JUNE 23 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1456 – Margaret of Denmark, Queen of Scotland was born on the 23rd June 1456 (died 1486).

1711 – Giovanni Battista Guadagnini the Italian instrument maker was born on the 23rd June 1711 (died 1786).

1750 – Déodat Gratet de Dolomieu the French geologist was born on the 23rd June 1750 (died 1801).

1860 – The United States Congress established the Government Printing Office on the 23rd June 1860.

1860 – The United States Congress established the Secret Service on the 23rd June 1860.

1868 – Christopher Latham Sholes received a patent for the Typewriter on the 23rd June 1868.

1887 – The Rocky Mountains Park Act became law in Canada on the 23rd June 1887, creating the nation’s first national park, Banff National Park.

1894 – Alfred Kinsey the American entomologist and sexologist was born on the 23rd June 1894 (died 1956).

1894 – The International Olympic Committee was founded at the Sorbonne in Paris on the 23rd June 1894, at the initiative of Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

1929 – Donn F. Eisele the American colonel, pilot, and astronaut was born on the 23rd June 1929 (died 1987).

1936 – Richard Bach the American author was born on the 23rd June 1936. Richard Bach is best known as the author of the 1970s best-seller Jonathan Livingston Seagull and Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah.

1940 – Stuart Sutcliffe the Scottish-English bass player from The Beatles was born on the 23rd June 1940 (died 1962).

1941 – Robert Hunter the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Grateful Dead was born on the 23rd June 1941.

1948 – Myles Goodwyn the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist from April Wine was born on the 23rd June 1948.

1956 – Randy Jackson the American bass player and producer was born on the 23rd June 1956.

1958 – The Dutch Reformed Church accepted women ministers on the 23rd June 1958.

1961 – Zoran Janjetov the Serbian illustrator was born on the 23rd June 1961.

1965 – Paul Arthurs the English guitarist from Oasis was born on the 23rd June 1965.

1966 – Chico DeBarge the American singer and pianist from DeBarge was born on the 23rd June 1966.

1969 – Software Industry IBM announced on the 23rd June 1969 that they would price its software and services separately from hardware thus creating the modern software industry, effective from January 1970.

1972 – Selma Blair the American actress was born on the 23rd June 1972.

1972 – Ron Corning the American journalist was born on the 23rd June 1972.

1974 – Joel Edgerton the Australian actor, producer, and screenwriter was born on the 23rd June 1974.

1975KT Tunstall (Kate Tunstall) the Scottish singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 23rd June 1975. KT Tunstall’s official website: www.KtTunstall.com | Facebook: www.facebook.com/ktTunstall | Twiter: www.Twitter.com/KtTunstall | instagram: www.instagram.com/KtTunstallFace | YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/user/KtTunstallOfficial | YouTube video: KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See (2005) (Larger Than Life Version)…

1976Joe Becker the American guitarist and composer was born in Chicago, Illinois on the 23rd June 1976. Joe Becker started playing guitar at the age of 4 years old, and has recorded with Eddie Van HalenSteve VaiJason BeckerMarty Friedman and Richie Sambora. Joe Becker’s official website: www.JoeBeckerMusic.com

Joe Becker Music website homepage American guitarist electric guitar sitting steps dark staircase
www.JoeBeckerMusic.com ~ official Joe Becker website (homepage 2013) the American guitarist

1976Joe Hildebrand the Australian journalist was born in Melbourne on the 23rd June 1976. Joe Hildebrand is known for his work with The Daily TelegraphThe Punch, The Morning ShowDumb, Drunk and Racist and Studio 10. Joe Hildebrand official verified Twitter: www.Twitter.com/Joe_Hildebrand | Facebook: www.facebook.com/Joe.Hildebrand | Daily Telegraph Joe Hildebrand Blog | The Punch.com.au Joe Hildebrand Bio

Joe Hildebrand official Facebook Studio 10 show TV presenters Jessica Rowe Joe Hildebrand Ita Buttrose Sarah Harris
Joe Hildebrand official Facebook page featuring the Studio 10 show crew: Jessica Rowe, Joe Hildebrand, Ita Buttrose and Sarah Harris ~ November 2013

1980 ~ Becky Cloonan the American author and illustrator was born on the 23rd June 1980. Becky Cloonan is a comic book creator and known for her work published by Tokyopop and Vertigo. In 2012 Becky Cloonan became the 1st female artist to draw the main Batman title for DC Comics. Becky Cloonan official website: www.BeckyCloonan.net | Facebook: www.facebook.com/BeckyCloonanArt | Twitter: www.Twitter.com/BeckyCloonan | instagram: www.instagram.com/BeckyCloonan | Tumblr: www.BeckyCloonan.Tumblr.com

Becky Cloonan website American artist author illustrator girl comic book creator drawing red hair sword snow blood
www.BeckyCloonan.net ~ official website of Becky Cloonan (2013 home page)

1981 – Antony Costa the English singer-songwriter from Blue was born on the 23rd June 1981.

1984 – Duffy the Welsh singer-songwriter and actress was born on the 23rd June 1984. Duffy official website: www.iamDuffy.com

1985 – A terrorist bomb aboard Air India Flight 182 brought the Boeing 747 down off the coast of Ireland effective January 1985, killing all 329 people aboard.

1989 – Lauren Bennett the English singer and dancer was born on the 23rd June 1989.

2013 – Nik Wallenda became the 1st man to successfully walk across the Grand Canyon on a high wire on the 23rd June 2013.

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