SEPTEMBER 29 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1518 – Tintoretto the Italian painter was born on the 29th September 1518 (died 1594).

1571 – Caravaggio the Italian painter was born on the 29th September 1571 (d. 1610).

1640 – Antoine Coysevox the French sculptor was born on the 29th September 1640 (died 1720).

1703 ~ François Boucher the French painter was born on the 29th September 1703 (died 1770). François Boucher was an advocate of the Rococo style, and known for his idyllic and voluptuous paintings of classical themes, decorative allegories, and pastoral scenes. François Boucher was one of the most celebrated decorative artists of the 18th century.

Oil painting canvas blonde girl portrait Marie Louise O'Murphy young mistress François Boucher nude woman antique lounge couch naked
Oil painting on canvas portrait of Marie-Louise O’Murphy, one of the younger mistresses of King Louis XV of France, painted by François Boucher c.1752 (size: 59 x 73 cm) at the Wallraf-Richartz Museum, Cologne, Germany

1717 – The Guatemala Earthquake of 1717 struck Antigua Guatemala on the 29th September 1717, destroying much of the city’s architecture, which made authorities consider moving the capital to a different city.

1789 – The United States Department of War established a regular army with a strength of several hundred men on the 29th September 1789.

1829 – The Metropolitan Police of London was founded on the 29th September 1829, and later also known as the Met.

1885 – The first practical public electric tramway in the world was opened in Blackpool, England on the 29th September 1885.

1903Diana Vreeland the French noted columnist and editor in fashion was born on the 29th September 1903 in Paris (died 22nd August 1989). Diana Vreeland worked for the Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue fashion magazines, and was a special consultant at the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Diana Vreeland was named on the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame in 1964.

1907 – The cornerstone was laid at Washington National Cathedral in the U.S. on the 29th September 1907.

1907 – Gene Autry the American singer and actor was born on the 29th September 1907 (died 1998).

1916 – Carl Giles the English cartoonist was born on the 29th September 1916 (died 1995).

1948 – Bryant Gumbel the American journalist was born on the 29th September 1948.

1954 – The convention establishing CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) was signed on the 29th September 1954.

1955 – Ann Bancroft the American explorer and author was born on the 29th September 1955.

1961 – Julia Gillard the Australian 27th Prime Minister of Australia was born on the 29th September 1961.

1962 – Alouette 1 the 1st Canadian satellite was launched on the 29th September 1962.

1964 – The Argentine comic strip Mafalda was published for the 1st time on the 29th September 1964.

1966 – The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced on the 29th September 1966. The Chevrolet Camaro was originally named the Panther.

1968 – Luke Goss the English singer from Bros was born on the 29th September 1968.

1968 – Matt Goss the English singer/songwriter from Bros was born on the 29th September 1968.

1979 – Pope John Paul II became the 1st pope to set foot on Irish soil on the 29th September 1979, with his pastoral visit to the Republic of Ireland.

1988 – NASA launched STS-26 on the 29th September 1988, for the return to flight mission, after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

1990 – Construction of the Washington National Cathedral was completed on the 29th September 1990.

2004 – The asteroid 4179 Toutatis passed within 4 lunar distances of Earth on the 29th September 2004.

2004 – The Burt Rutan Ansari X Prize entry SpaceShipOne performed a successful spaceflight on the 29th September 2004, the 1st of two required to win the prize.

2008 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 777.68 points on the 29th September 2008, becoming the largest single-day point loss in its history.

2009 – An 8.0 magnitude earthquake near the Samoan Islands caused a tsunami on the 29th September 2009.

2012 ~ SYDNEY SWANS won the Australian Football League 2012 Premiership Cup at the AFL Grand Final, after defeating Hawthorn by 10 points at the MCG, on Saturday the 29th of September in 2012. The final score: Sydney Swans 91 / Hawthorn 81. The Swans were founded in 1874, and originally known as the South Melbourne Football Club until they became the first club in the competition to be based outside of Victoria, when they relocated to Sydney in 1982. Sydney was  Sydney Swans official website: 

www. SydneySwans. official website Sydney Swans won 2012 AFL Australian Football League Premiership Cup Grand Final winners footy Adam Goodes official website of the Sydney Swans after wnning the 2012 AFL Premiership in the Grand Final au official website of the Sydney Swans after wnning the 2012 AFL Premiership in the Grand Final

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