AUGUST 11 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1858 – The Eiger in the Bernese Alps was ascended for the 1st time on the 11th August 1858, by Charles Barrington accompanied by Christian Almer and Peter Bohren.

1897 – Enid Blyton the English author was born on the 11th August 1897 (died 1968).

1929 – Babe Ruth became the 1st baseball player to hit 500 home runs on the 11th August 1929.

1934 – The 1st civilian prisoners arrived at the Federal prison on Alcatraz Island on the 11th August 1934.

1950 – Steve Wozniak the American computer scientist, programmer and co-founder of Apple Inc. was born on the 11th August 1950.

1978 – Chris Kelly the American rapper from Kris Kross was born on the 11th August 1978 (died 2013).

Today in History for August 11th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

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