OCTOBER 27 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1275 – Amsterdam was founded on the 27th October 1275.

1682 – Philadelphia in Pennsylvania was founded on the 27th October 1682.

1744 – Mary Moser the English painter was born on the 27th October 1744 (died 1819).

1838 – Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issued the Extermination Order on the 27th October 1838, which ordered all Mormons to leave the state or be exterminated.

1865 – Charles Spencelayh the English painter was born on the 27th October 1865 (died 1958).

1885 – Sigrid Hjertén the Swedish painter was born on the 27th October 1885 (died 1948).

1904 – New York City Subway opened on the 27th October 1904.

1908 – Lee Krasner the American painter was born on the 27th October 1908 (died 1984).

1923 – Roy Lichtenstein the American painter and sculptor was born on the 27th October 1923 (died 1997).

1935 – Mauricio de Sousa the Brazilian cartoonist was born on the 27th October 1935.

1939 – John Cleese the English actor, screenwriter, and producer was born on the 27th October 1939.

1940 – John Gotti the American mobster was born on the 27th October 1940 (died 2002).

1949 – Garry Tallent the American bass player and producer from the E Street Band was born on the 27th October 1949.

1951 – K. K. Downing the English guitarist and songwriter from Judas Priest was born on the 27th October 1951.

1954 – Jan Duursema the American illustrator was born on the 27th October 1954.

1953 – Totem 2 the British nuclear test was carried out at Emu FieldSouth Australia on the 27th October 1953.

1954 – Benjamin O. Davis Jr. became the 1st African-American general in the United States Air Force on the 27th October 1954.

1958 – Simon Le Bon the English singer-songwriter from Duran Duran and Arcadia was born on the 27th October 1958.

1961 – NASA tested the first Saturn I rocket in Mission Saturn-Apollo 1 on the 27th October 1961.

1964 – Mark Taylor the Australian cricketer was born on the 27th October 1964.

1966 – Matt Drudge the American blogger and founder of the Drudge Report was born on the 27th October 1966 ~ www.DrudgeReport.com

1967 – Scott Weiland the American singer-songwriter from the Stone Temple Pilots was born on the 27th October 1967.

1970 – Karl Backman the Swedish artist and musician from AC4 was born on the 27th October 1970.

1971 – Jade Arcade the American illustrator and writer was born on the 27th October 1971.

1973 – The Cañon City meteorite, a 1.4kg chondrite type meteorite, struck in Fremont County, Colorado on the 27th October 1973.

1978 – Vanessa-Mae the Singaporean-English violinist was born on the 27th October 1978.

1984 – Kelly Osbourne the English singer-songwriter and actress was born on the 27th October 1984. She is the daughter of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne. Video : Kelly Osbourne fights every day to stay sober (on the Loose Women show on iTV 2018)

1994 – The U.S. prison population tops 1 million on the 27th October 1994, for the first time in American history.

2005 – The SSETI Express micro-satellite was successfully launched from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on the 27th October 2005.

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