SEPTEMBER 28 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

0935 – Saint Wenceslas was murdered on the 28th September in the year 935, by his brother, Boleslaus I of Bohemia.

1066 – William the Bastard invaded England on the 28th September 1066, beginning the Norman conquest of England.

1542 – Navigator Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo of Portugal arrived at what is now known as San Diego, California in the United States on the 28th September 1542.

1567 ~ Hans Steininger (aka Hanns Staininger) Austrian mayor famous for having the World’s longest beard (3.5 feet / 1.06m long c.1550) died on the 28th September 1567, because of his beard. The death by beard incident occurred when there was a fire in his town of Braunau, and in his haste Hans forgot to roll up his beard and place it in a purposely made pouch for his beard, which caused him to accidentally step on it, fall and break his neck, thus being killed by his famous beard. Legend tells of an invitation to Hans Steininger from the Emperor Rudolf II in Prague to see his extraordinary beard.

Hans Steininger Hanns Staininger Austrian worlds longest beard record 1500s 16th century illustration
Hans Steininger with the World’s longest beard (c.1550)
Epitaph mayor Hans Steininger Worlds longest beard outside walls St. Stephans church Braunau am Inn Austrian carved stone statues
Epitaph of mayor Hans Steininger with the World’s longest beard on the outside walls of St. Stephan’s church at Braunau am Inn, Austria ~

Hans Steininger is often found in stupid way to die lists on the internet. YouTube video: This Man’s Beard Killed Him (by NerdAlert)…

1791 – France became the first European country to emancipate its Jewish population on the 28th September 1791.

1836 – Thomas Crapper the English plumber and inventer of the ballcock was born on the 28th September 1836 (died 1910)

1924 – First round-the-world flight was completed on the 28th September 1924.

1928 – The U.K. Parliament passed the Dangerous Drugs Act outlawing cannabis on the 28th September 1928.

1928 – Sir Alexander Fleming noticed a bacteria-killing mold growing in his laboratory on the 28th September 1928, discovering what later became known as penicillin.

1934 – Brigitte Bardot the French actress and singer was born on the 28th September 1934.

1947 – Bob Carr the Australian politician and 39th Premier of New South Wales was born on the 28th September 1947.

1950 – Indonesia joined the United Nations on the 28th September 1950.

1951 – CBS mades the 1st color televisions available for sale to the general public on the 28th September 1951.

1960 – Jennifer Rush the American singer-songwriter was born on the 28th September 1960.

1963 – Whaam!, the Roy Lichtenstein painting debuted on the 28th September 1963, at an exhibition held at the Leo Castelli Gallery.

1967 – Moon Zappa the American actress and singer was born on the 28th September 1967.

1968 – Naomi Watts the English-Australian actress was born on the 28th September 1968.

1971 – The Parliament of the United Kingdom passed the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 banning the medicinal use of cannabis on the 28th September 1971.

1978 – Pope John Paul I died on the 28th September 1978 (born 1912).

1987 – Hilary Duff the American actress and singer was born on the 28th September 1987. YouTube video : Chasing The Sun (2014)…

1994 – The MS Estonia car ferry sank in Baltic Sea, killing 852 people on the 28th September 1994.

2008 – SpaceX launched the Falcon 1, the 1st private spacecraft into orbit on the 28th September 2008.

2013 ~ Hawthorn Football Club won the 2013 AFL Grand Final on the 28th September 2013. The 2013 Australian rules football grand final was contested between Hawthorn Football Club and Fremantle Football Club at the MCG: Melbourne Cricket Ground in the 117th annual Grand Final of the AFL (Australian Football League). The grand final was attended by 100,007 spectators, and won by Hawthorn by a margin of 15 points, marking the club’s eleventh VFL/AFL premiership victory.

Today in History for September 28th ~ video presented by the Associated Press…  

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