MAY 15 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1793 ~ Diego Marín Aguilera made one of the first attempted manned flights on the 15th May 1793, flying a glider for about 360 meters, at a height of 5 to 6 meters.

1811 ~ Paraguay declared independence from Spain on the 15th May 1811.

1817 ~ The first private mental health hospital in the United States was opened on the 15th May 1817, originally known as the Asylum for the Relief of Persons Deprived of the Use of Their Reason in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and now known as Friends Hospital.

1836 ~ Francis Baily observed Baily’s beads during an annular eclipse on the 15th May 1836.

1858 ~ The Royal Opera House opened in Covent Garden, London on the 15th May 1858.

1905 ~ LAS VEGAS, NEVADA was founded when 110 acres (0.45 km2) were auctioned off on the 15th day of May in 1905.

The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009
The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada in 2009

1928 ~ MiCKEY MOUSE premiered in his first cartoon, Plane Crazy on the 15th day of May in 1928.

1935 ~ The Moscow Metro was opened to public on the 15th May 1935.

1937 ~ Madeleine Albright the Czech-American politician and 64th United States Secretary of State was born on the 15th May in 1937.

1940McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in San Bernardino, California on the 15th May 1940.

1947 ~ GRAEHAM GOBLE the Australian musician, singer, songwriter and record producer, best known as a founding member of LRB aka LiTTLE RiVER BAND was born on the 15th day of May in 1947. Graeham Goble wrote many Top 10 singles with LRB, including “Reminiscing”, “Lady”, “The Other Guy” and others. From 1978 to 1980 Graeham was also part of BiRTLES & GOBLE, producing and performing great songs such as “I’m Coming Home” in 1979. 

1948BRiAN ENO the British musician and record producer was born on the 15th day of May in 1948.

1952PHiL SEYMOUR the American singer-songwriter and musician was born on the 15th day of May in 1952 (died in 1993 aged 41).

1953MiKE OLDFiELD the British composer was born on the 15th day of May in 1953.

1960RHONDA BURCHMORE the Australian Entertainer was born on the 15th day of May in 1960.

1961MELLE MEL the American musician and one of the pioneers of old school hip hop as lead rapper and main songwriter for GRANDMASTER FLASH & The FURiOUS FiVE was born on the 15th day of May in 1961.

1962 ~ LiSA CURRY~KENNY the Australian Ironwoman was born on the 15th day of May in 1962.

1963 ~ Project Mercury launched the final Mercury mission, Mercury-Atlas 9 with astronaut L. Gordon Cooper on board on the 15th May 1963, with him becoming the first American to spend more than a day in space.

1967LAURA HiLLENBRAND the American author was born on the 15th day of May in 1967.

1978Caroline Dhavernas the Canadian actress was born on the 15th day of May in 1978.

1978 ~ Sir ROBERT MENZiES the 12th Prime Minister of Australia died on the 15th day of May in 1978 (b. 1894).

1981JAMiE~LYNN SiGLER the American actress was born on the 15th day of May in 1981.

1982Jessica Sutta the American singer-songwriter and dancer from Pussycat Dolls was born on the 15th day of May in 1982.

1992 ~ iNTERNATiONAL DAY of FAMiLiES was established by the General Assembly of the United Nations on the 15th day of May in 1992.

1996 ~ BiRDY the English musician and singer was born Jasmine Van den Bogaerde on the 15th May 1996 in Lymington, Hampshire, UK. Official Birdy website: | Facebook verified: | Twitter verified: | verified Birdy Spotify | Soundcloud: | MySpace: | YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Birdy ~ Skinny Love (2011) [Official Music Video] Skinny Love (2008) by Bon Iver (Bon Iver Skinny Love video) performed by Birdy from her self titled debut album….

2009 ~ BUD TiNGWELL the Australian actor died on the 15th day of May in 2009 aged 86.

2010 JESSiCA WATSON the Australian sailor became the youngest person to sail, non-stop and unassisted around the world solo on the 15th day of May in 2010. Jessica Watson departed Sydney on the 18th of October in 2009, heading eastbound over the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Jessica returned to Sydney on the 15th May in 2010, three days before her 17th birthday. She was named the 2011 Young Australian of the Year, and awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia the following year year in 2012. Jessica Watson’s website: & Jessica Watson’s official Facebook page

Jessica Watson on "Pink Lady"
Jessica Watson on “Pink Lady”

197? ~ LiAM FiRMAGER the Australian movie director was born on the 15th day of May (year undisclosed). Liam Firmager is best known for writing, producing and directing Ricky! The Movie (2010) and Sticks & Stones (2008). Liam was also the director of Remembering Nigel (2009 film written by Frank Howson) and The Julian Paradox (2010 movie based on the book by Kurt Otto Peterson).

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