OCTOBER 12 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1279 ~ Nichiren the Japanese Buddhist monk and founder of Nichiren Buddhism, inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon on the 12th October 1279.

1492 ~ Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas on the 12th October 1492, when  he made landfall in the Caribbean, in The Bahamas during his expedition, believing he had reached India.

Columbus discovers America 1492 voyage ship sea sails crew men 1800s oil painting canvas German artist Ruben Christian
“Columbus discovers America” an 1846 oil painting on canvas by German artist Ruben Christian (size: 145 x 190 cm)

1692 – The Salem witch trials were ended by a letter from the Massachusetts Governor William Phips on the 12th October 1692.

1773 – The 1st insane asylum in America opened for ‘Persons of Insane and Disordered Minds’ in Virginia on the 12th October 1773.

1792 – Columbus Day was first celebrated in USA on the 12th October 1792.

1810 – The 1st Oktoberfest was held on the 12th October 1810, when The Bavarian royalty invited the citizens of Munich to join the celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig of Bavaria to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen.

1860 – Elmer Ambrose Sperry the American inventor and co-inventor of the gyrocompass was born on the 12th October 1860 (died 1930).

1901 – President Theodore Roosevelt officially renamed the “Executive Mansion” to the White House on the 12th October 1901.

1921 ~ Art Clokey the American animator was born Arthur Clokey on the 12th October 1921 (died 8th January 2010 aged 88). Art Clokey was a pioneer in the popularity of stop motion clay animation, after his 1955 film experiment Gumbasia, influenced by his professor Slavko Vorkapich, at the University of Southern California. After the Gumbasia project, Art Clokey and his wife Ruth invented the clay character Gumby. YouTube video: Gumbasia (1955)…YouTube video: Gumby ~ Gold Rush Gumby: Gumby goes digging for gold with Pokey and Nopey on an Indian reservation. What will happen to them?…

1928 – An iron lung respirator was used for the first time at the Children’s Hospital in Boston on the 12th October 1928.

1935Sam Moore the American singer-songwriter from Sam & Dave was born Samuel David Moore in Miami, Florida, on the 12th October 1935.

1942 – Melvin Franklin the American singer  from The Temptations was born on the 12th October 1942 (died 1995).

1948 – Rick Parfitt the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Status Quo was born on the 12th October 1948.

1950 ~ Susan Anton the American actress and singer was born in Oak Glen, California on the 12th October 1950. Official website : SusanAnton.com | Video : Susan Anton covers the Beatles classic “In My Life” at the former Cinegrill in Hollywood

1968Hugh Jackman the Australian actor and producer was born in Sydney on the 12th October 1968.

1969 – Martie Maguire the American singer-songwriter and violinist from the Dixie Chicks was born on the 12th October 1969.

1970Kirk Cameron the American actor best known for his role as Mike Seaver in Growing Pains was born in Panorama City on the 12th October 1970. Kirk Cameron’s official website: KirkCameron.com | Kirk Cameron Twitter: www.Twitter.com/KirkCameron | Kirk Cameron Facebook: www.facebook.com/KirkCameron | YouTube video: Growing Pains Theme Song – season 5…

1979 – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, first of 5 books by Douglas Adams was published on the 12th October 1979.

1988Walsh Street police shootings occurred on the 12th October 1988, when 2 Victoria Police officers were gunned down executional style in Australia.

1994 – NASA lost radio contact with the Magellan spacecraft as the probe descended into the thick atmosphere of Venus on the 12th October 1994.

2002 –The Bali terrorist bombing occurred in the Sari Club in KutaBali, killing 202 and wounding over 300, on the 12th October 2002.

2005 – The 2nd Chinese human spaceflight Shenzhou 6 launched carrying Fèi Jùnlóng and Niè Hǎishèng for 5 days in orbit on the 12th October 2005.

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