FEBRUARY 6 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1851 – Black Thursday, the largest Australian bushfire in a populous region in recorded history took place on the 6th February 1851, in the state of Victoria.

1895 – Babe Ruth the American baseball player was born on the 6th February 1895 (died 1948).

1911 – Ronald Reagan the American actor and 40th President of the United States was born on the 6th February 1911 (died 2004).

1912 – Eva Braun the German wife of Adolf Hitler was born on the 6th February 1912 (died 1945).

1917 – Zsa Zsa Gabor the Hungarian-American actress was born on the 6th February 1917.

1918 – British women over the age of 30 got the right to vote on the 6th February 1918.

1949 – Mike Batt the English singer-songwriter and producer of The Wombles was born on the 6th February 1949.

1950 – Natalie Cole the American singer-songwriter and actress was born on the 6th February 1950.

1959 – Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments filed the first patent for an integrated circuit on the 6th February 1959.

1962 – Axl Rose the American singer-songwriter from Guns N’ Roses was born on the 6th February 1962.

1981 – Jens Lekman the Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 6th February 1981.

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