NOVEMBER 13 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1841 – James Braid first saw a demonstration of animal magnetism on the 13th November 1841, which led to his study of the subject he eventually called hypnotism.

1848 – Albert I, Prince of Monaco was born on the 13th November 1848 (died 1922).

1906 – Eva Zeisel the Hungarian-American designer was born on the 13th November 1906 (died 2011).

1912Luna Park the historic amusement park opened in Melbourne on the 13th December 1912.

1913 – Jack Dyer the Australian footballer was born on the 13th November 1913 (died 2003).

1916 – Billy Hughes the Prime Minister of Australia was expelled from the Labor Party over his support for conscription on the 13th November 1916.

1922 – Oskar Werner the Austrian actor on the 13th November 1922 (died 1984).

1927 – The Holland Tunnel opened to traffic as the 1st Hudson River vehicle tunnel linking New Jersey to New York City, on the 13th November 1927.

1927 – Billy Klüver theSwedish-American engineer and co-founder of Experiments in Art and Technology on the 13th November 1927 (died 2004).

1928 – Hampton Hawes the American jazz pianist on the 13th November 1928 (died 1977).

1940 – Saul Kripke the American philosopher on the 13th November 1940.

1941 – David Green the American businessman and founder of Hobby Lobby was born on the 13th November 1941.

1947 – The Soviet Union completed development of the AK-47 on the 13th November 1947. The AK-47 is known as one of the first proper assault rifles in the world.

1953 – Andrew Ranken the English drummer from The Pogues was born on the 13th November 1953.

1954 – Scott McNealy the American businessman and co-founder of Sun Microsystems was born on the 13th November 1954.

1955 – Whoopi Goldberg the American actress, singer, and talk show host was born on the 13th November 1955.

1959 – Emil Urbel the Estonian architect was born on the 13th November 1959.

1967 – Jimmy Kimmel the American comedian, actor, and talk show host was born on the 13th November 1967.

1970 – Bhola cyclone: A 150-mph tropical cyclone hit the densely populated Ganges Delta region of East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) on the 13th November 1970, killing about 500,000 people in one night. This is regarded as the 20th century’s worst natural disaster.

1977 ~ Chanel Cole the Australian singer was born Hamilton, New Zealand on the 13th November 1977. Chanel Cole was a finalist in the 2nd season of Australian Idol in 2004. Chanel Cole’s Facebook: 

1981 – Rivkah the American illustrator was born on the 13th November 1981.

1985 – The volcano Nevado del Ruiz erupted and melted a glacier on the 13th November 1985, causing a lahar (volcanic mudslide) that burried Armero, Colombia, killing about 23,000 people.

1990 – In AramoanaNew Zealand, David Gray shot dead 13 people on the 13th November 1990, in what became known as the Aramoana Massacre.

1986Kevin Bridges the Scottish stand-up comedian was born on the 13th November 1986.

1989 – Hans-Adam II the present Prince of Liechtenstein began his reign on the death of his father Franz Joseph II, Prince of Liechtenstein on the 13th November 1989.

1998World Kindness Day was introduced on the 13th November in 1998 by

2001 – War on Terrorism: In the 1st such act since World War IIUS President George W. Bush signed an executive order allowing military tribunals against foreigners suspected of connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States, on the 13th November 2001.

2012 – A total solar eclipse occurred in parts of Australia and the South Pacific on the 13th November 2012.

2013 ~ Kevin Rudd the Australian politician who was twice Prime Minister of Australia, announced on the 13th November 2013 that he was retiring from politics at the end of the week. Kevin Connects website Farewell Address to Parliament 13 November 2013 Southside smiling photo ~ The official “Kevin Connects” Kevin Rudd website ~ Farewell Address to Parliament (13 November 2013)… read more

YouTube video: Farewell Address to Parliament (13th November 2013)…

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