FEBRUARY 4 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

0960 – The coronation of Zhao Kuangyin as Emperor Taizu of Song was on the 4th February 960, initiating the Song Dynasty period of China that lasted more than three centuries.

1169 – A strong earthquake struck the Ionian coast of Sicily on the 4th February 1169, causing tens of thousands of injuries and deaths, especially in the city of Catania.

1789 – George Washington was unanimously elected as the first President of the United States on the 4th February 1789, by the U.S. Electoral College.

1859 – The Codex Sinaiticus was discovered in Egypt on the 4th February 1859.

1941 – The United Service Organization (USO) was created to entertain American troops on the 4th February 1941.

1948 – Alice Cooper the American singer-songwriter was born on the 4th February 1948.

1948 – Ceylon (know known as Sri Lanka) became independent within the British Commonwealth on the 4th February 1948.

1963 – Noodles the American guitarist from The Offspring was born on the 4th February 1963.

1973James Hird the professional Australian rules footballer and coach of the Essendon Football Club was born on the 4th February 1973.

1976 – The 1976 Winter Olympics opened in Innsbruck, Austria on the 4th February 1976.

1996 – Major snowstorm paralyzed Midwestern United States, Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the 4th February 1996, and tied all-time record low temperature at -26°F (-32.2°C).

1998 – An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale in northeast Afghanistan on the 4th February 1998, killed over 5,000 people.

2002 – Cancer Research UK, the world’s largest independent cancer research charity, was founded on the 4th February 2002.

2003 – The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was officially renamed Serbia & Montenegro on the 4th February 2003.

2004 – Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg on the 4th February 2004.

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook profile page Puli the Hungarian Sheepdog cover photo 17 million likes following 2013
Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page featuring his dog Puli the Hungarian Sheepdog as his cover photo (February 2013) ~ www.facebook.com/zuck

2013 ~ Scientist confirmed the find of RiCHARD III Of ENGLAND, found under a car park in the city of Leicester on the 4th February 2013, after 500 years. See Reuters news: England’s King Richard III found after 500 years 

Portrait of King Richard III of England oil painting 1520 gold frame robe Middle Ages House of York London
The earliest surviving portrait of Richard lll of England c.1520, formerly owned by the Paston family & now the Society of Antiquaries, London, since 1828.

Researchers confirm that a skeleton found under a city centre car park in
Leicester is that of King Richard III, on TelegraphTV video: 

Sign the Richard lll Petitions: King Richard III and the Princes in the Tower & Return King Richard III to Yorkshire

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