Thank GOD it’s GOOD FRiDAY

Thank God it's Good Friday cartoon Easter Bunny egg colour painting art work by Anton K
“Thank God it’s Good Friday” cartoon artwork by Anton K. Kressnig

GOOD FRiDAY is a religious holiday acknowledged by Christians, commemorating the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary. The holiday is held during Holy Week, as part of the Paschal Triduum, on the Friday before Easter Sunday, and sometimes coincides with the Jewish Passover. Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday, Great Friday, Easter Friday and Black Friday.  According to the Canonical gospels, the Crucifixion of Jesus most likely happened on a Friday (John 19:42). The year of the Crucifixion is AD 33 or AD 34 according to Isaac Newton via the differences between the Biblical and Julian calendars and the crescent of the moon. A third method points to Friday the 3 rd of April AD 33 by using a different astronomical approach, based on a lunar Crucifixion darkness and eclipse model, which is consistent with Apostle Peter’s reference to a ‘moon of blood’ in Acts 2:20. Countries with a strong Christian tradition such as Australia, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, Sweden, UK, United States (only 11 states) and Venezuela, the day is observed as a public or federal holiday.

GOOD FRiDAY iN AUSTRALiA signifies the start of a four day weekend, falling during the Easter school holidays. Many people take a short vacation at this time, while others take the time to spend with their family or friends. Some churches, especially Catholic churches, see Good Friday as a fast day and people only eat small meals, often no meat at all, substituting meat with fish. Many churches hold special services, with some holding long prayer vigils.

GOOD FRiDAY iN MELBOURNE is best known for the GOOD FRiDAY APPEAL, an  annual fundraising activity to raise money for the Royal Children’s Hospital. The appeal now raises over $16 million each year. Read more about the Good Friday Appeal here.

Please help the ROYAL CHiLDREN’S HOSPiTAL with the GOOD FRiDAY APPEAL & like on Facebook: & follow on

GOOD FRiDAY REFLECTiONS FROM THE CROSS: Christian reflections from Fr. Tom Rosica, CSB during Good Friday. This is the 9th in a series of reflections from 

GOOD FRiDAY YouTube Video By Jason Tremblay: Combining clips from “The Passion Of The Christ” with the song “The Lamb” by Low ~ Jason Tremblay made this video to set the tone for a Good Friday service, where he focused on the short time between Christ’s death and his resurrection. What must those dark hours have been like for his followers until they saw him again alive?

Thank God it's Friday cartoon for Good Friday Easter Bunny egg purple art work ink by Anton K
“Thank God it’s Good Friday” cartoon artwork in purple ink by Anton K. Kressnig

See more information about Good Friday in Australia at Time and and an article about Easter New Beginnings by Anton K

Thank GOOD It's FRiDAY illustration art work Anton K Kressnig Thank God it's Friday Easter bunny rabbit egg

Although my artwork depicts “Good Friday”, I find a lot of Google searches for “Thank God it’s Friday” finding this page, due to the visual play on words, because of the Easter bunny rabbit trying to correct the spelling of “Thank God”, in the illustration. ~ Anton K

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