SEPTEMBER 27 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1821 – Mexico gained its independence from Spain on the 27th September 1821.

1840 – Thomas Nast the German-American cartoonist was born on the 27th September 1840 (died 1902).

1908 – The 1st production of the Ford Model T automobile was built on the 27th September 1908, at the Piquette Plant in Detroit, Michigan.

1911 – Marcey Jacobson the American photographer was born on the 27th September 1911 (died 2009).

1918 – Martin Ryle the English astronomer and Nobel Prize laureate was born on the 27th September 1918 (died 1984).

1927 – Romano Scarpa the Italian writer and illustrator was born on the 27th September 1927 (died 2005).

1931 – Freddy Quinn the Austrian singer and actor was born on the 27th September 1931.

1937 – Balinese Tiger declared extinct on the 27th September 1937.

1938 – Ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was launched in Glasgow on the 27th September 1938.

1942 – Alvin Stardust the English singer and actor was born on the 27th September 1942.

1943 – Randy Bachman the Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist from The Guess WhoIronhorseBachman–Turner OverdriveBachman & Turner and Brave Belt was born on the 27th September 1943.

1945 – Jack Goldstein the Canadian-American painter was born on the 27th September 1945 (died 2003).

1946 – T. C. Cannon the American painter was born on the 27th September 1946 (died 1978).

1947 – Meat Loaf the American singer-songwriter was born on the 27th September 1947.

1953 – Greg Ham the Australian singer-songwriter and musician from Men at Work was born on the 27th September 1953 (died 2012).

1954 – The nationwide debut of Tonight Starring Steve Allen (The Tonight Show) was on the 27th September 1954.

1959 – Almost 5000 people died on the main Japanese island of Honshū as the result of a typhoon was on the 27th September 1959.

1961 – Sierra Leone joined the United Nations on the 27th September 1961.

1962 – The Yemen Arab Republic was established on the 27th September 1962.

1964 – Stephan Jenkins the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Third Eye Blind was born on the 27th September 1964.

1968 – The stage musical Hair opened at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London on the 27th September 1968, where it played 1,998 performances until its closure was forced by the roof collapsing in 1973.

1971 – Horacio Sandoval the Mexican illustrator was born on the 27th September 1971.

1972 ~ Gwyneth Paltrow Martin the American actress and singer was born on the 27th September 1972.

1984 – Avril Lavigne the Canadian singer-songwriter, actress, and fashion designer was born on the 27th September 1984. Video : Avril Lavigne’s 2002 No.3 hit in Australia “Sk8er Boi”

1985 – Grace Helbig the American Youtube vlogger and founder of was born on the 27th September 1985.

1995 – Lina Leandersson the Swedish actress was born on the 27th September 1995. She is best known for playing the lead role of Eli in Let the Right One In, a 2008 Swedish romantic vampire film.

1998 – The Google internet search engine claimed the 27th September as its birthday.

2003 – Smart 1 satellite was launched on the 27th September 2003.

2005 – Tom and Jerry aired its final episode on the 27th September 2005, titled The Karate Guard.

2007 – NASA launched the Dawn probe on the 27th September 2007.

2008 – CNSA astronaut Zhai Zhigang became the 1st Chinese person to perform a spacewalk on the 27th September 2008, while flying on Shenzhou 7.

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