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SEPTEMBER 10 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1515 – Thomas Wolsey was invested as a Cardinal on the 10th September 1515.

1846 – Elias Howe was granted a patent for the sewing machine on the 10th September 1846.

1858 – George Mary Searle discovered the asteroid 55 Pandora on the 10th September 1858.

1898 – Empress Elizabeth of Austria was assassinated by Luigi Lucheni on the 10th September 1898.

1919 – Austria and the Allies signed the Treaty of Saint-Germain on the 10th September 1919, recognizing the independence of PolandHungaryCzechoslovakia and Yugoslavia.

1929 – Arnold Palmer the American golfer was born on the 10th September 1929.

1936 – 1st World Individual Motorcycle Speedway Championship was held on the 10th September 1936, at Wembley Stadium in London, England.

1939 – David Stratton the English-Australian critic and television host was born on the 10th September 1939.

1942 – Danny Hutton the Irish-American singer from Three Dog Night was born on the 10th September 1942.

1945 – José Feliciano the Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 10th September 1945.

1946 – Don Powell the English drummer from Slade was born on the 10th September 1946.

1950 – Joe Perry the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Aerosmith was born on the 10th September 1950.

1956 – Johnnie Fingers the Irish pianist from The Boomtown Rats was born on the 10th September 1956.

1957 – Carol Decker the English singer-songwriter from T’Pau was born on the 10th September 1957.

1958 – Siobhan Fahey the Irish singer-songwriter from Bananarama and Shakespears Sister was born on the 10th September 1958.

1960 – At the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome on the 10th September 1960, Abebe Bikila became the 1st sub-Saharan African to win a gold medal, winning the marathon in bare feet.

1960 – Colin Firth the English actor was born on the 10th September 1960.

1961William McInnes the Australian film and television actor and writer was born in Redcliffe, Queensland on the 10th September 1961. William McInnes is best known for his roles as Senior Constable Nick Schultz in Blue Heelers and Max Connors in SeaChange.

1961 – An Italian Grand Prix crash caused the death of German Formula One driver Wolfgang von Trips and 13 spectators who are hit by his Ferrari on the 10th September 1961.

1972 – The United States sufferred its 1st loss of an international basketball game on the 10th September 1972, in a disputed match against the Soviet Union at the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany.

1974 – Guinea-Bissau gained independence from Portugal on the 10th September 1974.

2001 – Charles Ingram cheated his way into winning one million pounds on the British version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire on the 10th September 2001.

2002 – Switzerland joined the United Nations on the 10th September 2002.

2002 ~ ARTHURS SEAT TOWER demolition started on the 10th September 2012. The Arthurs Seat lookout tower opened in 1934, on a 305m hill on the Mornington Peninsula, in Victoria, Australia. A proposed lookout tower to replace the historic tower is planned. The new tower will be used for fully enclosed gondola cars, along with traditional open chairlift seats for the views of Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula, under plans to build a new chairlift at Arthurs Seat, replacing the controversial original chairlift. See The Age news story

Arthurs Seat lookout tower opened built 1934 demolished 2012 historic Port Phillip Bay Mornington Peninsula concrete structure
Arthurs Seat lookout tower, built in 1934 & demolished in September 2012 (Photo by Anton K)

2008 – The Large Hadron Collider at CERN also known as the biggest scientific experiment in history, was powered up on the 10th September 2008, in GenevaSwitzerland.

2012 – World Suicide Prevention Day is an awareness day observed on the 10th September every year, to provide worldwide commitment and action to prevent suicides. The theme for 2012 is “Suicide Prevention across the Globe: Strengthening Protective Factors and Instilling Hope”. Make a difference today, and visit the World Suicide Prevention Day website ..and show your support for suicide prevention on Facebook.

Suicide Prevention Australia World Day 10th September prevent suicides Australia map graphic blue & green logo
Suicide Prevention Australia website

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SEPTEMBER 9 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1349 – Albert III, Duke of Austria was born on the 9th September 1349 (died 1395).

1543 – Mary Stuart aged nine months old was crowned Queen of Scots on the 9th September 1543, in the central Scottish town of Stirling.

1791 – Washington, D.C. the capital of the United States was named after President George Washington on the 9th September 1791.

1828 – Leo Tolstoy the Russian author was born on the 9th September 1828 (died 1910).

1839 – John Herschel took the 1st glass plate photograph on the 9th September 1839.

1850 – California was admitted as the 31st U.S. state on the 9th September 1850.

1886 – The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works was finalized on the 9th September 1886.

1890 – Colonel Sanders the American businessman and founder of KFC was born on the 9th September 1890 (died 1980).

1911 – John Gorton the 19th Prime Minister of Australia was born on the 9th September 1911 (died 2002).

1928 – Sol LeWitt the American painter and photographer was born on the 9th September 1928 (died 2007).

1940 – George Stibitz pioneered the 1st remote operation of a computer on the 9th September 1940.

1941 – Otis Redding the American singer-songwriter and producer was born on the 9th September 1941 (died 1967).

1941 – Dennis Ritchie the American computer scientist and creator of the C programming language was born on the 9th September 1941 (died 2011).

1942 – Danny Kalb the American guitarist from Blues Project was born on the 9th September 1942.

1942 – Inez Foxx the American singer from Inez and Charlie Foxx was born on the 9th September 1942.

1945 – Dee Dee Sharp the American singer was born on the 9th September 1945.

1946 ~ Jim Keays the Australian musician was born James Keays in Glasgow, Scotland on the 9th September 1946. Jim Keays fronted rock band The Masters Apprentices as singer-songwriter, guitarist and harmonica-player from 1965 to 1972. The Masters Apprentices are best known for their Top 20 songs, Undecided, Living in a Child’s Dream, 5:10 Man, Think About Tomorrow Today, Turn Up Your Radio and Because I Love You. The Masters Apprentices were inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame in 1998. In 1999 Jim Keays published his memoirs in His Master’s Voice: The Masters Apprentices: The bad boys of sixties rock ‘n’ roll. From 2000 Jim Keays performed in Cotton Keays & Morris with Darryl Cotton and Russell Morris. In 2007 Jim Keays was diagnosed with myeloma, causing his kidneys to fail, and almost died. In 2009 the cancer was in remission after chemotherapy, and Jim Keays fully recovered after successful stem-cell transplants. Jim Keays official website: | Masters Apprentices official website: | Jim Keays official Facebook:|YouTube video: The Master’s Apprentices – Because I Love You (1971)…

1946 – Doug Ingle the American singer-songwriter and keyboard player from Iron Butterfly was born on the 9th September 1946.

1946 – Bruce Palmer the Canadian bass player from Buffalo Springfield was born on the 9th September 1946 (died 2004).

1947 – 1st actual case of a computer bug being found on the 9th September 1947, when a moth lodged in a relay of a Harvard Mark II computer at Harvard University.

1947 – Freddy Weller the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Paul Revere & the Raiders was born on the 9th September 1947.

1950 – John McFee the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Doobie Brothers was born on the 9th September 1950.

1952 – David A. Stewart the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Eurythmics and The Tourists was born on the 9th September 1952.

1955 – John Kricfalusi the Canadian animator and creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show was born on the 9th September 1955.

1956 – Elvis Presley appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show for the 1st time on the 9th September 1956.

1965 – Hurricane Betsy made its 2nd landfall on the 9th September 1965, near New Orleans, Louisiana, killing 76 people and leaving $1.42 billion (approximately $12 billion in 2005 dollars) in damages, becoming the 1st hurricane to top $1 billion in unadjusted damages.

1966 – Adam Sandler the American actor, singer, guitarist, screenwriter, and producer was born on the 9th September 1966.

The Anger Management 2003 movie poster featuring Jack Nicholson as Dr.Buddy Rydell
The Anger Management 2003 movie poster featuring Adam Sandler as Dave Buznik & Jack Nicholson as Dr.Buddy Rydell

1969 – Rachel Hunter the New Zealand model and actress was born on the 9th September 1969.

1969 – Natasha Stott Despoja the Australian politician was born on the 9th September 1969.

1972 – In Kentucky‘s Mammoth Cave National Park, a Cave Research Foundation exploration and mapping team discovered a link between the Mammoth and Flint Ridge cave systems on the 9th September 1972, making it the longest known cave passageway in the world.

1974 – Gok Wan the British-Chinese fashion consultant, author and television presenter was born on the 9th September 1974.

1974 – Shane Crawford the Australian footballer was born on the 9th September 1974.

1975 ~ Michael Bublé the Canadian singer-songwriter and actor was born in Burnaby, British Columbia on the 9th September 1975. Michael Bublé online: official website: www.MichaelBublé.com | verified | verified| YouTube channel: | | Michael Bublé Google Plus | YouTube video: Michael Bublé – Haven’t Met You Yet (2009) [Official Music Video] featuring Michael Buble’s wife Luisana Lopilato

1980 – Michelle Williams the American actress was born on the 9th September 1980.

1983 – Katy Steele the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist from Little Birdy was born on the 9th September 1983.

1985 – Martin Johnson the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Boys Like Girls was born on the 9th September 1985.

1991 – Tajikstan declared independence from the Soviet Union on the 9th September 1991.

1993 – The Palestine Liberation Organization officially recognized Israel as a legitimate state on the 9th September 1993.

2001 – Pärnu methanol tragedy occurred in Pärnu CountyEstonia on the 9th September 2001.

2001 – At exactly 01:46:40 UTC on the 9th September 2001, the Unix billenium was reached, marking the beginning of the use of 10-digit decimal Unix timestamps.

2004 – 2004 Australian embassy bombing: A bomb exploded outside the Australian embassy in Jakarta on the 9th September 2004, killing 10 people.

2009 – At exactly 9:09:09 PM on the 9th September 2009, the Dubai Metro became the 1st urban train network in the Arabian Peninsula, when it was ceremonially inaugurated.

2012JOHN McCARTHY the Australian footballer from Port Adelaide Football Club died on the 9th September in 2012, aged 22 (born 1989). He accidentally fell from a rooftop of the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, at the start of a post-season holiday with other Port Adelaide players. John McCarthy also played for the Collingwood Football Club in the Australian Football League (AFL). John McCarthy came from a family of VFL and AFL footballers, including his brother and father who played for Geelong, and his grandfather who played for St Kilda. John McCarthy’s funeral service will be held at 11.30am at St Mary’s Star of the Sea church in Sorrento. See the news story: Port Adelaide football star John McCarthy seen on CCTV before plunging to death from a roof at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas (  

John McCarthy tribute Port Adelaide Football Club website AFL footballer died 9 September 2012 Australian Football League rip screenshot
The John McCarthy tribute on the Port Adelaide Football Club website: ~ September 2012

 Port Adelaide Football Club Statement: John McCarthy & Tributes

John McCarthy Rest in peace tribute  Port Adelaide Football Club website AFL footballer died 9 September 2012 Australian Football League
The John McCarthy Rest in peace tribute on the Port Adelaide Football Club website

John McCarthy Rest in Peace page on Facebook ~ John McCarthy Bio – Stats – News & Videos ~ Collingwood Football Club Tribute to John McCarthy

John McCarthy playing for Collingwood Football Club AFL footballer from Port Adelaide Football Club died 9 September 2012 Australian League
John McCarthy playing for Collingwood Football Club
John McCarthy Port Adelaide Football Club high fives fans celebrating win AFL footballer died 9 September 2012 Australian League
John McCarthy high fives fans celebrating a Port Adelaide Football Club win

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SEPTEMBER 8 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1504 – Michelangelo’s David was unveiled in Florence on the 8th day of September in 1504.

1841 – Antonín Dvořák the Czech composer was born on the 8th day of September in 1841 (died 1904).

1900Tilly Devine the English-Australian prominent Sydney crime syndicate gangs member figure was born Matilda Devine on the 8th September 1900 (died 24th November 1970 aged 70). Tilly was involved in sly-grograzor gangs and other activities, but most notable as a madam.

1921 – Harry Secombe the Welsh tenor and actor was born on the 8th day of September in 1921 (died 2001).

1925Peter Sellers the a British film actor, comedian and singer was born Richard Henry Sellers on the 8th September 1925 (died 24th July 1980). Peter Sellers appeared in the BBC Radio comedy series The Goon Show, was featured on hit comic songs and known around the world as Chief Inspector Clouseau in The Pink Panther series of films.

1930 – 3M began marketing Scotch transparent tape on the 8th day of September in 1930.

1946 – Ronnie Burns the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 8th day of September in 1946.

1954 – Michael Shermer the American historian, writer and founder of The Skeptics Society was born on the 8th day of September in 1954.

1957 – Heather Thomas the American actress was born on the 8th day of September in 1957.

1960 – Aimee Mann the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from ‘Til Tuesday was born on the 8th day of September in 1960. YouTube video: Voices Carry (1985) ‘Til Tuesday..

1966 – The 1st Star Trek series premieres on NBC on the 8th day of September in 1966.

1979 ~ PiNK (P!nk) the American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress was born Alecia Beth Moore in Abington, Pennsylvania on the 8th day of September in 1979. Pink’s website: | Pink’s official Facebook verified: | Pink’s Twitter verified: | | YouTube video: Try (2012) Pink…

1989 ~ AViCii the Swedish DJ and producer was born on the 8th day of September in 1989. Avicii official website: | Avicii official Facebook verified: | Avicii Twitter verified: | YouTube video: Wake Me Up (2013) Avicii.. 

2001Can’t Get You Out of My Head song by Kylie Minogue was released on the 8th September 2001, in Australia first, then in the UK on the 17th September 2001, and not until the 18th February 2002 in the United States. YouTube video: [HD] Kylie Minogue – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Blue Monday Mix Edit) official video…

2006Peter Brock the Australian race car driver died while driving in the Targa West Rally on the 8th September 2006 aged 61 (born 26th February 1945). Peter Brock was also known as Brocky, Peter Perfect, The King of the Mountain and one of Australia’s best-known successful motor racing drivers. Peter Brock was associated with Holden for almost 40 years. Peter Brock won the Bathurst 1000 endurance race 9 times, the Sandown 500 touring car race 9 times, the Australian Touring Car Championship 3 times, the Bathurst 24 Hour once and inducted into the V8 Supercar Hall of Fame in 2001. Brock’s business activities also included the Holden Dealer Team (HDT) that produced Brock’s racing machine and modified high-performance road versions of his racing cars. YouTube video: Peter Brock – The Legend…

2008The Ellen DeGeneres Show was first broadcast on the 8th September 2003. The Ellen DeGeneres Show official website: | Ellen TV Facebook verified: | The Ellen Show Twitter verified: | Ellen YouTube channel: | Ellen TV Pinterest: | The Ellen Show instagram: | The Ellen Show Foursquare: | The Ellen Degeneres Show Get Glue | YouTube video: Nicki Minaj Sings Super Bass with Sophia Grace on The Ellen Show in 2011 (Full Version) over 68 million views…

Today in History for September 8th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

SEPTEMBER 7 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1705 – Matthäus Günther the German painter was born on the 7th September 1705 (died 1788).

1740 – Johan Tobias Sergel the Swedish sculptor was born on the 7th September 1740 (died 1814).

1815 – John McDouall Stuart the Australian explorer was born on the 7th September 1815 (died 1866).

1831 – Alexandre Falguière the French sculptor and painter was born on the 7th September 1831 (died 1900).

1855 – William Friese-Greene the British photographer was born on the 7th September 1855 (died 1921).

1860 – Grandma Moses the American painter was born on the 7th September 1860 (died 1961).

1876 – C. J. Dennis the Australian poet was born on the 7th September 1876 (died 1938).

1895 – The first game of rugby league football was played, in England on the 7th day of September in 1895, starting the 1895–96 Northern Rugby Football Union season.

1909 – Eugene Lefebvre crashed a new French-built Wright biplane during a test flight at Juvisy, south of Paris, on the 7th day of September in 1909. He became the 1st person in the world to die while piloting a powered airplane, and the 2nd person to be killed in a powered airplane crash.

1911 – Guillaume Apollinaire the French poet was arrested and put in jail on suspicion of stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum on the 7th day of September in 1911.

1914 ~ Graeme Bell (AOMBE) the Australian Dixieland and classical jazz pianist, composer and band leader was born Graeme Emerson Bell on the 7th September 1914 (died 13 June 2012 aged 97). Graeme Bell was the 1st Australian jazz band leader who was still playing at 90 years of age, and the 1st Westerner to lead a jazz band to China. The Australian Jazz Awards aka The Bells were named in Graeme Bell’s honour. YouTube video: Graeme Bell & His Australian Jazz Band (in the 1950s) performing Black and Tan Fantasy (1927) a jazz composition by Duke Ellington and Bubber Miley. This performance also features “Lazy” Ade Monsborough and other Aussie jazz greats…

1917 – Jacob Lawrence the American painter was born on the 7th September 1917 (died 2000).

1921 – The 1st Miss America Pageant was held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on the 7th day of September in 1921.

1927 – The 1st fully electronic television system was achieved by Philo Taylor Farnsworth on the 7th day of September in 1927.

1927 – Eric Hill the English author and illustrator was born on the 7th September 1927. Eric Hill is best known for his character Spot the Dog.

1934 – Mary Bauermeister the German painter was born on the 7th September 1934.

1936 – The last surviving member of the thylacine species, a Tasmanian Tiger, died alone in her cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, on the 7th day of September in 1936. National Threatened Species Day is now held on the 7th of September each year to commemorate the death of the last Tasmanian Tiger.

1936 ~ Buddy Holly the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 7th September 1936 (died 3 February 1959 aged 22).

1942 – First flight of the Consolidated B-32 Dominator was on the 7th day of September in 1942.

1949 ~ Gloria Gaynor the American singer-songwriter and actress was born on the 7th September 1949.

1951Chrissie Hynde the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Pretenders was born on the 7th September 1951.

1953Marc Hunter the New Zealand singer-songwriter and lead vocalist from Dragon was born on the 7th September 1953 (died 17 July aged 44).

1953 – Benmont Tench the American keyboard player from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was born on the 7th September 1953.

1960 – Brad Houser the American musician from Edie Brickell & New Bohemians was born on the 7th September 1960.

1987 – Evan Rachel Wood the American actress was born on the 7th September 1987.

1994 ~ HARRiSON CRAiG the Australian singer and winner of The Voice in Australia was born on the 7th September 1994.

Harrison Craig The Voice 2013 winner singer banner victory hand sign celebration microphone logo
Harrison Craig The Voice 2013 winner giving the V for Voice victory sign

1996 – American Hip-Hop star Tupac Shakur was fatally shot 4 times on the Las Vegas strip on the 7th day of September in 1996, after leaving the TysonSeldon boxing match.

2013 ~ The Liberal Party of Australia lead by Tony Abbott won the 2013 Australian federal election on Saturday the 7th September 2013. Tony Abbott from the Liberal Party claimed victory for the Coalition against Prime Minister Kevin Rudd from the Labor Party, who conceded defeat.

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SEPTEMBER 6 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1492 – Christopher Columbus sailed from La Gomera in the Canary Islands on the 6th September 1, becoming his final port of call before crossing the Atlantic for the first time.

1522 – The Victoria, the only surviving ship of Ferdinand Magellan‘s expedition, returned to Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain on the 6th September 1522, becoming the 1st ship to circumnavigate the world.

1836John Atkinson Grimshaw the English artist best known for his city night scenes and landscapes was born on the 6th September 1836. (Died 3rd October 1893)

1939 – David Allan Coe the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 6th September 1939.

1943 – Roger Waters the English singer-songwriter and  bass player from Pink Floyd was born on the 6th September 1943.

1947 – Sylvester the American singer-songwriter, pianist, and producer was born on the 6th September 1947 (died 1988).

1952 – Canada‘s first television station, CBFT-TV, opened in Montreal on the 6th September 1952.

1958 – Michael Winslow the American actor and comedian was born on the 6th September 1958.

1961 – Simon Reeve the Australian journalist was born on the 6th September 1961.

1970 – Cheyne Coates the Australian singer-songwriter  from Madison Avenue was born on the 6th September 1970.

1971 – Dolores O’Riordan the Irish singer-songwriter and guitarist  from The Cranberries was born on the 6th September 1971.

1980 – Kerry Katona the English singer from Atomic Kitten was born on the 6th September 1980.

1983 – Pippa Middleton the English party planner and sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge was born on the 6th September 1983.

Today in History for September 6th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

SEPTEMBER 5 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1774 – Caspar David Friedrich the German painter was born on the 5th September 1774 (died 1840).

1781 – Anton Diabelli the Austrian composer and publisher was born on the 5th September 1781 (died 1858).

1800 – Napoleon surrendered Malta to Great Britain on the 5th day of September in 1800.

1818 – Edmund Kennedy the Australian explorer was born on the 5th September 1818 (died 1848).

1846 – Jack Daniel the American businessman and founder of Jack Daniel’s was born on the 5th September 1846 (died 1911).

1847 – Jesse James the American criminal and murderer was born on the 5th September 1847 (died 1882).

1912 – Frank Thomas the American animator was born on the 5th September 1912 (died 2004).

1917 – Pedro E. Guerrero the American photographer was born on the 5th September 1917 (died 2012).

1918 – Buddy Williams the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 5th September 1918 (died 1986).

1927 – The first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon, Trolley Troubles, produced by Walt Disney, was released by Universal Pictures on the 5th day of September in 1927.

1929 – Bob Newhart the American actor and comedian was born on the 5th September 1929.

1939 – George Lazenby the Australian actor was born on the 5th September 1939.

1940 – Raquel Welch the American actress was born on the 5th September 1940.

1942 – Werner Herzog the German director was born on the 5th September 1942.

1946 – Freddie Mercury the British singer-songwriter from Queen was born on the 5th September 1946 (died 1991).

1950 – Cathy Guisewite the American cartoonist was born on the 5th September 1950.

1951 – Michael Keaton the American actor was born on the 5th September 1951.

1960 – Muhammad Ali the boxer, originally known as Cassius Clay, was awarded the gold medal for his 1st place in light heavyweight boxing at the Olympic Games in Rome, on the 5th day of September in 1960.

1966 – Terry Ellis the American singer from En Vogue was born on the 5th September 1966.

1969 – Dweezil Zappa the American singer and guitarist from Zappa Plays Zappa was born on the 5th September 1969.

1972 – Munich Massacre began on the 5th September 1972 when a Palestinian terrorist group called Black September attacked and took hostage 11 Israel athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. 2 died in the attack, and 9 died the following day.

1977 – Voyager 1 was launched on the 5th September 1977, after a brief delay.

1980 – The St. Gotthard Tunnel, knowns as the world’s longest highway tunnel (16.2km)  opened in Switzerland on the 5th day of September in 1980. The tunnel stretches from Göschenen to Airolo.

1984 – The Space Shuttle Discovery landed on the 5th September 1984, after its maiden voyage. STS-41-D

1984 – Western Australia became the last Australian state to abolish capital punishment on the 5th day of September in 1984.

1991 –  Indigenous & Tribal Peoples Convention 1989 came into force on the 5th day of September in 1991. This is the current international treaty defending indigenous peoples.

1996 – Hurricane Fran made landfall near Cape FearNorth Carolina as a Category 3 storm with 115 mph sustained winds on the 5th September 1996. Hurricane Fran caused over $3 billion damage and killed 27 people.

Today in History for September 5th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

SEPTEMBER 4 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1824 – Anton Bruckner the Austrian composer was born on the 4th September 1824 (died 1896).

1884 – The United Kingdom ended its policy of penal transportation to New South Wales in Australia on the 4th September 1884.

1888 – George Eastman registered the trademark Kodak on the 4th September 1888, and received a patent for his camera that uses roll film.

1901 – William Lyons the English industrialist, businessman and co-founder of Jaguar cars was born on the 4th September 1901 (died 1985).

1905 – Walter Zapp the Baltic German inventor was born on the 4th September 1905 (died 2003).

1923 – Maiden flight of the first U.S. airship, the USS Shenandoah, was on the 4th September 1923.

1928 – Dick York the American actor was born on the 4th September 1928 (died 1992).

1937Dawn Fraser (AO|MBE) the Australian champion swimmer was born in Balmain on the 4th September 1937. Dawn Fraser is one of only 3 swimmers to win the same Olympic event 3 times.

1949 – Darryl Cotton the Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor was born on the 4th September 1949 (died 2012). Darryl Cotton also performed in Zoot and Cotton Keays & Morris.

1950 – Darlington Raceway was the site of the inaugural Southern 500 was on the 4th September 1950, becoming the 1st 500-mile NASCAR race.

1951 – The first live transcontinental television broadcast took place on the 4th September 1951, in San Francisco, California, from the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference.

1957 – The Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel on the 4th September 1957.

1959 – Kevin Harrington the Australian actor was born on the 4th September 1959.

1959 – Armin Kogler the Austrian ski jumper was born on the 4th September 1959.

1964 – Scotland’s Forth Road Bridge near Edinburgh officially opened on the 4th September 1964.

1969 – Noah Taylor the English-Australian actor was born on the 4th September 1969.

1971 – Alaska Airlines Flight 1866 crashed near Juneau, Alaska on the 4th September 1971, killing all 111 people on board.

1972 – Mark Spitz became the 1st competitor to win 7 medals at a single Olympic Games on the 4th September 1972.

1974 – Carmit Bachar the American singer from the Pussycat Dolls was born on the 4th September 1974.

1976Samantha Armytage the Australian journalist and television news presenter was born on the 4th September 1976 (not 1977 as suggested by Wikipedia, but as quoted by Samantha Armytage on Sunrise TV on the 19/8/13). Samantha Armytage became the co-host of Sunrise in 2013 alongside David Koch, when it was announced in June 2013 that she was the replacement for Sunrise co-host Melissa Doyle.

1981 – Beyoncé Knowles the African-American singer-songwriter, producer, dancer, and actress was born on the 4th September 1981. Beyoncé began her music career aged 16 sixteen as the lead singer of Destiny’s Child.

1998 – Google was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on the 4th September 1998.

2001 – Tokyo DisneySea opened to the public on the 4th September 2001, as part of the Tokyo Disney Resort in Urayasu, Chiba, Japan.

2010 – Canterbury earthquake: a 7.1 magnitude earthquake hit the South Island of New Zealand at 4:35am on the 4th September 2010.

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SEPTEMBER 3 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1666 – The Royal Exchange burnt down in the Great Fire of London on the 3rd September 1666.

1734Joseph Wright of Derby the English landscape and portrait painter was born on the 3rd September 1734 (died 1797).

Vesuvius volcanic eruption Portici Naples Italy erupting volcano night painting Joseph Wright Derby 18th century 1700s red fire Art
Vesuvius volcanic eruption seen from Portici & painted by Joseph Wright of Derby in the 18th century (1734 – 1797) ~ from the Art collection of the Huntington Library in Pasadena, CA

1810 – Paul Kane the Canadian painter was born on the 3rd September 1810 (died 1871).

1875 – Ferdinand Porsche the Austrian-German engineer, businessman and founder of Porsche was born on the 3rd September 1875 (died 1951).

1899 – Frank Macfarlane Burnet the Australian biologist and Nobel Prize laureate was born on the 3rd September 1899 (died 1985).

1914 – Memphis Slim the American singer, pianist, and composer was born on the 3rd September 1914 (died 1988).

1923 – Mort Walker the American cartoonist was born on the 3rd September 1923.

1923 – Glen Bell the American businessman and founder of Taco Bell was born on the 3rd September 1923 (died 2010).

1925 – Bengt Lindström the Swedish painter was born on the 3rd September 1925 (died 2008).

1933 – Tompall Glaser the American singer from Tompall & the Glaser Brothers was born on the 3rd September 1933 (died 2013).

1934 – Freddie King the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 3rd September 1934 (died 1976).

1935 – Sir Malcolm Campbell reached a speed of 304.331 miles per hour on the 3rd September 1935, on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, becoming the 1st person to drive an automobile over 300 mph.

1939 – World War IIFrance, the United KingdomNew Zealand and Australia declared war on Germany on the 3rd September 1939, after the invasion of Poland, forming the Allies.

1941 – The first gas chamber experiments were conducted at Auschwitz on the 3rd September 1941, during World War 2.

1942 – Al Jardine the American guitarist, singer, and composer from The Beach Boys was born on the 3rd September 1942.

1944 – Anne Frank and her family were placed on the last transport train from the Westerbork transit camp to the Auschwitz concentration camp on the 3rd September 1944, arriving 3 days later.

1945 – George Biondo the American bass player from Steppenwolf was born on the 3rd September 1945.

1947 – Eric Bell the Irish guitarist and songwriter from Thin Lizzy was born on the 3rd September 1947.

1950 – “Nino” Farina became the 1st Formula One Drivers’ champion on the 3rd September 1950, after winning the 1950 Italian Grand Prix.

1951 – The 1st long-running American television soap opera, Search for Tomorrow, aired its 1st episode on on the 3rd September 1951.

1955 – Steve Jones the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Sex Pistols was born on the 3rd September 1955.

1965 – Charlie Sheen the American actor was born on the 3rd September 1965.

1967 – Dagen H began in Sweden on the 3rd September 1967, with all traffic changds from driving on the left to driving on the right overnight.

1971 – Qatar became an independent state on the 3rd September 1971.

1975 ~ Redfoo the American singer-songwriter and dancer from LMFAO (with his nephew SkyBlu) was born Stefan Gordy on the 3rd September 1975. Redfoo is also a DJ, rapper and son of the founder of Berry Gordy, Jr. the Motown Record Company. In 2013 Redfoo replaced Guy Sebastian to become a judge and mentor on the 5th season of the The X Factor (Australia) with Ronan KeatingNatalie Bassingthwaighte and Dannii Minogue. YouTube Vevo video: LMFAO ~ Sexy and I Know It (2011) ~ over 270 million views in the first 2 years…YouTube Vevo video: LMFAO ~ Party Rock Anthem (2011) ft. Lauren Bennett and GoonRock ~ over 570 million views in the first 2 years… 

1976 – The American Viking 2 spacecraft landed at Utopia Planitia on Mars on the 3rd September 1976.

1979 – Tomo Miličević the Bosnian-American guitarist from 30 Seconds to Mars was born on the 3rd September 1979.

2OI3 ~ The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) electronic dance song viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis was posted on YouTube on the 3rd September 2013, and had over 250 million views within 3 months. Ylvis official website: | Ylvis verified Facebook page: | Ylvis verified Twitter: | Ylvis YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]…

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SEPTEMBER 2 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

47BC – Pharaoh Cleopatra VII of Egypt declared her son co-ruler on the as Ptolemy XV Caesarion on the 2nd September 47BC.

1649 – The Italian city of Castro was completely destroyed by the forces of Pope Innocent X on the 2nd September 1649, ending the Wars of Castro.

1666 – The Great Fire of London broke out on the 2nd September 1666, and burnt for 3 days, destroying 10,000 buildings including St Paul’s Cathedral.

1752 – Great Britain adopted the Gregorian calendar on the 2nd September 1752, almost 2 centuries later than most of Western Europe.

1789 – The United States Department of the Treasury was founded on the 2nd September 1789.

1792 – The September Massacres of the French Revolution were on the 2nd September 1792, when rampaging mobs slaughtered 3 Roman Catholic Church bishops, more than 200 priests, and prisoners believed to be royalist sympathizers.

1806 – A massive landslide destroysedthe town of Goldau in Switzerland on the 2nd September 1806, killing 457 people.

1807 – The Royal Navy bombards Copenhagen used fire bombs and phosphorus rockets to prevent Denmark from surrendering its fleet to Napoleon on the 2nd September 1807.

1811 – The University of Oslo was founded as The Royal Fredericks University on the 2nd September 1811, after Frederick VI of Denmark and Norway.

1839 – Henry George the American economist was born on the 2nd September 1839 (died 1897).

1943 – Rosalind Ashford the American singer from Martha and the Vandellas was born on the 2nd September 1943.

1947 – Jim Richards the New Zealand race car driver was born on the 2nd September 1947.

1963 – CBS Evening News became U.S. network television‘s 1st half-hour weeknight news broadcast on the 2nd September 1963, when the show was lengthened from 15 to 30 minutes.

1964 – Keanu Reeves the Canadian actor was born on the 2nd September 1964.

1970 – NASA announced the cancellation of two Apollo missions to the Moon on the 2nd September 1970, Apollo 15 and Apollo 19.

1989 ~ Zedd the Russian-German electronic music producer and DJ was born Anton Zaslavski on the 2nd September 1989. Zedd primarily produces electro house music, while drawing influences from progressive housecomplextro and dubstep. YouTube video: Clarity (2013) ~ Zedd Union Mix featuring Foxes.. 

1998 – Swissair Flight 111 crashed near Peggys Cove, Nova Scotia was born on the 2nd September 1998, killing all 229 people on board.

2010Tomorrow, When the War Began the Australian drama film was released on the 2nd September 2010. YouTube video: Tomorrow, When the War Began Full Length Trailer HQ!..

2OI3 ~ The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) electronic dance song by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis was released on the 2nd September 2013, and had over 250 million views within 3 months on YouTubeYlvis official website: | Ylvis verified Facebook page: | Ylvis verified Twitter: | Ylvis YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]…

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SEPTEMBER 1 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1854 – Engelbert Humperdinck the German composer was born on the 1st September 1854 (d. 1921).

1897 – The Boston subway opened on the 1st September 1897, becoming the 1st underground rapid transit system in North America.

1902 – A Trip to the Moon was released in France on the 1st September 1902, and is considered to be one of the first science fiction films.

1906 – The International Federation of Intellectual Property Attorneys was established on the 1st September 1906. Official website:

1914 – St. Petersburg, Russia, changed its name to Petrograd on the 1st September 1914.

1914 – The last Passenger Pigeon, a female named Martha, died in captivit yon the 1st September 1914, in the Cincinnati Zoo.

1920 – The Fountain of Time opened as a tribute on the 1st September 1920, to the 100 years of peace between the United States and Great Britain following the Treaty of Ghent.

1931 – Boxcar Willie the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 1st September 1931 (d. 1999).

1933 – Conway Twitty the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 1st September 1933 (d. 1993).

1939 – Lily Tomlin the American actress, comedian, writer, and producer was born on the 1st September 1939.

1950 – Phil McGraw the American psychologist, author, and talk show host was born on the 1st September 1950. See Dr.Phil’s latest book ~ Life Code

1952 – The Old Man and the Sea, the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Ernest Hemingway, was first published on the 1st September 1952.

1957 – Gloria Estefan the Cuban-American singer-songwriter and actress was born on the 1st September 1957.

1965Craig McLachlan the Australian actor, musician and singer was born on the 1st September 1965. Craig McLachlan is best known for acting in Neighbours, Home and Away and Bugs. In 1990 Craig won the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television for his work on NeighboursCraig McLachlan first appeared on Australian television in The Young Doctors before being cast as Henry Ramsay, as the brother of Kylie Minogue‘s character Charlene in Channel 10‘s Neighbours, for more than 800 episodes. Craig also won a Silver Logie playing schoolteacher Grant Mitchell in Home and AwayCraig went on to have some international success as a singer / songwriter with Australian and UK hit singles with his remake of the Bo Diddley song I Need You Baby ~ MonaIn 1993 Craig starred as Danny Zuko in the West End revival of the musical Grease, then went on to play Frankenfurter in The Rocky Horror Show  and many other musicals. In the mid 1990s Craig starred in 3 series of the BBC hit television series Bugs and appeared in Catherine the Great alongside Catherine Zeta-Jones and Omar Sharif, and many other films. Craig McLachlan returned to Australia in 2012 to commence filming on The Doctor Blake Mysteries series playing the title role of Lucien Blake for ABC Australia / iTV UK, a drama set in 1958 Ballarat. See more at Craig Mclachlan’s official website:

1973 – J.D. Fortune the Canadian singer-songwriter from INXS was born on the 1st September 1973.

1974 – The SR-71 Blackbird set the record for flying from New York to London on the 1st September 1974, in the time of 1 hour, 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds at a speed of 1,435.587 miles per hour (2,310.353 km/h), and still holds the record to this day (2013).

1975 – Natalie Bassingthwaighte the Australian singer-songwriter from the Rogue Traders was born on the 1st September 1975.

1976 – Babydaddy the American musician  from the Scissor Sisters was born on the 1st September 1976.

1979 – The American space probe Pioneer 11 became the 1st spacecraft to visit Saturn on the 1st September 1979, when it passed the planet at a distance of 21,000 kilometres (13,000 mi).

1980 – Terry Fox‘s Marathon of Hope ended near Thunder Bay, Ontario on the 1st September 1980.

1982 – The United States Air Force Space Command was founded on the 1st September 1982.

1985 – A joint AmericanFrench expedition located the wreckage of the RMS Titanic on the 1st September 1985.

2005 ~ RANDOM ACTS OF KiNDNESS DAY aka RAK, began at a national level on the 1st September 2005, in New Zealand. RAK has since been increasingly celebrated around the world in order to encourage acts of kindness.  Josh de Jong is the original founder of Random Acts of Kindness Day. It is a day where people are challenged to do something kind to a friend or stranger for no reason at all.

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