OCTOBER 22 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

0362 – The temple of Apollo at Daphne, was destroyed in a mysterious fire on the 22nd October in the year 0362, outside Antioch.

1734 – Daniel Boone the American explorer and hunter was born on the 22nd October 1734 (died 1820).

1746 – Princeton University originally known as The College of New Jersey received its charter on the 22nd October 1746.

1784 – Russia founded a colony on Kodiak IslandAlaska on the 22nd October 1784.

1797 – André-Jacques Garnerin made the 1st recorded parachute jump on the 22nd October 1797, 1000 meters (3,200 feet) above Paris, France.

1865 – Kristjan Raud the Estonian painter was born on the 22nd October 1865 (died 1943).

1882 – Edmund Dulac the French illustrator was born on the 22nd October 1882 (died 1953).

1895 – Gare Montparnasse in Paris had an express train plummet through their window on the 22nd October 1895, when it overran a buffer stop.

1913 – Robert Capa the Hungarian-American photographer was born on the 22nd October 1913 (died 1954).

1920 – Timothy Leary the American psychologist and author was born on the 22nd October 1920 (died 1996).

1924 – Toastmasters International was founded on the 22nd October 1924.

1925 – Robert Rauschenberg the American painter and illustrator was born on the 22nd October 1925 (died 2008).

1926 – J. Gordon Whitehead sucker punched magician Harry Houdini in the stomach in Montreal on the 22nd October 1926.

1927 – Nikola Tesla exposed his 6 new inventions, including a motor with onephase electricity on the 22nd October 1927.

1936 – Bobby Seale the American activist and co-founder of the Black Panther Party was born on the 22nd October 1936.

1942 – Bobby Fuller the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Bobby Fuller Four was born on the 22nd October 1942 (died 1966).

1946 – Eddie Brigati the American singer-songwriter from The Rascals was born on the 22nd October 1946.

1946Deepak Chopra the Indian-American physician and author was born in New Delhi, India, on the 22nd October 1946. official website : DeepakChopra.com | social media : Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | video: Deepak Chopra – Human Energy Human Power @ TEDxSanMigueldeAllende

1952 – Jeff Goldblum the American actor was born on the 22nd October 1952.

1953Louise Burfitt-Dons (FRSA) the British writer, humanitarian and global warming campaigner was born on the 22nd October 1953. Louise Burfitt-Dons is best known for her anti-bullying activism as the founder of the charity Act Against Bullying ~ website: www.ActAgainstBullying.org | official website: www.LouiseBurfittDons.com

1964 – Jean-Paul Sartre was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature on the 22nd October 1964, but he turned down the honor.

1966 – The Supremes became the 1st all-female music group to attain a No. 1 selling album (The Supremes A’ Go-Go) on the 22nd October 1966.

1966Luna 12 the Soviet Union launched on the 22nd October 1966.

1968 – Apollo 7 safely splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean  on the 22nd October 1968, after orbiting the Earth 163 times.

1968 – Shaggy the Jamaican singer-songwriter was born on the 22nd October 1968.

1975 – Venera 9 the Soviet unmanned space mission landed on Venus on the 22nd October 1975.

1976 – US Food & Drug Administration banned Red Dye No. 4 on the 22nd October 1976, after it is discovered that it causes tumors in the bladders of dogs. Allegedly the dye is still used in Canada.

1985 – Zac Hanson the American drummer was born on the 22nd October 1985 Hanson.

2008 – Chandrayaan-1 was launched on the 22nd October, becoming India’s 1st unmanned lunar probe.

2012Lance Armstrong (born Lance Gunderson) the disgraced American former professional road racing cyclist, was given a lifetime ban from competition cycling, and stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles on the 22nd October 2012. The U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) charged Lance Armstrong with having used illicit performance enhancing drugs, after the Union Cycliste International (UCI) accepted USADA‘s verdict. Testicular cancer survivor Lance Armstrong resigned as chairman of the Lance Armstrong Foundation: Livestrong for cancer support, after USADA‘s charges against him were published.

Lance Armstrong bike racing cycling sunglasses blue sports sponsors jersey Grand Prix Midi Libre Sète France 2002 crowd photo
Lance Armstrong finishing 3rd at the Grand Prix Midi Libre in Sète, France 2002 (Photo by Hase on Wikipedia)
Lance Armstrong riding prologue 2004 Tour de France racing bike helmet cycle blue lycra cycling race photo by Denkfabrikant
Armstrong riding the prologue of the 2004 Tour de France (Photo by Denkfabrikant)

2013 – The Australian Capital Territory became the first Australian jurisdiction to legalize same-sex marriage with the Marriage Equality Legislation Australian Capital Territory, 2013 on the 22nd October 2013.

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