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OCTOBER 21 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1512 – Martin Luther joined the theological faculty of the University of Wittenberg on the 21st October 1512.

1520 – Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Strait of Magellan on the 21st October 1520.

1520 – João Álvares Fagundes discovered the islands of Saint-Pierre & Miquelon, bestowed them their original name of Islands of the 11,000 Virgins on the 21st October 1520.

1737Marie-Louise O’Murphy de Boisfaily the younger mistress of King Louis XV of France was born on the 21st October 1737 (died 11th December 1814) . Her life was dramatised by Duncan Sprott in the 1997 novel Our Lady of the Potatoes.

Oil painting canvas blonde girl portrait Marie Louise O'Murphy young mistress François Boucher nude woman antique lounge couch naked
Oil painting on canvas portrait of Marie-Louise O’Murphy, one of the younger mistresses of King Louis XV of France, painted by François Boucher c.1752 (size: 59 x 73 cm) at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne, Germany

1774 – First display of the word “Liberty” on a flag, was raised by colonists in Taunton, Massachusetts in defiance of British rule in Colonial America on the 21st October 1774.

1824 – Joseph Aspdin patented Portland cement on the 21st October 1824.

1833 ~ Alfred Nobel the Swedish chemist, engineer and founder of the Nobel Prize was born in Stockholm on the 21st October 1833 (died 1896 aged 63).

1854 – Florence Nightingale and a staff of 38 nurses were sent to the Crimean War on the 21st October 1854.

1917 ~ Dizzy Gillespie the American trumpet player, composer, and bandleader was born in Cheraw, South Carolina on the 21st October 1917 (died 1993 aged 75).

1921 – The Sheik silent film by George Melford, starring Rudolph Valentino, premiered on the 21st October 1921.

1940Manfred Mann the South African-English keyboard player and producer was born in Johannesburg on the 21st October 1940. official website : | Mighty Quinn 1967 video

1942 ~ Elvin Bishop the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born in Glendale, California, on the 21st October 1942. official website : | video : Fooled Around ad Fell in Love (1976)…

1945 – Women were allowed to vote in France for the first time on the 21st October 1945.

1956 ~ Carrie Fisher the American actress and screenwriter was born in Burbank, California, on the 21st October 1956 (died 2016 aged 60). official website : |

1959 – The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, opened in  New York City on the 21st October 1959.

1977 – The European Patent Institute was founded on the 21st October 1977.

1978 – Frederick Valentich the Australian civilian pilot vanished in a Cessna 182 over Bass Strait south of Melbourne, after reporting contact with an unidentified aircraft on the 21st October 1978.

2003 – Eris the dwarf planet images were taken and used in documenting its discovery on the 21st October 2003.

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OCTOBER 20 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1720 – Calico Jack the Caribbean pirate was captured by the Royal Navy on the 20th October 1720.

1931 – Mickey Mantle the American baseball player was born on the 20th October 1931 (died 1995).

1937 – Wanda Jackson the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 20th October 1937.

1950 ~ Tom Petty the American singer-songwriter and musician from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and Traveling Wilburys was born in Gainesville, Florida, on the 20th October 1950. video : “Learning To Fly” (1991 song) performed by Tom Petty

1958 – Mark King the English singer-songwriter and bass player from Level 42 and Re-Flex was born on the 20th October 1958.

1959 – Mark Little the Australian actor and comedian was born on the 20th October 1959.

1968 – Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy married Aristotle Onassis, the Greek shipping tycoon on the 20th October 1968.

1971 ~ Snoop Dogg the American rapper, producer, and actor was born in Long Beach, California, on the 20th October 1971. video : “Beautiful” (2009 song) performed by Snoop Dogg & ft. Pharrell Williams

1971Dannii Minogue the Australian singer, songwriter, actress, fashion designer and X Factor judge was born in Melbourne on the 20th October 1971. Dannii Minogue first rose to fame in the early 1980s in the Australian television shows Young Talent Time and Home and Away, before starting her career as a pop singer in the early 1990s. Dannii Minogue’s official website: | Facebook: | Pinterest: | instagram: | YouTube channel: | video: This Is It – The Very Best of Dannii Minogue…

1973 – The Sydney Opera House opened on the 20th October 1973.

1977 – A plane carrying the band Lynyrd Skynyrd crashed in Mississippi on the 20th October 1977, killing lead singer Ronnie Van Zant, guitarist Steve Gaines, backup singer Cassie Gaines, the road manager, pilot, and co-pilot.

2012DUNADEN with jockey Craig Williams won the $2.65 million Caulfield Cup on the 20th day of October 2012.

Dunaden 1st horse won Melbourne Cup & Hong Kong Vase 2011 horse race thoroughbred racing bay stallion
Dunaden, the 1st horse to win the Hong Kong Vase after winning the Melbourne Cup (2011 Photo by Flamelai)

2012 ~ GANGNAM STYLE the song by PSY had it’s 500 millionth view on YouTube (500,000,000 / half a billion views) on the 20th October 2012.

Gangnam Style PSY 500 Million views YouTube video screenshot half billion Guiness World record most likes horses stable invisible horse dance
PSY ~ Gangnam Style YouTube video screenshot of 500 Million views (500,949,286 on Saturday 20th October) half a billion & also the Guiness World Record for most likes

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OCTOBER 19 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1386 – Universität Heidelberg, the oldest German university held its 1st lecture on the 19th October 1386.

1512 – Martin Luther became a doctor of theology (Doctor in Biblia) on the 19th October 1512.

1933 – Germany withdrew from the League of Nations on the 19th October 1933.

1937PETER MAX the American artist was born Peter Max Finkelstein in Berlin, Germany, on the 19th October 1937. website : PeterMax.comvideo : Peter max : 50 Years of Colour (AARP)

1944PETER TOSH the Jamaican singer, songwriter and guitarist was born Winston Hubert McIntosh in Westmoreland, Jamaica, on the 19th October 1944 (died 1987 aged 42). Peter Tosh was a core member of The Wailers, with Bob Marley. video : Johnny B Goode performed by Peter Tosh

1945DiViNE the American drag queen performer was born Harris Glenn Milstead in Baltimore, Maryland, on the 19th October 1945 (died 1988 aged 42). website : | video : “You Think You’re a Man” performed by Divine (1984)

1957KARL WALLiNGER the Welsh musician, songwriter and record producer best known for leading the band World Party and as a member of The Waterboys was born Prestatyn, Wales on the 19th October 1957. Karl Wallinger is a multi-instrumentalist, which enabled him to record the bulk of World Party material as a one-man band.  Karl also wrote and originally released the song She’s the One, which was later covered by Robbie Williams, and became a hit single. Karl Wallinger online: | Official website: | Official YouTube video: World Party ~ Ship Of Fools (1987)

1974 – Niue became a self-governing colony of New Zealand on the 19th October 1974.

1987 – Black Monday occurred on the 19th October 1987 when the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 22%, 508 points.

2003 – Mother Teresa was beatified by Pope John Paul II on the 19th October 2003.

2005 – Saddam Hussein went on trial in Baghdad for crimes against humanity on the 19th October 2005.

2005 – Hurricane Wilma became the most intense Atlantic hurricane on record with a minimum pressure of 882 mb, on the 19th October 2005.

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OCTOBER 18 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

0320 – Pappus of Alexandria the Greek philosopher observed an eclipse of the sun on the 18th October in the year 320, and wrote a commentary on The Great Astronomer, also known as Almagest.

1356 – The Basel earthquake destroyed the town of Basel, Switzerland on the 18th October 1356. It was the most significant historic seismological event north of the Alps.

1386 – The University of Heidelberg opened on the 18th October 1386.

1867 – The United States purchased Alaska from Russia for $7.2 million on the 18th October 1867. Alaska Day is celebrated annually on this date.

1914 – The Schoenstatt Movement was founded in Germany on the 18th October 1914.

1922 – The British Broadcasting Company was founded on the 18th October 1922, to establish a nationwide network of radio transmitters to provide a national broadcasting service.

1926 ~ Chuck Berry the American singer, songwriter and guitarist was born Charles Edward Anderson Berry in St.Louis, Missouri, on the 18th October 1926 (died 18th March 2017 aged 90). Video : Chuck Berry performing “Sweet Little Sixteen” on The Dick Clark Saturday Night Beechnut Show (February 1958)

1954 – Texas Instruments announced the 1st Transistor radio on the 18th October 1954.

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OCTOBER 17 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1814 – The London Beer Flood occurred in London, killing 9 people on the 17th October 1814.

1860 – The Open Championship also known as the British Open golf tournament was held for the first time on the 17th October 1860.

1888 – Thomas Edison filed a patent for the Optical Phonograph (first movie) on the 17th October 1888.

1907 – Guglielmo Marconi‘s company began the 1st commercial transatlantic wireless service on the 17th October 1907, between Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada and Clifden, Ireland.

1919 – RCA was incorporated as the Radio Corporation of America on the 17th October 1919.

1931 – Al Capone was convicted of income tax evasion on the 17th October 1931.

1933 – Albert Einstein fled Nazi Germany and moved to the United States on the 17th October 1933.

1938 – Evel Knievel the American motorcycle stuntman was born on the 17th October 1938 (died 2007).

1942 – Gary Puckett the American singer-songwriter from Gary Puckett & The Union Gap was born on the 17th October 1942.

1943 – The Burma Railway also known as the Burma-Thailand Railway was completed on the 17th October 1943.

1956 – The 1st commercial nuclear power station was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in SellafieldCumbria, England on the 17th October 1956.

1956 – Donald Byrne and Bobby Fischer played a famous chess game called The Game of the Century on the 17th October 1956. Bobby Fischer beat Donald Byrne and won a Brilliancy prize.

1964 – Robert Menzies, the Prime Minister of Australia opened the artificial Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra, the capital of Australia on the 17th October 1964.

1965Rhys Muldoon the Australian actor, writer and director was born on the 17th October 1965, in Newcastle, New South Wales. Rhys Muldoon is best known as Sarge Leonard from the Lockie Leonard TV series.

1968 – Ziggy Marley the Jamaican singer-songwriter, guitarist, and voice actor was born on the 17th October 1968.

1969 – Wyclef Jean the Haitian-born American rapper and songwriter from the Fugees was born on the 17th October 1969.

1972 ~ Eminem the American rapper, songwriter, and record producer was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, in St Joseph, Missouri, on the 17th October 1972.  “Without Me” 2002 song by Eminem with over 653 million views on YouTube

1979 – Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 17th October 1979.

1982 – Nick Riewoldt the Australian rules footballer was born on the 17th October 1982.

1989 – 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake (7.1 on the Richter scale) hit the San Francisco Bay Area and caused 63 deaths on the 17th October 1989.

1988DAMi iM the South-Korean born Australian piano teacher, singer and Australian X Factor winner was born on the 17th October 1988. Dami won the 5th series grand final of Australian X Factor with her mentor Dannii Minogue on the 28th October 2013.

Dami im Alive song album cover Korean Asian girl face blue makeup Kpop music singer crop
Dami on the Alive song album cover (October 2013)

1989 ~ Sophie Luck the Australian actress was born on the 17th October 1989. Sophie is best known for her roles on the television shows Blue Water High and Home and Away. See Sophie Luck’s official website: & Twitter:

2003 – Taipei 101, a 101 floor skyscraper in Taipei, became the world’s tallest highrise on the 17th October 2003, when a pinnacle was fitted on the top.

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OCTOBER 16 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1620 – Pierre Paul Puget the French painter and sculptor was born on the 16th October 1620 (died 1694).

1726 – Daniel Chodowiecki the Polish painter was born on the 16th October 1726 (died 1801).

1758 – Noah Webster the American lexicographer and author was born on the 16th October 1758 (died 1843).

1793 – Marie Antoinette was guillotined at the height of the French Revolution on the 16th October 1793. Marie Antoinette was the widow of Louis XVI.

1804 – Benjamin Russell the American painter was born on the 16th October 1804 (died 1885).

1846 – William TG Morton demonstrated ether anesthesia for the first time on the 16th October 1846, at the Massachusetts General Hospital in the Ether Dome.

1854 – Oscar Wilde the Irish author, poet, and playwright was born on the 16th October 1854 (died 1900).

1884 – Rembrandt Bugatti the Italian sculptor was born on the 16th October 1884 (died 1916).

1890 – Paul Strand the American photographer was born on the 16th October 1890 (died 1975).

1922 – Max Bygraves the English actor and singer was born on the 16th October 1922 (died 2012).

1923 – The Walt Disney Company was founded by Walt Disney and his brother, Roy Disney on the 16th October 1923.

1923 – Bert Kaempfert the German orchestra leader and composer was born on the 16th October 1923 (died 1980).

1925 – Angela Lansbury the English-American actress and singer was born on the 16th October 1925.

1944 – Wally Walrus, known as Woody Woodpecker’s first steady foil, debuted on the The Beach Nut, a Walter Lantz’s cartoon on the 16th October 1944.

1962 – Flea the Australian-American bass player and songwriter from Red Hot Chili Peppers was born on the 16th October 1962.

1964 – The People’s Republic of China detonated its first nuclear weapon on the 16th October 1964.

1969 – Wendy Wilson the American singer from Wilson Phillips was born on the 16th October 1969.

1973 – Henry Kissinger and Le Duc Tho were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 16th October 1973.

1975 – The Balibo Five, a group of Australian television journalists in the town of Balibo, in Portuguese Timor (now East Timor) were killed by Indonesian troops on the 16th October 1975.

1977 – John Mayer the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 16th October 1977.

1978 – Pope John Paul II was elected after the October 1978 Papal conclave on the 16th October 1978.

1978 – Wanda Rutkiewicz was the 1st Polish and the 1st European woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest on the 16th October 1978.

1984 – The Bill debuted on ITV on the 16th October 1984, and became the longest-running police procedural in British television history.

1984 – Desmond Tutu was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize on the 16th October 1984.

1985CASEY STONER the Australian professional motorcycle racer was born on the 28th October in 1985. Casey Stoner is best known for being a 2 time MotoGP World Champion in 2007 and 2011. Casey was born in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, Australia and raised in Southport, Queensland, where he raced from 4 years old. Casey Stoner announced that he would retire from Grand Prix racing at the conclusion of the 2012 season.

Casey website 27 Repsol Honda 500cc motorcycle racer Australian Grand Prix winner Phillip Island MotoGP 2012 World championship racing1 official website
Casey Stoner verified Twitter Official CS27 account MotoGP World Champion motorcycle rider racer keen fisherman & proud dad photo ~ The official Casey Stoner verified Twitter account

1986 – Reinhold Messner became the 1st person to summit all 14 Eight-thousanders on the 16th October 1986.

1991JEDWARD duo John & Edward Grimes the Irish singers were born on the 16th October 1991 in Dublin, Ireland. Official Jedward website: | official Facebook: | Twitter verified: | YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Young Love (2012) ~ Jedward…

1995 – The Million Man March occurred in Washington, D.C. on the 16th October 1995.

1995 – The Skye Bridge was opened on the 16th October 1995.

2011 ~ CASEY STONER had his 5th straight win at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix at Phillip Island on the 16th October in 2011, and it was also his 2nd World championship, all on his birthday!

Casey Stoner gold trophy win Australian Grand Prix winner Phillip Island MotoGP 2011 World championship motorcycle racing Repsol Honda
Casey Stoner holding the trophy for 1st place at the 2011 Australian Grand Prix at the Phillip Island MotoGP, his 5th year winning in a row, & his 2nd World championship, all on his birthday (Photo by Andrew Napier)

2012 ~ The KUNSTHAL MUSEUM in Rotterdam, Netherlands, had 7 paintings stolen on the 16th October 2012. The paintings stolen were by Monet, Picasso, Gauguin, Matisse, De Haan and Freud.

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OCTOBER 15 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1793 – Queen Marie-Antoinette of France was tried and convicted in the Palais de Justice, Paris, on the 15th October 1793, and condemned to death the following day.

1878 – The Edison Electric Light Company began operation on the 15th October 1878.

1928 – Graf Zeppelin, the airship completed its first trans-Atlantic flight on the 15th October 1928, and landed at Lakehurst, New Jersey, United States.

1943Penny Marshall the American actress, producer, television and director was born Carole Penny Marshall in New York City on the the 15th October 1943. Penny Marshall is best known for her role as Laverne DeFazio on the Laverne & Shirley sitcom. YouTube video: Laverne & Shirley Season 1 Opening (1976)…

1951 – I Love Lucy, the American television sitcom starring Lucille BallDesi Arnazaired on CBS for the first time on the 15th October 1951.

1953 – Operation Totem, the British nuclear test took place at Emu Field, South Australia, on the 15th October 1953.

1956 – Fortran, the 1st modern computer language, is shared with the coding community for the first time.

1997 – The 1st supersonic land speed record was set by Andy Green in ThrustSSC in the UK on the 15th October 1997, 50 years (& 1 day) after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier in the Earth’s atmosphere.

2001 – NASA‘s Galileo spacecraft passed within 112 miles of Jupiter‘s moon Io on the 15th October 2001.

2003 – China launched Shenzhou 5, its first manned space mission on the 15th October 2003.

2006 ~ The HAWAii EARTHQUAKE with a magnitude 6.7 occurred on on the 16th October 2006. The earthquake occurred offshore and measured 6.7 on the moment magnitude scale, at a depth of 29 km (18 miles). The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center measured a 102 mm (4 inch) tsunami on the coast of the Big Island. The earthquake caused property damage of over $200 million, plus injuries, landslides, power outages, and airport delays and closures. The most severe damage caused by the earthquake was focused on the northern regions of the island of Hawaii.

collapsing cliff Waipio Valley Hawaii Earthquake 15th October 2006 tsunami beach people ocean waves sea photo by MonicaSP54
Cliff collapsing in Waipio Valley during the Hawaii Earthquake on the 15th October 2006 (photo by MonicaSP54)

2008 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 733.08 points (7.87%) on the 15th October 2008, the 2nd worst day in the Dow’s history.

2011 – Global protests broke out in 951 cities in 82 countries on the 15th October 2011.

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OCTOBER 14 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1586 – Mary, Queen of Scots went on trial for conspiracy against Elizabeth I of England on the 14th October 1586.

1884 – George Eastman the American inventor received a U.S. Government patent on his new paper-strip photographic film on the 14th October 1884.

1888 – Louis Le Prince filmed the 1st motion picture: Roundhay Garden Scene on the 14th October 1888.

1926 – The Winnie-the-Pooh children’s book by A. A. Milne was first published on the 14th October 1926.

1939Ralph Lauren the American fashion designer and business executive was born Ralph Lifshitz in New York City on the 14th October 1939. Ralph Lauren is best known for his Polo Ralph Lauren clothing brand. In September 2012, Forbes estimated Ralph Lauren’s wealth at $6.5 billion dollars, making him the 162nd richest person in the world.

1940Cliff Richard the English singer and actor was born in Lucknow, India on the 14th October 1940. Cliff Richard official website: | Cliff Richard Facebook page:

1946 – Justin Hayward the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Moody Blues was born on the 14th October 1946.

1946 – Dan McCafferty the Scottish singer-songwriter from Nazareth was born on the 14th October 1946.

1947 – Captain Chuck Yeager of the U.S. Air Force flew Glamorous Glennis, a Bell X-1 rocket powered aircraft, faster than the speed of sound over the high desert of Southern California on the 14th October 1947.

1948 – Marcia Barrett the Jamaican-English singer from Boney M was born on the 14th October 1948.

1965 – Steve Coogan the English actor was born on the 14th October 1965.

1968 – The Apollo 7 made the 1st live telecast from a manned spacecraft on the 14th October 1968.

1968 – An earthquake rated at 6.8 on the Richter Scale destroys the Australian town of Meckering, Western Australia, and it also ruptures all nearby main highways and railroads on the 14th October 1968.

1972Kung Fu the American television series starring David Carradine was first broadcast on the 14th October 1972, to the 16th April 1975.

1982 – U.S. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed War on Drugs on the 14th October 1982.

1985 ~ The Whole of The Moon song by The Waterboys (written by the lead singer Mike Scott) was released on the 14th October 1985.

2012 – FELiX BAUMGARTNER jumped from the stratosphere to break the world record for the highest freefall jump, at an altitude of 39,068 meters (128,18 ft) on the 14th October 2012.

Red Bull Stratos Felix Baumgartner Austrian skydiver Mission edge Space World record 2012 skydive over Roswell New Mexico USA
Felix Baumgartner in the Red Bull Stratos Mission To The Edge Of Space, World record attempt over Roswell, New Mexico, USA (Computer Generated Image ~ October 2012)

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OCTOBER 13 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1773 – The Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered by Charles Messier on the 13th October 1773.

1792 – In Washington, D.C., the cornerstone of the United States Executive Mansion (White House since 1818) was laid on the 13th October 1792.

1881 – First known conversation in modern Hebrew was on the 13th October 1881, by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda and friends.

1884 – Greenwich, in London, England, was established as Universal Time meridian of longitude on the 13th October 1884.

1885 – The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is founded in Atlanta, United States.

1892 – Edward Emerson Barnard discovered D/1892 T1 on the 13th October 1892, the 1st comet discovered by photographic means.

1917 – The “Miracle of the Sun” was witnessed by about 70,000 people in the Cova da Iria in Fátima, Portugal on the 13th October 1917.

1923 – Ankara replaceed Istanbul as the capital of Turkey on the 13th October 1923.

1934 – Nana Mouskouri the Greek singer was born on the 13th October 1934.

1958 – Paddington Bear mades his debut on the 13th October 1958.

1962 – The Pacific Northwest experienced a cyclone the equal of a Cat 3 hurricane on the 13th October 1962, killing 46 people, with winds measured above 150mph.

1970 – Fiji joined the United Nations on the 13th October 1970.

1970Paul Potts the British tenor was born in Kingswood on the 13th October 1970. Paul Potts won the 1st series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007, with his performance of Nessun dorma. A movie about Paul Potts titled One Chance was released on the 25th October 2013. Paul Potts official website: | Facebook page: | Paul Potts verified Twitter: | Paul Potts YouTube channel: | YouTube video: Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma for his audition on Britain’s Got Talent…YouTube video: ONE CHANCE Movie Trailer: The true story of Paul Potts ~ winner of the 1st series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2007…

1972 – An Aeroflot Ilyushin Il-62 crashed outside Moscow on the 13th October 1972, killing 174 people.

1972 – Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 crashed in the Andes mountains on the 13th October 1972, near the border between Argentina and Chile.

1976 – A Bolivian Boeing 707 cargo jet crashed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia on the 13th October 1976, killing 97 people (mostly children, killed on the ground).

1976 – The 1st electron micrograph of an Ebola viral particle was obtained by Dr. F.A. Murphy on the 13th October 1976.

1977 – Four Palestinians hijacked Lufthansa Flight 181 to Somalia on the 13th October 1977, and demanded the release of 11 members of the Red Army Faction.

1983 – Ameritech Mobile Communications (now AT&T Inc.) launched the 1st US cellular network in Chicago, Illinois on the 13th October 1983.

1986 ~ Brad Robinson (Bradford Leigh Robinson) the lead and rhythm guitarist from Australian Crawl died on the 13th October 1996 aged 38 (born 1958).

1992 – An Antonov An-124 operated by Antonov Airlines crashed near KievUkraine on the 13th October 1992, killing 8 people.

2010 – The 2010 Copiapó mining accident in CopiapóChile came to an end on the 13th October 2010, as all 33 miners arrived at the surface after being rescued, surviving a record 69 days underground.

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OCTOBER 12 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1279 ~ Nichiren the Japanese Buddhist monk and founder of Nichiren Buddhism, inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon on the 12th October 1279.

1492 ~ Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas on the 12th October 1492, when  he made landfall in the Caribbean, in The Bahamas during his expedition, believing he had reached India.

Columbus discovers America 1492 voyage ship sea sails crew men 1800s oil painting canvas German artist Ruben Christian
“Columbus discovers America” an 1846 oil painting on canvas by German artist Ruben Christian (size: 145 x 190 cm)

1692 – The Salem witch trials were ended by a letter from the Massachusetts Governor William Phips on the 12th October 1692.

1773 – The 1st insane asylum in America opened for ‘Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds’ in Virginia on the 12th October 1773.

1792 – Columbus Day was first celebrated in USA on the 12th October 1792.

1810 – The 1st Oktoberfest was held on the 12th October 1810, when The Bavarian royalty invited the citizens of Munich to join the celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

1860 – Elmer Ambrose Sperry the American inventor and co-inventor of the gyrocompass was born on the 12th October 1860 (died 1930).

1901 – President Theodore Roosevelt officially renamed the “Executive Mansion” to the White House on the 12th October 1901.

1921 ~ Art Clokey the American animator was born Arthur Clokey on the 12th October 1921 (died 8th January 2010 aged 88). Art Clokey was a pioneer in the popularity of stop motion clay animation, after his 1955 film experiment Gumbasia, influenced by his professor Slavko Vorkapich, at the University of Southern California. After the Gumbasia project, Art Clokey and his wife Ruth invented the clay character Gumby. YouTube video: Gumbasia (1955)…YouTube video: Gumby ~ Gold Rush Gumby: Gumby goes digging for gold with Pokey and Nopey on an Indian reservation. What will happen to them?…

1928 – An iron lung respirator was used for the first time at the Children’s Hospital in Boston on the 12th October 1928.

1935Sam Moore the American singer-songwriter from Sam & Dave was born Samuel David Moore in Miami, Florida, on the 12th October 1935.

1942 – Melvin Franklin the American singer  from The Temptations was born on the 12th October 1942 (died 1995).

1948 – Rick Parfitt the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Status Quo was born on the 12th October 1948.

1950 ~ Susan Anton the American actress and singer was born in Oak Glen, California on the 12th October 1950. Official website : | Video : Susan Anton covers the Beatles classic “In My Life” at the former Cinegrill in Hollywood

1968Hugh Jackman the Australian actor and producer was born in Sydney on the 12th October 1968.

1969 – Martie Maguire the American singer-songwriter and violinist from the Dixie Chicks was born on the 12th October 1969.

1970Kirk Cameron the American actor best known for his role as Mike Seaver in Growing Pains was born in Panorama City on the 12th October 1970. Kirk Cameron’s official website: | Kirk Cameron Twitter: | Kirk Cameron Facebook: | YouTube video: Growing Pains Theme Song – season 5…

1979 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, first of 5 books by Douglas Adams was published on the 12th October 1979.

1988Walsh Street police shootings occurred on the 12th October 1988, when 2 Victoria Police officers were gunned down executional style in Australia.

1994 – NASA lost radio contact with the Magellan spacecraft as the probe descended into the thick atmosphere of Venus on the 12th October 1994.

2002 –The Bali terrorist bombing occurred in the Sari Club in KutaBali, killing 202 and wounding over 300, on the 12th October 2002.

2005 – The 2nd Chinese human spaceflight Shenzhou 6 launched carrying Fèi Jùnlóng and Niè Hǎishèng for 5 days in orbit on the 12th October 2005.

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