I Could Be So Good For You which was a No.3 hit in the UK and in the Top 10 in Australia in 1980 (written in 1979 by his then wife Patricia Waterman and Gerard Kenny). YouTube video: Dennis Waterman – I Could Be So Good For You (1980)…

1950 ~ George Thorogood the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 24th February 1950. YouTube video: George Thorogood ~ Bad To The Bone (1982)

1954 ~ Plastic Bertrand the Belgian musician, songwriter, producer, editor and television presenter was born Roger Allen François Jouret on the 24th February 1954. Plastic Bertrand is best known for the international hit single Ça plane pour moi in 1978. The 1977 Ça plane pour moi song was written by Yvan Lacomblez aka Pipou, and the vocals were actually performed by the record’s producer Lou DeprijckÇa plane pour moi is a French idiomatic expression which roughly translate to Everything’s going well for me (literal meaning = It is gliding for me). YouTube video: Plastic Bertrand – Ca Plane Pour Moi (1978 promo-video on rage)…

1955 – Alain Prost the French race car driver was born on the 24th February 1955.

1955 – Steve Jobs the American businessman and co-founder of Apple Inc. and Pixar was born on the 24th February 1955 (died 2011).

1965 – Kristin Davis the American actress was born on the 24th February 1965.

1966 – Billy Zane the American actor and producer was born on the 24th February 1966.

1989 – Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini offerred a US$3 million bounty for the death of The Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie on the 24th February 1989.

1989 – United Airlines Flight 811, bound for New Zealand from Honolulu, Hawaii, ripped open during flight on the 24th February 1989, blowing 9 passengers out of the business-class section.

2007 – Japan launched its 4th spy satellite on the 24th February 2007, stepping up its ability to monitor potential threats from North Korea.

2008 – Fidel Castro retired as the President of Cuba on the 24th February 2008, after nearly 50 years.

2010 – Sachin Tendulkar became the 1st Cricket player to score a Double hundred in One Day International format on the 24th February 2010.

2011 – Final Launch of Space Shuttle Discovery was on the 24th February 2011.


HAPPiNESS can also be found under the rainbow storm sunset sky trees Boronia Australia photo quote meme Anton K
I’ve searched high and low for HAPPiNESS, and never really found it until i hit rock bottom, and I looked up! ~ Anton K

Welcome to my new blog category: “ON MY MiND”. The following is a brief introduction to some of the subjects that I’ll be expanding upon during my journey of looking at life, and sharing what’s on my mind. ~ Anton K (Sunday 24th February 2013)

I have something to share with all you good people, who are battling with the negativity of the people and environment around us. The regular HAPPiNESS i’m finally feeling right now, as some of you following me on Facebook may have noticed from my regular positive posts, which unfortunately doesn’t make bullies and haters happy, is eventually possible, and i hope is contagious.

LiFE is finally consistently good now, after the big ups and downs and darkness of life known as mental illness, because now i can see the light brighter than i’ve ever seen before, especially after receiving some very encouraging news on Thursday about my dream career path and life goal coming into fruition. I think i’ve finally mastered the art of commitment, and discipline, as it’s now paying off, and i’m flattered to see my unconventional life journey has started to be used by a therapist to encourage others who are struggling in life, to understand the art of looking at life.

Taking a good hard honest look at my non-perfect self, and all my actions both good and bad, and how it contributes to those around me, woke me up. Self monitoring my moods and mastering management of myself divulged great information, and has put me completely on track for the first time in my life, after a very eclectic career and life path that was a rocky road riddled with excitement, achievement, devastation, danger and failure.

“I’ve searched high and low for HAPPiNESS, and never really found it until i hit rock bottom, and I looked up!” ~ Anton K

Finally learning the art of LESS iS MORE, I focused on passion and purpose of life, listening to my heart and soul, which is intended to be beneficial to others in an empathetic, creative and unconditional way. I dumped jealousy, and disposed of the angry man inside me a long time ago, to free my soul from sadness and hate, which elevated my spirit. Don’t let the hate, jealousy and anger within people win, fight it with persistent positivity and happiness, by looking for the beauty in life. Start by stopping that negative thought, and try to spread some extra love in your life from today!

~ Love & peace from Anton K. Kressnig ♥♪♫

“Happiness can also be found under the rainbow” ~ Anton K

Smiley face symbol of happiness emoticon smiling happy yello graphic logo
The smiley face symbol of happiness


Visit www.BeyondBlue.org.au if you or someone you know has issues associated with depression, anxiety and related disorders in Australia.

FEBRUARY 23 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1455 – The Gutenberg Bible was published on the 23rd February 1455, becoming the first Western book printed with movable type.

1685 – George Frideric Handel the German-English composer was born on the 23rd February 1685 (died 1759).

1739 – Richard Palmer was identified at York Castle, by his former schoolteacher, as the outlaw Dick Turpin on the 23rd February 1739.

1836 – The Battle of the Alamo began on the 23rd February 1836, in San Antonio, Texas.

1887 – The French Riviera was hit by a large earthquake on the 23rd February 1887, killing approximately 2,000 people.

1896 – The Tootsie Roll was invented on the 23rd February 1896.

1903 – Cuba leased Guantánamo Bay to the United States “in perpetuity” on the 23rd February 1903.

1934 – Leopold III became King of Belgium on the 23rd February 1934.

1940 – Peter Fonda the American actor was born on the 23rd February 1940.

1944 – Johnny Winter the American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer was born on the 23rd February 1944.

1948 – Steve Priest the English singer-songwriter and bass player from Sweet was born on the 23rd February 1948.

1952 – Brad Whitford the American guitarist from Aerosmith was born on the 23rd February 1952.

1954 – The 1st mass inoculation of children against polio with the Salk vaccine began on the 23rd February 1954, in Pittsburgh, USA.

1955 – Howard Jones the English singer-songwriter was born on the 23rd February 1955.

1955 – 1st meeting of the Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) was on the 23rd February 1955.

1958 – Cuban rebels kidnapped 5-time world F1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio on the 23rd February 1958.

1964 – John Norum the Norwegian guitarist and songwriter from the band Europe was born on the 23rd February 1964.

1965 – Michael Dell the American businessman and founder of Dell was born on the 23rd February 1965.

1987 – Supernova 1987a was seen in the Large Magellanic Cloud on the 23rd February 1987.

1994 – Dakota Fanning the American actress was born on the 23rd February 1994.

1997 – A small fire occurred in the Russian Space stationMir on the 23rd February 1997.

1998 – Osama bin Laden published a fatwa declaring jihad against all Jews and Crusaders on the 23rd February 1998 (latter term commonly interpreted to refer to the people of Europe and the United States).

1999 – An avalanche destroyed the Austrian village of Galtür on the 23rd February 1999, killing 31 people.

2008 – A United States Air Force B-2 Spirit crashed in Guam on the 23rd February 2008. It was the 1st operational loss of a B-2.

FEBRUARY 22 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1632 – Galileo‘s Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was published on the 22nd February 1632.

1879 – Frank Woolworth opened the first 5 and dime Woolworth store on the 22nd February 1879, Utica, New York,

1949 – Niki Lauda the Austrian race car driver was born on the 22nd February 1949.

1962 – Steve Irwin the Australian zoologist and television host was born on the 22nd February 1962 (d. 2006).

1997 – In Roslin, Scotland, scientists announced on the 22nd February 1997 that an adult sheep named Dolly had been successfully cloned.

2011 – An earthquake measuring 6.3 in magnitude hit Christchurch in New Zealand on the 22nd February 2011, killing 185 people.