Wishing You a HAPPY NEW YEAR in 2014

Wishing you Happy New Year Day follow dreams sunrises motivational message quote meme resolutions Australian photo Anton Kressnig
“Wishing you a HAPPY NEW YEAR, with a Happy New Day, every day of the year…” (Western Victoria, Australia photo & quote by Anton K.)

Hope you have a healthy, harmonious, hearty, hedonistic, happy year happening at home or on holidays.

May all your NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTiONS come true in 2014

      “Wishing you a
with a Happy New Day,
all of the year,
as you follow your dreams,
one day at a time,
as the sun rises each day.” ~ Anton K

YouTube video: Google Zeitgeist | Here’s to 2013: Zeitgeist 2013 ~ Discover what the world searched for with Google’s year in review…

“All us living creatures all want the same thing, HAPPiNESS!!.. so let’s all spread some more happiness like sunshine around the world in 2014, among ALL people and animals of Earth, life is too short to not be happy.” ~ Anton K. 

It’s a new year again, and great time to start a better life by quitting bad habits, starting good habits and setting goals for those things you dream of doing or buying!.. so here’s a novel new way of making those personal promises become possible… see more

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