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SAMANTHA JADE New Single/Album & Tour 2013 ~ winner of the X Factor 2012


SAMANTHA JADE from Perth won the 4th season of the X FACTOR in Australia on the 20th November 2012. Samantha was the first female to win the Australian series of X Factor. The 25 year old pint-sized singer’s recording dream finally came true when she beat Jason Owen and The Collective in the final. She had been dropped by several record labels before deciding to give it one last shot on The X Factor. Samantha Jade won a Sony Music recording contract and a management deal. Her 1st single “What You’ve Done To Me” was successfully released, only taking minutes to reach No.1, and knock judge Guy Sebastian off the top iTunes spot. See the Australian News story: “X Factor winner Samantha Jade’s single What You’ve Done To Me iTunes number one”

Samantha Jade what you've done to me song single album won 2012 Australian X Factor winner cute girl sexy black dress
Samantha Jade winner of the Australian 2012 Australian X Factor “What you’ve done to me” single out now

Samantha Jade: What You’ve Done To Me – Winner’s Single on X Factor (2012 YouTube video)..

The X Factor website announcing the 2012 X Factor winner:

Samantha Jade wins 2012 X Factor 2012 website Ronan Keating Mel B Melanie Brown Guy Sebastian Natalie Bassingthwaighte
The X Factor website announcing Samantha Jade as the 2012 winner, with Ronan Keating, Mel B (Melanie Brown), Guy Sebastian & Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Samantha Jade on Sunrise TV after being crowned 2012 X Factor winner (YouTube)…  

Visit the website

Samantha Jade official .com website 2012 X Factor winner homepage What you've done to me news bio videos screen
Visit the website (November 2012)


Samantha Jade was born Samantha Jade Gibbs in Perth, Western Australia on the 18th April 1987. She has worked as a singer-songwriter, model, actress, and dancer. Samantha has written tracks for artists including JoJo and Ashley Tisdale. She began modelling at 4 years old, and won a talent show singing Amazing Grace when she was 9 years old. Samantha attended Hampton Senior High School. In 2002 her 1st studio recordings were made with Platinum mixer / producer Conley Abrams in Los Angeles, but the Perth label they were recorded for folded that same year. In 2003 her family moved to Los Angeles for Samantha to pursue her singing career, where she co-wrote Secret Love for JoJo on the Shark Tale film soundtrack in 2004. Also in 2004 Jade signed a multiple album recording contract with US record label Jive Records.


  • Originally from Perth, Samantha recently moved to Sydney to make music her main priority
  • At 15, a family friend sent her demo to a producer in LA who flew her and her family to Hollywood
  • 2 years later, she was signed to Jive Records and recorded demo tracks with some of her idols. But after 3 years, her single was never released and her deal was shelved.
  • She couldn’t get a new record deal so after struggling for years in LA, she moved back to Australia
  • Worked for her Dad before deciding to move to Sydney where she’s now a makeup artist while gigging
  • Has a long distance relationship with her boyfriend of 6 years who lives in LA
  • Samantha Jade is 5ft (152cm) tall (5 feet or 152 centimetres)

Samantha Jade sings “Break Even” for The X Factor Auditions (August 2012 YouTube) 


  • The WEST AUSTRALiAN: JADE CAN BEAT X FACTOR EX-FACTOR (24th November 2012) Ten minutes after she walked off the X Factor stage on Tuesday night, Samantha Jade collapsed on to a sofa at Sydney’s Fox Studios, oblivious to the chaos. X Factor publicists marshalled those lined up to congratulate her and others hugged the pint-sized singer and stated the obvious: “You know what just happened, right? You did it, girl. This is it.” Jade shook her head in disbelief… read more
  • The AGE: The X FACTOR RECAP: SAMANTHA JADE THE JEWEL iN THE CROWN (21st November 2012) The French call it “je ne sais quoi”: that ineffable quality some special individuals are simply born with, that sets them apart from the common crowd, the impossible-to-define characteristic that marks out great from good, the quality, for want of a better description, of being the winner of a television talent contest… read more
  • The AUSTRALiAN: X FACTOR WiNNER JADE’S SiNGLE WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO ME iTUNES NUMBER ONE (22nd November 2012) It took minutes for The X Factor winner Samantha Jade to reach No.1 with her single What You’ve Done To Me. And knock judge Guy Sebastian off the top iTunes spot in the process… read more
  • The DAiLY TELEGRAPH: SAMANTHA JADE WiNS X FACTOR (21st November 2012) Samantha Jade has won The X Factor and another chance at the pop career she thought was over. It was difficult to pick who had the brighter smile on their face when the petite singer and Guy Sebastian emerged from The X Factor after party in the early hours of Wednesday… read more
  • The SYDNEY MORNiNG HERALD: WHY SAMANTHA JADE NEEDS TO WiN X FACTOR (20th November 2012) Three acts head into the grand finale tonight but only one is capable of restoring our faith in the talent show… read more
  • The CANBERRA TiMES: JADE REVIVES CAREER ON X FACTOR (20th November 2012) Songstress Samantha Jade has revived her music career after being the first woman to win the X Factor. The West Australian won a recording contract with Sony Music and a car on Tuesday night after receiving more viewer votes on the Seven Network show than likeable country kid Jason Owen… read more
  • MTV NEWS AUSTRALiA: SAMANTHA JADE WiNS The X FACTOR AUSTRALiA! (21st November 2012) Samantha Jade has cemented her place in the music world once again after taking the crown at the ‘X Factor’ grand final last night! The petite songstress, who once held a three-year deal with a US record company, beat country kid Jason Owen to become the first ever woman to win the competition in Australia… read more
  • TAKE 40: SAMANTHA JADE CROWNED The X FACTOR WiNNER FOR 2012 – GRAND FiNAL RECAP HERE! (20th November 2012) After months of searching, tears, breathtaking performances and transformations – The X Factor Australia is finally coming to a close, with The Collective, Samantha Jade and Jason Owen battling it out for the top position!… read more





Samantha JadeTurn Around Top 50 singles 2007 Jive Records R&B pop music sexy cute girl singer
“Turn Around” by Samantha Jade

Turn Around by Samantha Jade is #44 on The Top 50 Singles Of 2007. At the time Samantha Jade was signed to Jive Records, a major American label in 2007 when she had some success with her single Turn Around, while she was specializing in R&B infused pop. Turn Around also made its way on to the Australian music charts to #83.

Firestarter by Samantha Jade was released on the 28th June 2013, as the lead single from her upcoming 3rd studio album. Firestarter was written by Jade and David Musumeci and Anthony Egizii of DNA Songs, the producers of the song. Firestarter debuted and peaked at No.9 on the ARIA Singles Chart and was certified platinum for selling 70,000 copies.


SAMANTHA JADE is the name of the new self-titled debut studio album by Samantha Jade, released on the 7th December 2012, through Sony Music Australia. The lead single from the album “What You’ve Done to Me” preceded the album’s release.

Samantha Jade 1st debut studio album 2012 Sony Music Australia What You've Done to Me purple dress sexy girl
Samantha Jade, the self titled debut studio album for 2012 (Sony Music Australia) featuring the lead single “What You’ve Done to Me”


Samantha Jade’s next new album is due out later in 2013, followed by a headlining tour across Australia.


YouTube video: Samantha Jade performing “What You’ve Done To Me” on X Factor Indonesia, to a TV audience of 22 million people…

YouTube video: Novita Dewi (Runner Up X Factor Indonesia) performed “Breakeven” with Samantha Jade, to a TV audience of 22 million people… 


Samantha Jade performs her new single “Firestarter” live on Sunrise TV (June 2013)… 

Samantha Jade – new single ‘Firestarter’ Behind The Scenes music video (June 2013 YouTube)…

Samantha Jade new single ‘Firestarter’ Photoshoot (June 2013 YouTube video)… 

Samantha Jade sings “What You’ve Done to Me” live on Sunrise TV (June 2013)…

Samantha Jade sings “Can’t Hurry Love” on The X Factor – Live Show 5 (October 2012 YouTube)…

Check out Samantha Jade’s official music video of her 2009 single “Secret” (directed by Valerie Babayan / produced by Chris Judge) 

Samantha Jade: Heartless – Power & Passion – Live Show 9 – The X Factor (2012 YouTube).. 


See Samantha Jade on Saturday 11th January 2014 at


Samantha Jade at Sing Sing Recording Studios in Melbourne – Day 1 (November 2012) Sing Sing Recording Studios ~ 9 Gordon St, Cremorne (formerly Richmond)

Sing Sing Recording Studios 9 Gordon St Cremorne Richmond Melbourne mixing mastering music photos
Sing Sing Recording Studios 9 Gordon St Cremorne, Richmond ~


How tall is Samantha Jade?..

Samantha Jade is 5ft (152cm) tall (5 feet ~ 152 centimetres)


Dami im Alive song album cover Korean Asian girl face blue makeup Kpop music singer crop
Dami on the Alive song album cover (October 2013)

 Dami Im the 25 year old South-Korean born Australian piano teacher and singer from Brisbane in Queensland won the 5th series grand final of Australian X Factor with her mentorDannii Minogue on Monday the 28th October 2013. It was an underdog story, considering Dami the shy and awkward girl at the audition originally didn’t make it into the final 12, but returned with a wild card when the original top 12 finalist Matt Gresham withdrew from the competition. Dami beat Taylor Henderson and Jai Waetford, both mentored by Ronan Keating, in the grand final, to win a recording contract with Sony Music Australia.

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