JUNE 18 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1464 – Rogier van der Weyden the Flemish painter died on the 18th June 1464 (born 1400)

1858 ~ Charles Darwin received a paper from Alfred Russel Wallace that included nearly identical conclusions about evolution as Darwin’s own on the 18th day of June in 1858, prompting Darwin to publish his theory.

1928 ~ Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly in an aircraft across the Atlantic Ocean on the 18th day of June in 1928.

1936 – Barack Obama, Sr. the Kenyan economist and father of U.S. President Barack Obama was born on the 18th June 1936 (d. 1982).

1940 ~ The “Finest Hour” speech was delivered by Winston Churchill to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom on the 18th day of June in 1940.

1942 – Paul McCartney the English singer-songwriter and musician from The Beatles was born on the 18th June 1942.

1961 – Alison Moyet the English singer-songwriter from Yazoo was born on the 18th June 1961.

1983 ~ Astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman in space on the 18th day of June in 1983.

2012 ~ KARiSE EDEN the Australian soul singer became the 1st winner of the first season of THE VOiCE in Australia, on the 18th day of June in 2012. See Karise Eden’s first amazing appearance on The Voice on the 15th of April in 2012, singing the classic song “It’s A Man’s Man’s World”…

Karise Eden, the 1st winner of The Voice (photo by Eva Rinaldi 2012)
Karise Eden, the 1st winner of The Voice (photo by Eva Rinaldi 2012)

See Karise Eden performing her last song on the grand finale night, prior to the announcement of The Voice’s first Australian winner, on the 18th of June in 2012… 

See the Sunrise story about Karise Eden on the morning after The Voice grand final…

Visit Karise Eden’s website: www.KariseEden.com and like Karise Eden Facebook  

Today in History for June 18th ~ video presented by the Associated Press… 

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