Phar Lap winning the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 4th November 1930 (Argus news photo)

MELBOURNE CUP ~ The Horse Race That Stops A Nation

1976 Melbourne Cup gold trophy won by Van Der Hum horse race winner
The 1976 Melbourne Cup trophy won by Van der Hum (NZ) ridden by Bob Skelton (Photo by Moriori’s Son)

The MELBOURNE CUP also known as The race that stops a nation, is Australia’s major Thoroughbred horse race, held annually on the 1st Tuesday of November since the 1800s. The 3,200 metre race for 3 year old horses is the richest 2 mile handicap in the world, and also one of the richest turf races. The race event is all conducted by the Victoria Racing Club on the Flemington Racecourse in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The Melbourne Cup race starts at 3pm (daylight saving time) the first Tuesday in November.

Melbourne website Emirates Cup Day 2012 horse race jockey racing pink Tuesday 6 November lady red dress hat man black suit official website for the Melbourne Cup ~ November 2012

The Melbourne Cup race started in 1861, and was originally held over 2 miles (about 3,218 metres). In 1972 the current race distance of 3,200 metres was established due to Australia’s adoption of the metric system.

1881 Melbourne Cup finish line Flemington Racecourse horse race horses racing historic crowd art engraving Australians illustrated artwork
The 1881 Melbourne Cup finish line (Art engraving by “S.B.” published in the Illustrated Australian News in November 1881)

2013 ~ FiORENTE the Thoroughbred racehorse bred in Ireland ridden by Damien Oliver won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 5th November 2012, trained by Gai Waterhouse. In the 2012 Melbourne Cup Fiorente ran 2nd to Green Moon.

2012 ~ GREEN MOON the bay stallion thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Brett Prebble won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 2012, trained by Robert Hickmott. Green Moon was originally intended to be ridden in the cup by Damien Oliver, who was dropped by the owner, Lloyd Williams, after being accused of illegal betting.

Fox Sports website Green Moon Melbourne Cup winner Brett Prebble jockey winning racehorse Spring racing carnival Flemington racecourse featuring Green Moon winning the 2012 Melbourne Cup ridden by Brett Prebble Green Moon won 2012 Melbourne Cup winner bay stallion thoroughbred racehorse jockey Brett Prebble horse racing form guide betting
The Green Moon Melbourne Cup page on

2011 ~ DUNADEN the bay stallion thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Christophe Lemaire won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 1st November 2011. Dunaden was trained by Mikel Delzangles. He was the 1st horse to win the Hong Kong Vase (11 December 2011) after winning the Melbourne Cup. Dunaden was originally purchased for €1,500 as a foal at a sale in France in 2006, and sold to Pearl Bloodstock Pty (Mgr. R Levitt) in 2010 for about $200,000., and won $3.3 million at the 2011 Melbourne Cup. Dunaden beat Red Cadeaux in the closest photo-finish ever in the Melbourne Cup.

Dunaden & Red Cadeaux Photo finish 2011 Melbourne Cup horse race horses racing across the line
Dunaden & Red Cadeaux in the closest ever photo finish in Melbourne Cup ~ Tuesday 1st November 2011

2011 Emirates Melbourne Cup video…

Dunaden 1st horse won Melbourne Cup & Hong Kong Vase 2011 horse race thoroughbred racing bay stallion
Dunaden, the 1st horse to win the Hong Kong Vase after winning the Melbourne Cup (2011 Photo by Flamelai)


2009 ~ SHOCKiNG the bay stallion thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Corey Brown won the 149th Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd November 2009. Shocking was trained by Mark Kavanagh.


2007 ~ EFFiCiENT the grey gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Michael Rodd won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 2007. Efficient was trained by Graeme Rogerson.

2006Delta Blues

2005Makybe Diva

2004Makybe Diva

2003Makybe Diva

2002Media Puzzle

2001 ~ ETHERAL the bay mare thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Scott Seamer won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 2001. Etheral was trained by Sheila Laxon.


1999Rogan Josh

1998 ~ JEZABEEL the brown mare thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Chris Munce won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd November 1998, trained by Brian Jenkins. Jezabeel was the only horse to have won both the Melbourne Cup and the Auckland Cup in 1998.

1997Might and Power




1993Vintage Crop

1992 ~ SUBZERO the grey gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Greg Hall won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd November 1992. Subzero was trained by Lee Freedman.

Subzero at Mansfield Secondary College the grey gelding thoroughbred racehorse won 1992 Melbourne Cup winner1
Subzero the 1992 Melbourne Cup winner (Photo from Mansfield Secondary College on Wikipedia)

1991Let’s Elope

1990 ~ KiNGSTON RULE the chestnut stallion thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Darren Beadman won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 1990. Kingston Rule was trained by Bart Cummings.


1988Empire Rose

1987 ~ KENSEi (NZ) the chestnut gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Larry Olsen won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd November 1987. Kensei was trained by Les J. Bridge.

1986At Talaq

1985What A Nuisance

1984 ~ BLACK KNiGHT the bay / brown gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Peter Cook won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 1984. Black Knight was trained by George Hanlon.


1982 ~ GURNER’S LANE the chestnut gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Mick Dittman won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 3rd November 1978, trained by Geoff T. Murphy. Gurner’s Lane is best remembered for winning the Caulfield Cup and Melbourne Cup double in 1982.

1981Just A Dash

1980Beldale Ball

1979 ~ HYPERNO the bay gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Harry White won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 1979, trained by Bart CummingsHyperno enjoyed his retirement  on Harry White’s rural property until he died in 2002.


1977Gold and Black

1976Van der Hum

1975Think Big

1974Think Big

1973 ~ GALA SUPREME the Victorian bred grey gelding thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Frank Reys won the 1973 Melbourne Cupon Tuesday 6th November 1973trained by Ray J. Hutchins. Gala Supreme became a successful show horse after his racing days were over. Frank Reys (1931–1984) was the first and only Australian Aboriginal jockey to win the Melbourne Cup when he rode to victory on Gala Supreme.

1972Piping Lane

1971Silver Knight

1970Baghdad Note

1969 ~ RAiN LOVER won the Melbourne Cup on the 4th November 1969 with jockey Jim Johnson, and also won the 1968 Melbourne Cup. The Melbourne Cup prize money was $77,000.

1968 ~ RAiN LOVER

1967Red Handed


1965Light Fingers

1964Polo Prince

1963Gatum Gatum

1962 ~ EVEN STEVENS the chestnut stallion thoroughbred racehorse ridden by Les Coles won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 1962, trained by Arch McGregor. Even Stevens was the 1st “fly in” to win the Melbourne Cup, when he was on the inaugural Qantas flight for horses from Wellington to Melbourne on the 2nd October 1962.

1961Lord Fury

1960Hi Jinx


1951 ~ DELTA won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1951.


1956 ~ EVENiNG PEAL the mare ridden by George Podmore won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday 6th November 1956, trained by E. D. Lawson. Evening Peal was the 1st mare to win the Melbourne Cup since Rainbird won in 1945, and was the 1st horse to have an Oaks-Cup double victory in successive years.


1945 ~ RAiNBiRD won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1945. See the original film footage of the 1945 Melbourne Cup.


1934 ~ PETER PAN won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1934.


1930 ~ PHAR LAP won the Melbourne Cup on the 4th November 1930 with jockey Jim Pike. Phar Lap was the only horse to be given legend status by the Australian Racing Hall of Fame. He holds the record for the shortest priced favourite in the Melbourne Cup. During the 1930 Melbourne Cup, bookmakers realised they would lose a fortune if Phar Lap was to win, and incidentally, he was shot at by gangsters on that day. Tommy Woodcock saved Phar Lap by placing himself and his pony between the shot.The Melbourne Cup prize money was £12,429.

Phar Lap jockey Jim Pike riding Flemington race track 1930 Melbourne Cup horse racing Charles Daniel Pratt photo
Phar Lap, the 1930 Melbourne Cup champion winner, with jockey Jim Pike at Flemington race track (1930 Photo by Charles Daniel Pratt)
Phar Lap winning Melbourne Cup Race 4th November 1930 horses finishing line big crowd black & white photo Argus
Phar Lap winning the Melbourne Cup on the 4th November 1930 (Argus news photo)


1928 ~ STATESMAN won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1928.


1923 ~ BiTALLi won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1923.


1917 ~ WESTCOURT won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1917


1906 ~ POSEiDON won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1906.


1900 ~ CLEAN SWEEP won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1900.


1890 ~ CARBiNE won the Melbourne Cup on the 4th November 1873 with jockey R. Ramage. Carbine came from New Zealand and was a direct descendant of Phar Lap. He competed carrying the weight record of 65.77kg, beating 38 other runners. The Melbourne Cup prize money was £13,230.


1877 ~ CHESTER won the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday the 6th November 1877. This was the first time the Melbourne Cup was held on a Tuesday, from which it was then held traditionally on the first Tuesday of November to current time.



1861ARCHER the Australian Thoroughbred racehorse won the 1st Melbourne Cup on the 7th November 1861.

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