ABSOLUTELY 80s Live Shows 2013 ~ 2014

Absolutely 80s Brian Mannix jumping Uncanny Xmen Scott Carne Kids in Kitchen Dale Ryder Boom Crash Opera eighties Aussie rock
Absolutely 80s presents Brian Mannix (Uncanny Xmen), Scott Carne (Kids in The Kitchen)& Dale Ryder (Boom Crash Opera)


Absolutely 80s is not a tribute band show, it’s dinky di Aussie 80s idols performing in the ultimate 80s reunion show, with the best of Australia’s 80s stars sharing the stage in one rocking all eighties show. Relive the era of frizzy perms, bubble gum jeans and all Absolutely 80s Aussie music hits with the fantastic road show born from the Countdown Spectacular of 2006. Absolutely 80s is a 2 hour jam packed show with a bunch of Continue reading ABSOLUTELY 80s Live Shows 2013 ~ 2014