EMU STOLEN From Featherdale Wildlife Park

Emu stolen distressed male Emu mate Featherdale Wildlife Park Sydney Australian big bird missing
The distressed male Emu in the enclosure from which his female mate was stolen on Monday night 11th February 2013 ~ Featherdale Wildlife Park

LOOKOUT FOR A STOLEN EMU from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney, and some injured people with Emu claw marks on them, who put a big bird of 50kg through a lot of stress stealing her, causing distress for her Emu mate awaiting her return!.. Please share this news to make others aware, and hopefully someone will see this Emu, especially wherever she shouldn’t be now!

Read the full news story by The Sydney Morning Herald: Emu-nappers leave a trail of feathers

NSW Police Force: Latest Media Releases: Police on the case of stolen emu – Blacktown    (Tuesday, 12 February 2013 04:49:57pm)

STOLEN EMU on the LATE NEWS on Channel Ten ~ 13th February 2013: The Stolen Emu news story at Featherdale Wildlife Park is after the news stories about the 2 fire fighters killed near Harrietville battling bushfire, missing quad-bike rider Paul Pyke found alive near Perth & other short news stories… (Stolen Emu story @ 4:45 minute mark of this 6:05 minute video)



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