MARCH 28 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

0845 – Paris was sacked by Viking raiders on the 28th March in the year 845, under Ragnar Lodbrok, who collected a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.

1802 – Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers discovered 2 Pallas on the 28th March, known as the 2nd asteroid known to man.

1836 – Frederick Pabst the German-American brewer and founder of the Pabst Brewing Company was born on the 28th March 1836 (died 1904).

1910 – Henri Fabre became the 1st person to fly a seaplane on the 28th March 1910, after taking off from a water runway in the Fabre Hydravion, near Martigues, France.

1922 – Neville Bonner the Australian politician was born on the 28th March 1922 (died 1999).

1940 – Tony Barber the English-Australian game show host was born on the 28th March 1940.

1966 – Cheryl James the American rapper also known as Salt from Salt-n-Pepa was born on the 28th March 1966.

1970 – Vince Vaughn the American actor, screenwriter, and producer was born on the 28th March 1970.

1986Lady Gaga the American singer-songwriter, producer, and actress was born Stefani Germanotta in New York City on the 28th March 1986. Lady Gaga’s official website: | Lady Gaga’s verified Facebook page: | Lady Gaga’s verified Twitter: | instagram:

2006 ~ Pro Hart the Australian painter died on the 28th March 2006 aged 77 (born 30th May 1928).

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