NOVEMBER 26 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1778 – In the Hawaiian Islands, Captain James Cook became the first European to visit Maui on the 26th November 1778.

1789 – A national Thanksgiving Day was observed in the United States on the 26th November 1789, as recommended by President George Washington and approved by Congress.

1863 – President Abraham Lincoln proclaims November 26 as a national Thanksgiving Day on the 26th November 1863, to be celebrated annually on the final Thursday of November (since 1941, on the fourth Thursday).

1922 – Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon became the first people to enter the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun in over 3000 years on the 26th November 1922.

1922 – Toll of the Sea debuted as the first general release film to use two-tone Technicolor on the 26th November 1922.

1894 – Norbert Wiener the American mathematician and Professor of Mathematics at MIT was born on the 26th November 1894 (died 1964 aged 69). Norbert Wiener is considered the originator of cybernetics, a formalization of the notion of feedback, with implications for engineeringsystems controlcomputer sciencebiologyphilosophy, and the organization of society.

1939 – Tina Turner the American singer, dancer, and actress was born on the 26th November 1939.

1945 – John McVie the English bass player from Fleetwood Mac was born on the 26th November 1945.

1970 – In Basse-TerreGuadeloupe, 1.5 inches (38.1 mm) of rain fell in a minute on the 26th November 1970, the heaviest rainfall ever recorded.

1970Dave Hughes aka Hughesy the Australian comedian, radio and television host was born David William Hughes in Warrnambool on the 26th November 1970. Dave Hughes Twitter verified: | Dave Hughes Facebook: | Dave Hughes Making it Possible | YouTube video: Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013 Gala – Dave Hughes…

1977 – ‘Vrillon‘, claiming to be the representative of the ‘Ashtar Galactic Command’, took over Britain’s Southern Television for six minutes at 5:12 pm on the 26th November 1977.

1981 – Natalie Gauci the Australian singer was born on the 26th November 1981.

1983 – Brink’s-MAT robbery: In London, 6,800 gold bars worth nearly £26 million were stolen from the Brink’s-MAT vault at Heathrow Airport on the 26th November 1983.

1990 – The Delta II rocket made its maiden flight on the 26th November 1990.

1998 – Tony Blair became the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom to address the Republic of Ireland‘s parliament on the 26th November 1998.

2003 – Concorde made its final flight, over BristolEngland on the 26th November 2003.

2004 – Male Po’ouli (Black-faced honeycreeper) died of Avian malaria in the Maui Bird Conservation Center in Olinda, Hawaii on the 26th November 2004, before it could breed, making the species in all probability extinct.

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