SEPTEMBER 11 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1609 – Henry Hudson discovered Manhattan Island and the indigenous people living there on the 11th September 1609.

1775 – Benedict Arnold‘s expedition to Quebec left Cambridge, Massachusetts on the 11th September 1775.

1792 – The Hope Diamond was stolen on the 11th September 1792, along with other French crown jewels when 6 men broke into the house where they were stored.

1816 – Carl Zeiss the German lens maker and creator of the Optical instrument was born on the 11th September 1816 (died 1888).

1847 – Stephen Foster‘s song “Oh! Susanna” was 1st performed on the 11th September 1847, at a saloon in Pittsburgh.

1885 – D. H. Lawrence the English novelist was born on the 11th September 1885 (died 1930).

1892 – Pinto Colvig the American actor and cartoonist was born on the 11th September 1892 (died 1967).

1903 – The 1st race at the Milwaukee Mile in West Allis, Wisconsin was held on the 11th September 1903. Milwaukee Mile is the oldest major speedway in the world.

1914 – Australia invaded New Britain on the 11th September 1914, defeating a German contingent at the Battle of Bita Paka.

1917 – Daniel Wildenstein the French art dealer and horse breeder was born on the 11th September 1917 (died 2001).

1922The Sun News-Pictorial was founded on the 11th September 1922.

1940 – George Stibitz performed the 1st remote operation of a computer on the 11th September 1940..

1941 – Ground was broken for the construction of The Pentagon on the 11th September 1941.

1943 – Mickey Hart the American drummer from the Grateful Dead was born on the 11th September 1943.

1945 – Leo Kottke the American guitarist was born on the 11th September 1945.

1950 – Bruce Doull the Australian footballer was born on the 11th September 1950.

1953 – Renée Geyer the Australian singer was born on the 11th September 1953.

1953Tommy Shaw the American guitarist from Styx was born on the 11th September 1953. YouTube video: Styx ~ Babe (1979) Number 1 in the US and Canada, number 3 in Australia and New Zealand, and number 6 in the UK (written by Dennis DeYoung)…

1957 – Jon Moss the English drummer from Culture Club was born on the 11th September 1957.

1960Anne Ramsay the American actress best known for her role as Lisa Stemple on Mad About You was born on the 11th September 1960.

1961 – The World Wildlife Fund 1st office was opened on the 11th September 1961, in Morges, Switzerland. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) was conceived on the 29th April 1961, under the name of World Wildlife Fund. Official websites: &

1962 – Kristy McNichol the American actress was born on the 11th September 1962.

1965 – Moby the American singer-songwriter and DJ was born on the 11th September 1965.

1967 – Harry Connick, Jr. the American singer and actor was born on the 11th September 1967.

1968 – The International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) was founded on the 11th September 1968.

1969 – Stefano Cagol the Italian photographer was born on the 11th September 1969.

1970 – Chris Garver the American tattoo artist was born on the 11th September 1970.

1971 – Richard Ashcroft the English singer-songwriter from The Verve was born on the 11th September 1971.

1977 – Jonny Buckland the English guitarist from Coldplay was born on the 11th September 1977.

1978 – Janet Parker was the last person to die of smallpox on the 11th September 1978, in a laboratory-associated outbreak.

1978 – Ben Lee the Australian singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 11th September 1978.

1997 – NASA‘s Mars Global Surveyor reached Mars on the 11th September 1997.

2000 – Melbourne hosted World Economic Forum on the 11th September 2000, where S11 protests also took place.

2001 – The SEPTEMBER 11 ATTACKS known as “9/11” killed 2,996 people in the United States on the 11th day of September in 2001. Hijacked aircraft were deliberately crashed into the twin World Trade Center towers in New York City, the Pentagon in Virginia, and a field in Pennsylvania.

9-11 September 11 Attacks plane crashes south tower World Trade Center New York City impact explosion flames smoke 2001 photo
The 9-11 attack on the south tower of the World Trade Center in New York City ~ 11th September 2001 photo by TheMachineStops

2003 – Swedish foreign minister Anna Lindh was assassinated on the 11th September 2003.

2007 – Russia tested the largest conventional weapon ever on the 11th September 2007, known as the Father of All Bombs.

2013 – The Catalan Way 480 kilometre (300 mile) long Human chain was organized by the Assemblea Nacional Catalana on the 11th September 2013, for the independence of Catalonia

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