NOVEMBER 9 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1620 – Pilgrims aboard the Mayflower sighted land at Cape CodMassachusetts on the 9th November 1620.

1857 – The Atlantic magazine was founded in Boston on the 9th November 1857.

1872 – The Great Boston Fire of 1872 was on the 9th November 1872.

1936 – Mary Travers the American singer-songwriter from Peter, Paul and Mary was born on the 9th November 1936 (died 2009).

1941 – Tom Fogerty the American singer-songwriter and guitarist  from Creedence Clearwater Revival was born on the 9th November 1941 (died 1990).

1951 – Lou Ferrigno the American bodybuilder and actor was born on the 9th November 1951.

1953 – Cambodia became independent from France on the 9th November 1953.

1960Richard Farleigh the Australian private investor was born on the 9th November 1960.

1967 – Apollo 4 the unmanned test spacecraft atop the 1st Saturn V rocket was launched by NASA from Cape Kennedy, Florida on the 9th November 1967.

1967Rolling Stone Magazine 1st issue was published on the 9th November 1967.

1985 – Garry Kasparov became the youngest World Chess Champion by beating Anatoly Karpov on the 9th November 1985.

1988Analeigh Tipton the American figure skater, actress, and fashion model was born  on the 9th November 1988. Analeigh Tipton is best known for placing 3rd on Cycle 11 of America’s Next Top Model and for her roles in the films Crazy, Stupid, Love and Warm Bodies. Analeigh Tipton online: | YouTube video: Maxim Exclusive: Analeigh Tipton: This super sexy overachiever has already been a champion ice skater and one of America’s Next Top Models. Before she takes over the big screen in The Green Hornet, see her Maxim sexy photo shoot…

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