JULY 5 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1687 ~ Isaac Newton published Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica on the 5th July 1687.

1811 ~ Venezuela declared independence from Spain on the 5th July 1811.

1884 ~ Cameroon was taken possession by Germany on the 5th July 1884.

1937 ~ Spam luncheon meat was introduced on the 5th July 1937, by the Hormel Foods Corporation.

1946 ~ The BiKiNi was unveiled by French automobile engineer Louis Réard when he introduced the daring two-piece swimsuit at the Piscine Molitor on the 5th July in 1946, a popular swimming pool in Paris. Prior to this, Louis Réard could not find a model to wear his design, so he ended up hiring Micheline Bernardini, a nude dancer from the Casino de Paris, to display the string bikini with a g-string back. Louis Reard dubbed the new swimsuit “bikini,” inspired by a news-making U.S. atomic test that took place earlier that week off the Bikini Atoll in the Pacific Ocean.

Micheline Bernardini Casino de Paris nude dancer girl modeling Bikini 2 piece swimsuit g-string Piscine Molitor swimming pool 1946
Micheline Bernardini a Casino de Paris nude dancer modeling the newsprint pattern Bikini 2 piece g-string at the Piscine Molitor swimming pool in Paris on the 5th July 1946

1950 – Huey Lewis the American singer-songwriter and actor was born on the 5th July 1950. Huey Lewis is best known for his band, Huey Lewis and the News. YouTube video: Huey Lewis and the News performing live in 1985 with the Tower of Power Horns..

1954 ~ The BBC broadcasted its 1st television news bulletin on the 5th July 1954.

1962 ~ Algeria became independent from France on the 5th July 1962.

1975 ~ Arthur Ashe became the 1st black man to win the Wimbledon singles title on the 5th July 1975.

1979Shane Filan the Irish singer-songwriter from Westlife was born on the 5th July 1979.

1980Jason Wade the American singer-songwriter and guitarist  from Lifehouse was born on the 5th July 1980.

1983Zheng Jie the Chinese tennis player was born on the 5th July 1983.

1983Edwina Bartholomew (aka Eddie or Eddy Bartholomew) the Australian journalist, weather girl on Sunrise, and co-host of Dancing with the Stars in 2013, was born in the South Australian mining town of Whyalla, on the 5th July 1983. Follow Eddie online: Edwina Bartholomew verified official Twitter account. See Eddy on the Yahoo7 TV Sunrise Weather Videos & YouTube Video (below): Paris bans Channel 7 over ‘fame’ question when Eddy Bartholomew gets on Paris Hilton’s bad side after a seemingly innocent question rubs the heiress the wrong way…

1985 ~ Stephanie McIntosh the Australian singer and actress was born on the 5th July 1985.

1989Seinfeld the American television sitcom was first broadcast on the 5th July 1989, to the 14th May 1998.

1996 ~ Dolly the sheep became the 1st mammal cloned from an adult cell on the 5th July 1996.

1999 ~ Bill Clinton the U.S. President imposed trade and economic sanctions against the Taliban regime in Afghanistan on the 5th July 1999.

2009 ~  The Largest Hoard of Anglo-Saxon Gold ever discovered (over 1,500 items) was found on the 5th July 2009, near the village of Hammerwich, near Lichfield, in Staffordshire, England.

2012 ~ The Shard in London was inaugurated as the tallest building in Europe on the 5th July 2012, with a height of 310 metres (1,020 ft).

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