The Project GETTiNG NAKED in Australia

The Project TV getting naked host Charlie Pickering nudism news nude swimming nudists video 2013
The Project TV “Getting Naked” special news report by Charlie Pickering video about declining nudism in Australia (Channel Ten Friday 22nd February 2013)

Nudism on the nudist beaches, and in the nudist clubs in Australia appears to be a declining trend, especially with Generation Y. Although baring all in the nudism scene might be on the decline, baring all via technology is on the rise, especially since the invention of camera phones, and webcam chat, which is dominated by Generation Y with their sharing of naked selfies and other virtual antics nude online.

On Friday the 22nd February 2013, The Project on Channel Ten did a special news report about baring all becoming a declining trend in Australia, titled Hello CheekyThe Project went searching for the naked truth about nudists, in a discreet way. If you want to catch a glimpse of a lot more nudity than they’re allowed to show on a prime time TV show, you’ll have to visit a legal nudist beach in Australia, for the experience. Read the full news story: The Project TV: The Naked Truth About Nudists & see The Project TV: Getting Naked news story video


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