MARCH 21 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1413 – Henry V became King of England on the 21st March 1413.

1801 – Maria Theresa of Austria was born on the 21st March 1801 (died 1855).

1871 – Otto von Bismarck was appointed Chancellor of the German Empire on the 21st March 1871.

1871Henry Morton Stanley the journalist began his trek to find Scottish expolorer David Livingstone on the 21st March 1871. Henry Morton Stanley the Welsh American journalist and explorer was famous for finding David Livingstone in Africa, and allegedly saying “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?”. He was knighted in 1899.

1906 – John D. Rockefeller III the American philanthropist was born on the 21st March 1906 (died 1978)

1941Keith Potger the Australian pop-folk singer and guitarist from The Seekers was born in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) on the 21st March 1941.

1950 – Roger Hodgson the English singer-songwriter and keyboard player from Supertramp was born on the 21st March 1950.

1958 – Gary Oldman the English actor, singer, director, and producer was born on the 21st March 1958.

1962 – Matthew Broderick the American actor, singer, and director was born on the 21st March 1962.

1962 – Rosie O’Donnell the American actress and talk show host was born on the 21st March 1962.

1965 – Ranger programNASA launched Ranger 9 on the 21st March 1965, the last in a series of unmanned lunar space probes.

1967 – Jonas Berggren the Swedish singer-songwriter from Ace of Base was born on the 21st March 1967.

1982Bård Ylvisåker the Norwegian artist and comedian was born on the 21st March 1982. Bård Ylvisåker is best known for his cabaret group Ylvis with his brother Vegard Ylvisåker. The Ylvisåker brothers shot to international fame when their music video The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) went viral on YouTube in September 2013 with over 250 million views within 2 months. Ylvis official website: | Ylvis verified Facebook page: | Ylvis verified Twitter: | Ylvis YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Ylvis – The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) [Official music video HD]…

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