MAY 27 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1923 – Henry Kissinger the German-American politician, 56th United States Secretary of State and Nobel Prize laureate was born on the 27th May 1923.

1927 – The Ford Motor Company ceased manufacture of the Ford Model T on the 27th May 1927, and began to retool plants to make the Ford Model A.

1933 – The Walt Disney Company released the cartoon Three Little Pigs on the 27th May 1933, with its hit song Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?.

1935Lee Meriwether the American actress, former model and winner of the 1955 Miss America pageant was born on the 27th May 1935. Lee Meriwether is best known for her role as Betty Jones in Barnaby JonesYouTube video: Barnaby Jones intro…

1945 – Bruce Cockburn the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 27th May 1945.

1957 – Siouxsie Sioux the English singer-songwriter from Siouxsie and the Banshees was born on the 27th May 1957.

1958 – The F-4 Phantom II made its 1st flight on the 27th May 1958.

1958 – Neil Finn the New Zealand singer-songwriter from Split EnzCrowded House and Finn Brothers was born on the 27th May 1958.

1965 – Pat Cash the Australian tennis player was born on the 27th May 1965.

1966 – Heston Blumenthal the English chef and author was born on the 27th May 1966.

1971 – Wayne Carey the Australian footballer and coach was born on the 27th May 1971.

1974George Clarke the British architect, television presenter, lecturer and writer was born on the 27th May 1974. George Clarke is best known for his work on the Channel 4 series The Home Show and The Restoration Man.

1975Jamie Oliver the British chef, restaurateur and media personality was born James Trevor Oliver on the 27th May 1975. Jamie Oliver’s official website: | Facebook verified: | Twitter verified: | | Google Plus | Pinterest | Jamie Oliver YouTube channel:

1975 – André 3000 the American rapper from OutKast was born André Benjamin on the 27th May 1975. YouTube video: OutCast: Hey Ya! (2003) song written and produced by André 3000 for The Love Below album. Hey Ya! was No.1 in North America in the Billboard Hot 100 for 9 weeks, also topping the Billboard Hot Digital Tracks for 17 weeks, No.1 in Australia, Norway, Sweden and in the Top 10 in the UK, Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland. In 2005 the Recording Industry Association of America certified single platinum for shipping one million copies. At the 46th Grammy Awards the song won Best Urban/Alternative Performance…

Today in History for May 27th ~ video presented by the Associated Press 

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