JULY 12 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1543 – King Henry VIII of England married his 6th and last wife, Catherine Parr on the 12th July 1543, at Hampton Court Palace.

1776 – Captain James Cook began his 3rd voyage on the 12th July 1776.

1806 – Liechtenstein was given full sovereignty on the 12th July 1806, after its accession to the Confederation of the Rhine.

1861 – Anton Arensky the Russian pianist, composer, and educator was born on the 12th July 1861 (died 1906).

1895 – Buckminster Fuller the American architect, engineer, author and designer of the Montreal Biosphère was born on the 12th July 1895 (died 1983).

1937 – Bill Cosby the American comedian, actor, producer, and screenwriter was born on the 12th July 1937.

1943 – Christine McVie the English singer-songwriter and keyboard player from Fleetwood Mac was born on the 12th July 1943.

1950 – Eric Carr the American drummer from Kiss was born on the 12th July 1950 (died 1991).

1951 – Cheryl Ladd the American actress was born on the 12th July 1

1952 – Liz Mitchell the Jamaican singer from Boney M. was born on the 12th July 1952.

1962 – The Rolling Stones performed their 1st concert on the 12th July 1962, at the Marquee Club in London, England, United Kingdom.

1962 – Dan Murphy the American singer-songwriter and guitaris  from Soul Asylum was born on the 12th July 1962.

1969Tom Kapinos the American television executive producer and screenwriter best known for his creation of Californication was born on the 12th July 1969.

1971 – The Australian Aboriginal Flag was flown for the 1st time on the 12th July 1971.

1992 ~ TOTALLY WiLD, the Australian children’s television series first went to air on Network Ten on the 12th day of July in 1992. Totally Wild celebrated their 20th anniversary of production on the 12th July 2012.

Today in History for July 12th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

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