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585BC – A solar eclipse occurred on the 28th May in the year 585 BC, as predicted by the Greek philosopher and scientist Thales, while Alyattes was battling Cyaxares in the Battle of Halys, which became a truce. This is one of the cardinal dates from which other dates are calculated.

1660 – George I of Great Britain was born on the 28th May 1660 (died 1727).

1837 – George Ashlin the Irish architect and co-designer of St Colman’s Cathedral was born on the 28th May 1837 (died 1921).

1837 – Tony Pastor the American businessman was born on the 28th May 1837 (died 1908).

1853 – Carl Larsson the Swedish painter was born on the 28th May 1853 (died 1919).

1858 – Carl Richard Nyberg the Swedish inventor, businessman and developer of the blow torch was born on the 28th May 1858 (died 1939).

1868Jean Schopfer the French tennis player competing for France, and a writer, known under the pseudonym of Claude Anet was born in Morges, Switzerland on the the 28th May 1868 (died 9th January 1931 aged 62).

1878 – Paul Pelliot the French sinologist and explorer was born on the 28th May 1878 (died 1945).

1883 – Clough Williams-Ellis the English-Welsh architect and designer of the Portmeirion Village was born on the 28th May 1883 (died 1978).

1892 ~ The Sierra Club was organized by John Muir on the 28th May 1892, in San Francisco, California. The Sierra Club is one of the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organizations in the United States. The Sierra Club official website: | Sierra Club Twitter verified: | Sierra Club Google Plus

1907 – The first Isle of Man TT race was held on the 28th May 1907.

1910 – T-Bone Walker the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 28th May 1910 (died 1975).

1911 – Fritz Hochwälder the Austrian playwright was born on the 28th May 1911 (died 1986).

1912 – Ruby Payne-Scott the Australian physicist and astronomer was born on the 28th May 1912 (died 1981).

1917 – Papa John Creach the American violinist from Jefferson Airplane was born on the 28th May 1917.

1923 – György Ligeti the Romanian-Austrian composer was born on the 28th May 1923 (died 2006).

1934 – The Dionne quintuplets were born to Oliva and Elzire Dionne on the 28th May 1934, becoming the 1st quintuplets to survive infancy. The 5 sisters; Yvonne Édouilda Marie Dionne (died 23rd June 2001 aged 67), Annette Lillianne Marie Dionne (Allard), Cécile Marie Émilda Dionne (Langlois), Émilie Marie Jeanne Dionne (died 6th August 1954 aged 20), Marie Reine Alma Dionne (Houle)(died 27th February 1970 aged 35) were born outside Callander, Ontario, Canada, near the village of Corbeil.

1935 – Anne Reid the English actress was born on the 28th May 1935.

1936 – Alan Turing submitted On Computable Numbers for publication on the 28th May 1936.

1937 – The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California, was officially opened by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, D.C. on the 28th May 1937.

1937 – Volkswagen (VW), the German automobile manufacturer was founded on the 28th May 1937.

1941 – Beth Howland the American actress was born on the 28th May 1941.

1944 – Billy Vera the American singer-songwriter and actor was born on the 28th May 1944.

1945 – Patch Adams the American physician, author and founder of the Gesundheit! Institute was born on the 28th May 1945.

1945 – John Fogerty the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Creedence Clearwater Revival was born on the 28th May 1945.

1947 – Zahi Hawass the Egyptian archaeologist was born on the 28th May 1947.

1947 – Lynn Johnston the Canadian illustrator was born on the 28th May 1947.

1949 – Wendy O. Williams the American singer from the Plasmatics was born on the 28th May 1949 (died 1998).

1951 – The British radio comedy program The Goon Show was broadcast on the BBC for the first time on the 28th May 1951.

1952 – The women of Greece were given the right to vote on the 28th May 1952.

1954 – Townsend Coleman the American voice actor was born on the 28th May 1954.

1961 – Roland Gift the English singer-songwriter from Fine Young Cannibals was born on the 28th May 1961.

1961 – Michelle Collins the English actress was born on the 28th May 1961.

1962 – Brandon Cruz the American actor was born on the 28th May 1962.


1968 ~ KYLiE MiNOGUE the Australian singer and actress was born in Melbourne on the 28th May 1968. Kylie Ann Minogue (OBE) is simply known as Kylie, and began her career as a child actress on Australian television. Kylie originally achieved recognition through her role in the television soap opera Neighbours, before starting her career as a recording artist in 1987. Kylie Minogue online: official website: | verified | verified | YouTube channel: | | Kylie’s SPOTiFY | YouTube video: [HD] Kylie Minogue ~ Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Blue Monday Mix Edit) official music video…

Kylie Minogue Cannes Film Festival 2008 black mercedes beautiful pretty sexy girl smiling blonde hair gold earings photo by Georges Biard
Kylie Minogue at the Cannes Film Festival in 2008 (Photo by Georges Biard)

1970 – Ian Cashmore the English paranormal investigator was born on the 28th May 1970 (died 2011).

1977 – In Southgate, Kentucky, the Beverly Hills Supper Club was engulfed in fire on the 28th May 1977, killing 165 people.

1979 – Monica Keena the American actress was born on the 28th May 1979.

1980 – Mark Feehily the Irish singer-songwriter and pianist from Westlife was born on the 28th May 1980.

1982 – Alexa Davalos the French-American actress was born on the 28th May 1982.

1985 – Colbie Caillat the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 28th May 1985.

1985 – Carey Mulligan the English actress was born on the 28th May 1985.

1999 – Cameron Boyce the American actor and dancer was born on the 28th May 1999.


1993 – Eritrea and Monaco joined the United Nations on the 28th May 1993.

2002 – The Mars Odyssey found signs of large ice deposits on the planet Mars on the 28th May 2002.

2003 – Peter Hollingworth became the 1st Governor-General of Australia to resign his office as a result of criticism of his conduct on the 28th May 2003.

2011 – Malta voted on the introduction of divorce on the 28th May 2011.

2012 – Flame, a complex malware program targeting computers in Middle Eastern countries, was discovered and announced on the 28th May 2012.

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