SEPTEMBER 13 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1501 – Michelangelo began work on his statue of David on the 13th September 1501.

1601 – Jan Brueghel the Younger the Flemish painter was born on the 13th September 1601 (died 1678).

1874 – Arnold Schoenberg the Austrian composer and painter was born on the 13th September 1874 (died 1951).

1886 – Amelie Beese the German pilot and sculptor was born on the 13th September 1886 (died 1925).

1906 – 1st flight of a fixed-wing aircraft in Europe on the 13th September 1906.

1908 – Mae Questel the American actress and vocal artist best known for Betty Boop and Olive Oyl was born on the 13th September 1908 (died 1998).

1923 – Édouard Boubat the French photographer was born on the 13th September 1923 (died 1999).

1933 – Donald Mackay the Australian businessman and activist was born on the 13th September 1933 (died 1977).

1939 – Joel-Peter Witkin the American photographer was born on the 13th September 1939.

1940 – Kerry Stokes the Australian businessman was born on the 13th September 1940.

1941 – Tadao Ando the Japanese architect and designer of Piccadilly Gardens was born on the 13th September 1941.

1941 – David Clayton-Thomas the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist from Blood, Sweat & Tears was born on the 13th September 1941.

1944 – Peter Cetera the American singe-songwriter and bass player from the band Chicago was born on the 13th September 1944.

1944Midget Farrelly the Australian surfer was born Bernard Farrelly in Sydney on the 13th September 1944. Midget Farrelly was the 1st Australian to win a major surfing title, the 1963 championships in MakahaHawaii. Official website:

1952 – Randy Jones the American singer from Village People was born on the 13th September 1952.

1952 – Iyanla Vanzant the American inspirational speaker and author was born on the 13th September 1952.

1952 – Don Was the American singer and bass player from Was (Not Was) was born on the 13th September 1952.

1954 – Steve Kilbey the English singer-songwriter from The Church was born on the 13th September 1954.

1956 – The IBM 305 RAMAC was introduced on the 13th September 1956, the 1st commercial computer to use disk storage.

1956 – Anne Geddes the Australian photographer was born on the 13th September 19

1957 – Vinny Appice the American drummer from Black Sabbath and Dio was born on the 13th September 1957.

1961 – Dave Mustaine the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Metallica and Megadeth was born on the 13th September 1961.

1967 – Stephen Perkins the American songwriter and drummer from Jane’s Addiction and Porno for Pyros was born on the 13th September 1967.

1969 – Shane Warne the Australian cricketer was born on the 13th September 1969.

1970Jason Scott Sadofsky the American historian, programmer and founder of Official website:

1971 – Stella McCartney the English fashion designer was born on the 13th September 1971.

1977 – Fiona Apple the American singer-songwriter and pianist was born on the 13th September 1977.

1993Niall Horan the Irish singer from One Direction was born on the 13th September 1993.

1994 – Ulysses probe passed the Sun’s south pole on the 13th September 1994.

2001 – Civilian aircraft traffic resumed in the United States on the 13th September 2001, after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

2007 – Clare Oliver the Australian activist died on the 13th September 2007, aged 26 (born 25th August 1981). Clare’s own health crisis prompted her to become an activist, gaining wide media coverage for her campaign to raise awareness about the risks of using solariums excessively. Please visit 

Clare Oliver Melanoma yellow banner girl Australian activist died health campaign solariums
Please visit

 2008 – Hurricane Ike made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast of the United States on the 13th September 2008, causing heavy damage to Galveston IslandHouston and surrounding areas.

2009 ~ Mao’s Last Dancer film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on the 13th September 2009.

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