A Californian family were swept out to sea in 3 metre waves (10 foot surf) as they tried to rescue their dog Fran from the cold dangerous surf, at Big Lagoon beach in California.

Fran the Kuljians pet survived while Family drowns trying to rescue dog Big Lagoon California US black grey fur red collar
Fran the Kuljians pet dog that survived while her family drowned trying to rescue her at Big Lagoon beach in California (Facebook photo)

The tragedy happened on the 26th November 2012, while Howard Kuljian and his family were out walking with their dog Fran on an overcast morning at Big Lagoon beach. They were throwing a stick for Fran to fetch at the water’s edge, when she was suddenly swallowed by a wave. Howard’s 16 year old son Gregory ran to save the family dog, but was taken by the surf as well. Howard aged 54 followed to save Gregory, then his wife Mary Scott aged 57 followed him to save him and their son, while their 18 year old daughter Olivia and Gregory’s girlfriend watched in horror on the shore.

Kuljian family Mary Elena Scott, Gregory, Olivia, Howard Kuljian Big Lagoon California drowning to save dog 2012
The Kuljian family (from left) Mary Elena Scott 57, her son Gregory Kuljian 16, her daughter Olivia & husband Howard Kuljian (Facebook photo)

Howard Kuljian’s body washed ashore, and rescuers eventually retrieved Mary Scott’s body, while Fran their dog made it back to shore on her own. Gregory Kuljian is missing, presumed dead.

Family Swept To Sea – November 26th, 2012 KobiTV video: 


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