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Make a PROMiSE to yourself & HELP others!..

The end is near!.. that time of year is near again, with the NEW YEAR to quit bad habits, start good habits and set goals for those things you dream of doing or buying!.. Are you making New Year’s resolutions for 2014?.. here’s a novel new way of making those personal promises become possible… Continue reading

Australian FiREFiGHTERS 2014 CALENDARS & 2015 Fire Calendar by Sunrise

Sunrise 2015 Fire Calendar volunteer firefighters fireman firies Red Cross fundraising charity fire services truck
The Sunrise 2015 Fire Calendar for the Red Cross

2015 FiRE CALENDAR ~ by Sunrise

Each year in Australia, our volunteer firefighters wait anxiously for that end of year forecast. Will it be hot, dry and dangerous? Will we see another Ash Wednesday or Black Saturday?..  The journalists at Sunrise have covered many bushfire seasons, seeing the dedication of our firies aka fire fighting volunteers saving lives and homes, seeing fire destroy communities, and also witness these towns and suburbs rebuild. The Sunrise 2015 Fire Calendar is a tribute to them all. Money raised will go to the Red Cross, to help future fire-affected communities. Price $16.50 via PayPal.





Firefighters Calender flaming fire burning type font banner black background heading design official website


You can help kids with burns by purchasing the Firefighters Calendar, which raises money for the Royal Children’s Hospital Burns Centre at The Chidren’s Hospital at Westmead Hospital, providing vital funding for research to help children battling burn injuries.

Firefighters Calendars 2014 collectors edition 21st anniversary half naked fit fireman sexy muscles hunky man website
2014 Firefighters Calendar cover & official website ~

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Good Friday Appeal website 2013 Royal Children's Hospital Easter donation record $16 million cute girls kids charity
The Good Friday Appeal website showing the record amount of $16 million raised for the Royal Children’s Hospital in 2013 ~ Photo features 9 year old Erzsike Udvary diagnosed with osteosarcoma, an aggressive tumour in the bone above her knee, but her life was saved with a world first operation.

GOOD FRiDAY iN MELBOURNE is best known for the GOOD FRiDAY APPEAL, an  annual fundraising activity to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. The appeal now regularly raises over $15 million each year. Individuals and businesses, clubs, schools and country towns throughout the state of Victoria conduct activities to raise money for the Hospital. The Appeal is a non-political, non-denominational organisation that exists solely to financially support The Royal Children’s Hospital. Continue reading