APRiL 16 ~ ON THiS DAY in History

1495 ~ Petrus Apianus the German mathematician and astronomer was born on the 16th April 1495 (died 1557).

1646 ~ Jules Hardouin Mansart the French architect and designer of the Château de Dampierre and Grand Trianon was born on the 16th April 1646 (died 1708).

1682 ~ John Hadley the English mathematician and inventor of the octant was born on the 16th April 1682 (died 1744).

1755 ~ Louise Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun the French painter was born on the 16th April 1755 (died 1842).

1780 ~ The University of Münster in Münster, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany was founded on the 16th April 1780.

1818 ~ The Rush-Bagot Treaty was ratified by the United States Senate on the 16th April 1818, establishing the border with Canada.

1821 ~ Ford Madox Brown the French-English painter was born on the 16th April 1821 (died 1893).

1847 ~ Hans Auer the Swiss-Austrian architect and designer of the Federal Palace of Switzerland was born on the 16th April 1847 (died 1906).

1853 ~ India’s 1st passenger rail opened on the 16th April 1853, from Bori BunderBombay to Thane.

1867 ~ WiLBUR WRiGHT aka one of the Wright Brothers, best known for inventing and building the world’s first successful airplane, was born on the 16th April 1867. Wilbur Wright and his brother Orville were American aviation pioneers and also made the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight in 1903. They were the first to invent aircraft controls, making fixed wing powered flight possible. Wilbur died in 1912 at the age of 45, due to typhoid fever.

Wilbur Wright flying airplane 4 circles of Huffman Prairie, flight 82 in 1904 (Photo Wright Brothers)
Wilbur Wright flying airplane 4 circles of Huffman Prairie, flight 82 in 1904 (Photo Wright Brothers)

1889 ~ CHARLiE CHAPLiN the silent film comic actor and film director, aka Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin was born on the 16th April 1889 (died 1977 aged 88).

1890Gertrude Chandler Warner the American author was born on the 16th April 1890 (died 1979).

1905 ~ Frits Philips the Dutch businessman and 4th chairman of the board of directors of the Dutch electronics company Philips was born on the 16th April 1905 (died 2005). Frits Phillips was the only son of the Philips co-founder Anton Philips.

1907 ~ Joseph-Armand Bombardier the Canadian inventor of the snowmobile, businessman and founder of Bombardier was born on the 16th April 1907 (died 1964). Official website: www.bombardier.com

1908 ~ Natural Bridges National Monument was established in Utah on the 16th April 1908.

1910 ~ Berton Roueché the American journalist and author was born on the 16th April 1910 (died 1994).

1912Garth Williams the American illustrator was born on the 16th April 1912 (died 1996). Garth Williams is best known for his illustrations in Stuart Little, Charlotte’s Web, and the Little House series of books of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

1915 ~ Joan Alexander the American actress was born on the 16th April 1915 (died 2009).

1917 ~ Barry Nelson the American actor was born on the 16th April 1917 (died 2007). Barry Nelson is noted as the 1st actor to portray Ian Fleming‘s secret agent James Bond.

1918 ~ SPiKE MiLLiGAN the Irish comedian best known as the co-creator, main writer and a principal cast member of The Goon Show, was born on the 16th April 1918. Spike was also a musician, poet, playwright, writer, soldier and actor. He died in 2002 aged 83. See Spike in fine form in this video at the age of 76 in 1994…  

1919 ~ Gandhi organized a day of prayer and fasting on the 16th April 1919, in response to the killing of Indian protesters in the Amritsar Massacre by the British.

1919Pedro Ramírez Vázquez the Mexican architect and designer of the Tijuana Cultural Center and Museo Nacional de Antropología was born on the 16th April 1919 (died 2013).

1919Thomas Willmore the English geometer was born on the 16th April 1919 (died 2005).

1921 ~ PETER USTiNOV the English actor, writer, dramatist, filmmaker, theatre & opera director, stage designer, author, screenwriter, comedian, humourist, newspaper and magazine columnist, radio broadcaster and television presenter was born on the 16th April 1921. Peter was a respected intellectual with great wit, and was seen regularly on television talk shows and lecture circuits. He was also a diplomat who served many including being the Goodwill Ambassador for UNiCEF, and President of the World Federalist Movement. Peter Ustinov died in 2004 aged 82.

Peter Ustinov acrylic paint portrait by Anton K Kressnig (1983)
Peter Ustinov acrylic portrait painting by Anton K Kressnig (1983)

1922 ~ Kingsley Amis the English author, poet, and critic was born on the 16th April 1922 (died 1995).

1924HENRY MANCiNi the American composer, conductor and arranger, best known for his film and television scores such as The Pink Panther Theme, the Peter Gunn Theme, Moon River from and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was born on the 16th April 1924. Henry won 20 Grammy Awards. He died in 1994 aged 70.

1924Rudy Pompilli the American saxophonist from Bill Haley & His Comets was born on the 16th April 1924 (died 1976).

1924 ~ John Harvey-Jones the English businessman was born on the 16th April 1924 (died 2008).

1927POPE BENEDiCT XVI the Pope was born Joseph Ratzinger on the 16th April 1927.

1927 ~ Edie Adams the American actress and singer was born on the 16th April 1927 (died 2008).

1929 ~ Roy Hamilton the American singer was born on the 16th April 1929 (died 1969).

1930Herbie Mann the American flute player was born on the 16th April 1930 (died 2003).

1935Bobby Vinton the American singer and actor was born on the 16th April 1935.

1939 ~ DUSTY SPRiNGFiELD the English singer dubbed The White Queen of Soul, was born Mary O’Brien on the 16th April 1939. Dusty died in 1999 aged 59.

1940Margrethe II of Denmark was born on the 16th April 1940.

1941Bob Feller of the Cleveland Indians threw the only Opening Day no-hitter in the history of Major League Baseball on the 16th April 1941, beating the Chicago White Sox 1-0.

1942Frank Williams the English businessman and founder of the Williams F1 Racing Team was born on the 16th April 1942.

1943Dave Peverett the English singer-songwriter and guitarist from Foghat and Savoy Brown was born on the 16th April 1943 (died 2000).

1947 GERRY RAFFERTY the Scottish singer-songwriter best known for his hit Baker Street in 1978, was born on the 16th April 1947. Gerry died on the 4th January in 2011 aged 63.

1947Bernard Baruch coined the term Cold War on the 16th April 1947, to describe the relationship between the United States and the Soviet Union.

1949Ann Romney the American wife of Mitt Romney was born on the 16th April 1949.

1950David Graf the American actor was born on the 16th April 1950 (died 2001).

1953 ~ Queen Elizabeth II launched the Royal Yacht HMY Britannia on the 16th April 1953.

1953 PETER GARRETT the Australian singer from MiDNiGHT OiL was born on the 16th April 1953.

1953KURT MALOO the Swiss lead singer and songwriter from the pop-jazz duo DOUBLE was born Kurt Meier in Zurich on the 16th April 1953. Kurt first achieved international success in 1986 as the frontman of Double with the hit single The Captain of Her Heart. YouTube: Double – Devils Ball, featuring Herb Alpert (Official Video) | Kurt Maloo’s official website: www.KurtMaloo.com |Kurt Maloo’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/kumaloo | YouTube video: Double ~ The Captain Of Her Heart (Official Video 1986)…

1955Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg was born on the 16th April 1955.

1956 ~ David M. Brown the United States Navy captain and astronaut was born on the 16th April 1956 (died 1st February 2003 age 46). David M. Brown died on his 1st spaceflight when the Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-107) disintegrated during orbital re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere on the 1st February 2003.

1956Lise-Marie Morerod the Swiss skier was born on the 16th April 1956.

1959 ~ Robert Casilla the American illustrator was born in Jersey City on the 16th April 1959. Robert Casilla’s Official websites: www.RobertCasilla.com & www.RobertCasillaFineArt.com

1959Scott McKinsey the American director was born on the 16th April 1959.

1962 ~ Walter Cronkite took over as the lead news anchor of the CBS Evening News on the 16th April 1962, during which time he became known as the most trusted man in America.

1962Ian MacKaye the American singer-songwriter and guitarist from FugaziMinor Threat and The Teen Idles was born on the 16th April 1962.

1963Jimmy Osmond the American singer from The Osmonds was born on the 16th April 1963.

1963 ~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. penned his Letter from Birmingham Jail on the 16th April 1963, while incarcerated in Birmingham, Alabama for protesting against segregation.

1964 DAVE PiRNER the American lead singer of SOUL ASYLUM was born on the 16th April 1964. Soul Asylum are best known for their hit song Runaway Train which won a Grammy Award for the best rock song in 1994.

1964 ~ David Kohan the American screenwriter and producer was born on the 16th April 1964. David Kohan is bast known for writing The Wonder Years and the Dennis Miller Show, and co-creating and producing Will & GraceBoston CommonGood Morning, MiamiTwins and Four Kings with Max Mutchnick.

1964Esbjörn Svensson the Swedish pianist  from the Esbjörn Svensson Trio was born on the 16th April 1964 (died 2008).

196# ~ ANTON K. Kressnig the Australian artist, designer, photographer, radio broadcaster, writer and founder of AntonK.com and TheARTofLOOKiNGatLiFE.com, was born in Upper Ferntree Gully in Australia on the 16th April in the late 1960s.

Anton Kressnig photographer Fuji Finepix HS20exr 30x optical zoom 16mp digital camera lens Sherbrooke Forest 3D photographic Facebook profile pic black & white photo
Anton K. Kressnig on a photo shoot in Sherbrooke Forest (Photo by Mark Healy ~ 2013)

Anton K’s creative career started with sign writing in 1985, followed by professional photography in the music industry, and over a decade in the advertising industry. Anton K also worked as an illustrator on A Bucket Of Toads book published in 2000. In April 2003 Anton K started writing, producing and presenting the sHaMoZzLe radio show, which led to the development of many characters, and regular segments live on Radio London. Anton K also had a short career as a stand up comedian, before starting work behind the scenes on film and movie projects. Eventually Anton K returned to his roots and original passion, creating AntonK.com and The ART of LOOKiNG at LiFE ~ a philosophical look at life through art, design, photography and writing.

1970 ~ Dero Goi the German poet, writer, lead singer and songwriter of German rock band Oomph! was born in Wolfsburg on the 16th April 1970. Oomph Online: official website: www.Oomph.de | Facebook.com/OomphBand | Twitter.com/OomphBand | Spotify | YouTube Oomph Channel | YouTube video: Oomph! – Auf Kurs (official music video)…

1971 ~ SELENA the American singer-songwriter from Selena y Los Dinos was born Selena Quintanilla-Pérez in Lake Jackson, Texas on the 16th April 1971 (murdered on the 31st March 1995 aged 23). Selena was named the Top Latin artist of the ’90s and Best selling Latin artist of the decade by Billboard for her 14 Top 10 singles in the Top Latin Songs chart, including 7 number 1 hits.  In 1997 a biographical musical drama film about the life and career of Selena (played by Jennifer Lopez) was released, and grossed $60,000,000 at the box office. See the Selena Biography… Official website: Q-Productions.com | YouTube video: Selena The Last Concert 1995-Completo: Un recuerdo inolvidable,Ultimo Concierto de la Gran cantante Selena Quintanilla…

1971Natasha Zvereva the Russian tennis player was born on the 16th April 1971.

1972 ~ APOLLO 16 was launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida on this 16th April 1972. This was the 5th space program to land on the Moon, and the 1st to land in the lunar highlands.

1972 ~ Conchita Martínez the Spanish-American tennis player was born on the 16th April 1972.

1973 ~ AKON the American singer and song writer was born on the 16th April in 1973.

1973Bonnie Pink the Japanese singer-songwriter was born on the 16th April 1973.

1973Gary Delaney the English writer and stand-up comedian was born on the 16th April 1973. Gary Delaney’s official website: www.GaryDelaney.com

1975Sean Maher the American actor was born on the 16th April 1975.

1975Nick Pickard the English actor was born on the 16th April 1975.

1976Robert Dahlqvist the Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist from The HellacoptersDundertåget, and Thunder Express was born on the 16th April 1976.

1976Lukas Haas the American actor was born on the 16th April 1976.

1976David Lyons the Australian actor was born on the 16th April 1976.

1976Kelli O’Hara the American actress and singer was born on the 16th April 1976.

1978Nikki Griffin the American actress was born on the 16th April 1978.

1978Matthew Lloyd the Australian footballer was born on the 16th April 1978.

1979Sean Costello the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 16th April 1979 (died 2008).

19** ~ NiCOLE CHRiSTiNE the Australian entertainer from ASYLUM TV, RiCKY The Movie and ABBASESSiON, was born on the 16th April. Nicole has performed to crowds of 4 people to 40,000 people, and is also a music presenter for The Australian institute of music & childhood development. Nicole has been featured on international and Australian television. Some of Nicole’s interviews have been with Richard Branson, Kiss members, Toto, Status Quo, Molly Meldrum, Lobby Loyde, Billy Thorpe, Michael Gudinski and many others. Nicole Christine’s official website: www.NicoleChristine.com

NiCOLE CHRiSTiNE Australian entertainer, born 16th April
NiCOLE CHRiSTiNE Australian entertainer, born 16th April

YouTube video: Nicole Christine performing as blonde Agnetha Fältskog from ABBA in the ABBASESSiON tribute band… 

1983 ~ Marié Digby the American singer-songwriter and guitarist was born on the 16th April 1983.

1984Natalie Blair the Australian actress was born on the 16th April 1984.

1984 ~ Amelia Atwater-Rhodes the American author was born on the 16th April 1984.

1990 ~ Jack Kevorkian the Doctor of Death participated in his 1st assisted suicide on the 16th April 1990.

2007 ~ The Virginia Tech massacre was on the 16th April 2007, when Seung-Hui Cho killed 32 people, and injured 23 before committing suicide.

2012 ~ Trevta.com provided a major rebuild of the computer system that creates the AntonK.com website, on the 16th April 2012.

AntonK.com is supported by Trevta .com for iT consultancy & computer support
AntonK.com is supported by Trevta .com for iT consultancy & computer support
Today in History for April 16th on video by the Associated Press

Here’s a look at This Day in History on video by History.com …

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