Have a wonderful WORLD BEARD DAY today ~ Saturday 7th September 2013

World Beard Day 2013 The Beards gig poster 7th September Annandale Hotel David Callan
World Beard Day 2013 gig poster 7th September at The Annandale Hotel with The BEARDS, The Stiffys, Manchoir & Atlas B Salvesen. Hosted by David Callan with live stream worldwide

Celebrate World Beard Day 2013 on the 7th September at The Annandale Hotel with The BEARDS, The Stiffys, Manchoir, Atlas B Salvesen, and hosted by bearded Dave Callan.

World Beard Day 2013 Facebook page 7th September likes
World Beard Day Facebook page ~ 7th September 2013


Hans Steininger Hanns Staininger Austrian worlds longest beard record 1500s 16th century illustration
Hans Steininger with the World’s longest beard (c.1500s)

The timing of of World Beard Day correlates with the same month when the tragic historic event of death by beard happened in September 1567, when Hans Steininger (aka Hanns Staininger) an Austrian mayor famous for having the world’s longest beard (3.5 feet / 1.06m long) died because of it 446 years ago on the 28th September 1567. The tragic incident occurred when there was a fire in his town of Braunau, and in his haste Hans forgot to roll up his beard and place it in a purposely placed pouch for his beard, which caused him to accidentally step on it, fall and break his neck, thus being killed by his famous beard. Legend tells of an invitation to Hans Steininger from the Emperor Rudolf II in Prague to see his extraordinary beard, due to beard envy and inspiration, as he was having problems growing a beard (see photo) back in the 16th century, as now seen with Andy Lee in the 21st century. 

Hans Steininger original beard 1500s 16th century museum Braunau Austria worlds longest beard glass cabinet photo Markus Metz
Hans Steininger’s original beard known as the World’s longest beard in the 1500s, in the district museum in Braunau am Inn, Austria (photo by Markus Metz)
Epitaph mayor Hans Steininger Worlds longest beard outside walls St. Stephans church Braunau am Inn Austrian carved stone statues
Epitaph of mayor Hans Steininger with the World’s longest beard on the outside walls of St. Stephan’s church at Braunau am Inn, Austria ~

YouTube video: THE BEARDS “If Your Dad Doesn’t Have a Beard, You’ve Got Two Mums” Official Film Clip (2009)…

MORE BEARD STUFF ONLiNE: supports World Beard Day… official website of Hamish & Andy men growing beards man
The official website owned by Hamish & Andy (2013) is trying to bring back the beard. The official website domain name dedicated to their friend Ant’s beard and all the other big beautiful beards of the World, was originally the idea of Hamish & Andy at www.HamishAndAndy.comread more about it all!  

“The beard is starting to grow on me” ~ Anton K.

Blog by Anton K. Kressnig (Goatee beard grower)

Anton Kressnig photographer Fuji Finepix HS20exr 30x optical zoom 16mp digital camera lens Sherbrooke Forest 3D photographic Facebook profile pic black & white photo
Anton K. Kressnig in Sherbrooke Forest (Photo by Mark Healy 2013)

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